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New matrix[edit]

Main category Number United Kingdom Ireland Isle of Man England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Category:Abbeys 1365 Category:Abbeys in the United Kingdom Category:Abbeys in Ireland Category:Abbeys in the Isle of Man Category:Abbeys in England Category:Abbeys in Wales Category:Abbeys in Scotland Category:Abbeys in Northern Ireland
Category:Abandoned buildings xxx Category:Abandoned buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Abandoned buildings in Ireland Category:Abandoned buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Abandoned buildings in England Category:Abandoned buildings in Wales Category:Abandoned buildings in Scotland Category:Abandoned buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Abandoned churches xxx Category:Abandoned churches in the United Kingdom Category:Abandoned churches in Ireland Category:Abandoned churches in the Isle of Man Category:Abandoned churches in England Category:Abandoned churches in Wales Category:Abandoned churches in Scotland Category:Abandoned churches in Northern Ireland
Category:Advertising xxx Category:Advertising in the United Kingdom Category:Advertising in Ireland Category:Advertising in the Isle of Man Category:Advertising in England Category:Advertising in Wales Category:Advertising in Scotland Category:Advertising in Northern Ireland
Category:Aerial photographs xxx Category:Aerial photographs of the United Kingdom Category:Aerial photographs of Ireland Category:Aerial photographs of the Isle of Man Category:Aerial photographs of England Category:Aerial photographs of Wales Category:Aerial photographs of Scotland Category:Aerial photographs of Northern Ireland
Category:Agricultural buildings 1575 Category:Agricultural buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Agricultural buildings in Ireland Category:Agricultural buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Agricultural buildings in England Category:Agricultural buildings in Wales Category:Agricultural buildings in Scotland Category:Agricultural buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Agricultural fairs xxx Category:Agricultural fairs in the United Kingdom Category:Agricultural fairs in Ireland Category:Agricultural fairs in the Isle of Man Category:Agricultural fairs in England Category:Agricultural fairs in Wales Category:Agricultural fairs in Scotland Category:Agricultural fairs in Northern Ireland
Category:Agricultural machines xxx Category:Agricultural machines in the United Kingdom Category:Agricultural machines in Ireland Category:Agricultural machines in the Isle of Man Category:Agricultural machines in England Category:Agricultural machines in Wales Category:Agricultural machines in Scotland Category:Agricultural machines in Northern Ireland
Category:Agriculture 2421 Category:Agriculture in the United Kingdom Category:Agriculture in Ireland Category:Agriculture in the Isle of Man Category:Agriculture in England Category:Agriculture in Wales Category:Agriculture in Scotland Category:Agriculture in Northern Ireland
Category:Aircraft 641 Category:Aircraft of the United Kingdom Category:Aircraft of Ireland Category:Aircraft of the Isle of Man Category:Aircraft of England Category:Aircraft of Wales Category:Aircraft of Scotland Category:Aircraft of Northern Ireland
Category:Airfields 1241 Category:Airfields in the United Kingdom Category:Airfields in Ireland Category:Airfields in the Isle of Man Category:Airfields in England Category:Airfields in Wales Category:Airfields in Scotland Category:Airfields in Northern Ireland
Category:Airports 843 Category:Airports in the United Kingdom Category:Airports in Ireland Category:Airports in the Isle of Man Category:Airports in England Category:Airports in Wales Category:Airports in Scotland Category:Airports in Northern Ireland
Category:Alleys 1253 Category:Alleys in the United Kingdom Category:Alleys in Ireland Category:Alleys in the Isle of Man Category:Alleys in England Category:Alleys in Wales Category:Alleys in Scotland Category:Alleys in Northern Ireland
Category:Allotments 1011 Category:Allotments in the United Kingdom Category:Allotments in Ireland Category:Allotments in the Isle of Man Category:Allotments in England Category:Allotments in Wales Category:Allotments in Scotland Category:Allotments in Northern Ireland
Category:Almshouses 709 Category:Almshouses in the United Kingdom Category:Almshouses in Ireland Category:Almshouses in the Isle of Man Category:Almshouses in England Category:Almshouses in Wales Category:Almshouses in Scotland Category:Almshouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Altars 293 Category:Altars in the United Kingdom Category:Altars in Ireland Category:Altars in the Isle of Man Category:Altars in England Category:Altars in Wales Category:Altars in Scotland Category:Altars in Northern Ireland
Category:Ancient Roman roads xxx Category:Ancient Roman roads in the United Kingdom Category:Ancient Roman roads in Ireland Category:Ancient Roman roads in the Isle of Man Category:Ancient Roman roads in England Category:Ancient Roman roads in Wales Category:Ancient Roman roads in Scotland Category:Ancient Roman roads in Northern Ireland
Category:Animals 1510 Category:Animals of the United Kingdom Category:Animals of Ireland Category:Animals of the Isle of Man Category:Animals of England Category:Animals of Wales Category:Animals of Scotland Category:Animals of Northern Ireland
Category:Apartment buildings 2124 Category:Apartment buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Apartment buildings in Ireland Category:Apartment buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Apartment buildings in England Category:Apartment buildings in Wales Category:Apartment buildings in Scotland Category:Apartment buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Aqueducts 850 Category:Aqueducts in the United Kingdom Category:Aqueducts in Ireland Category:Aqueducts in the Isle of Man Category:Aqueducts in England Category:Aqueducts in Wales Category:Aqueducts in Scotland Category:Aqueducts in Northern Ireland
Category:Arboreta xxx Category:Arboreta in the United Kingdom Category:Arboreta in Ireland Category:Arboreta in the Isle of Man Category:Arboreta in England Category:Arboreta in Wales Category:Arboreta in Scotland Category:Arboreta in Northern Ireland
Category:Archaeological sites xxx Category:Archaeological sites in the United Kingdom Category:Archaeological sites in Ireland Category:Archaeological sites in the Isle of Man Category:Archaeological sites in England Category:Archaeological sites in Wales Category:Archaeological sites in Scotland Category:Archaeological sites in Northern Ireland
Category:Archaeology xxx Category:Archaeology of the United Kingdom Category:Archaeology of Ireland Category:Archaeology of the Isle of Man Category:Archaeology of England Category:Archaeology of Wales Category:Archaeology of Scotland Category:Archaeology of Northern Ireland
Category:Arches 651 Category:Arches in the United Kingdom Category:Arches in Ireland Category:Arches in the Isle of Man Category:Arches in England Category:Arches in Wales Category:Arches in Scotland Category:Arches in Northern Ireland
Category:Architectural elements xxx Category:Architectural elements in the United Kingdom Category:Architectural elements in Ireland Category:Architectural elements in the Isle of Man Category:Architectural elements in England Category:Architectural elements in Wales Category:Architectural elements in Scotland Category:Architectural elements in Northern Ireland
Category:Art galleries xxx Category:Art galleries in the United Kingdom Category:Art galleries in Ireland Category:Art galleries in the Isle of Man Category:Art galleries in England Category:Art galleries in Wales Category:Art galleries in Scotland Category:Art galleries in Northern Ireland
Category:Art xxx Category:Art of the United Kingdom Category:Art of Ireland Category:Art of the Isle of Man Category:Art of England Category:Art of Wales Category:Art of Scotland Category:Art of Northern Ireland
Category:Arts centres xxx Category:Arts centres in the United Kingdom Category:Arts centres in Ireland Category:Arts centres in the Isle of Man Category:Arts centres in England Category:Arts centres in Wales Category:Arts centres in Scotland Category:Arts centres in Northern Ireland
Category:Association football venues xxx Category:Association football venues in the United Kingdom Category:Association football venues in Ireland Category:Association football venues in the Isle of Man Category:Association football venues in England Category:Association football venues in Wales Category:Association football venues in Scotland Category:Association football venues in Northern Ireland
Category:Automobile dealerships xxx Category:Automobile dealerships in the United Kingdom Category:Automobile dealerships in Ireland Category:Automobile dealerships in the Isle of Man Category:Automobile dealerships in England Category:Automobile dealerships in Wales Category:Automobile dealerships in Scotland Category:Automobile dealerships in Northern Ireland
Category:Autumn xxx Category:Autumn in the United Kingdom Category:Autumn in Ireland Category:Autumn in the Isle of Man Category:Autumn in England Category:Autumn in Wales Category:Autumn in Scotland Category:Autumn in Northern Ireland
Category:Avenues 1056 Category:Avenues in the United Kingdom Category:Avenues in Ireland Category:Avenues in the Isle of Man Category:Avenues in England Category:Avenues in Wales Category:Avenues in Scotland Category:Avenues in Northern Ireland
Category:Bandstands 350 Category:Bandstands in the United Kingdom Category:Bandstands in Ireland Category:Bandstands in the Isle of Man Category:Bandstands in England Category:Bandstands in Wales Category:Bandstands in Scotland Category:Bandstands in Northern Ireland
Category:Bank buildings xxx Category:Bank buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Bank buildings in Ireland Category:Bank buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Bank buildings in England Category:Bank buildings in Wales Category:Bank buildings in Scotland Category:Bank buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Baptismal fonts 1393 Category:Baptismal fonts in the United Kingdom Category:Baptismal fonts in Ireland Category:Baptismal fonts in the Isle of Man Category:Baptismal fonts in England Category:Baptismal fonts in Wales Category:Baptismal fonts in Scotland Category:Baptismal fonts in Northern Ireland
Category:Barges 196 Category:Barges of the United Kingdom Category:Barges of Ireland Category:Barges of the Isle of Man Category:Barges of England Category:Barges of Wales Category:Barges of Scotland Category:Barges of Northern Ireland
Category:Barns 4768 Category:Barns in the United Kingdom Category:Barns in Ireland Category:Barns in the Isle of Man Category:Barns in England Category:Barns in Wales Category:Barns in Scotland Category:Barns in Northern Ireland
Category:Bars xxx Category:Bars in the United Kingdom Category:Bars in Ireland Category:Bars in the Isle of Man Category:Bars in England Category:Bars in Wales Category:Bars in Scotland Category:Bars in Northern Ireland
Category:Bays 3459 Category:Bays of the United Kingdom Category:Bays of Ireland Category:Bays of the Isle of Man Category:Bays of England Category:Bays of Wales Category:Bays of Scotland Category:Bays of Northern Ireland
Category:Beach huts xxx Category:Beach huts in the United Kingdom Category:Beach huts in Ireland Category:Beach huts in the Isle of Man Category:Beach huts in England Category:Beach huts in Wales Category:Beach huts in Scotland Category:Beach huts in Northern Ireland
Category:Beaches 10962 Category:Beaches of the United Kingdom Category:Beaches of Ireland Category:Beaches of the Isle of Man Category:Beaches of England Category:Beaches of Wales Category:Beaches of Scotland Category:Beaches of Northern Ireland
Category:Benches 1578 Category:Benches in the United Kingdom Category:Benches in Ireland Category:Benches in the Isle of Man Category:Benches in England Category:Benches in Wales Category:Benches in Scotland Category:Benches in Northern Ireland
Category:Benchmarks xxx Category:Benchmarks in the United Kingdom Category:Benchmarks in Ireland Category:Benchmarks in the Isle of Man Category:Benchmarks in England Category:Benchmarks in Wales Category:Benchmarks in Scotland Category:Benchmarks in Northern Ireland
Category:Bikeways 1649 Category:Bikeways in the United Kingdom Category:Bikeways in Ireland Category:Bikeways in the Isle of Man Category:Bikeways in England Category:Bikeways in Wales Category:Bikeways in Scotland Category:Bikeways in Northern Ireland
Category:Birds 3760 Category:Birds of the United Kingdom Category:Birds of Ireland Category:Birds of the Isle of Man Category:Birds of England Category:Birds of Wales Category:Birds of Scotland Category:Birds of Northern Ireland
Category:Boathouses 580 Category:Boathouses in the United Kingdom Category:Boathouses in Ireland Category:Boathouses in the Isle of Man Category:Boathouses in England Category:Boathouses in Wales Category:Boathouses in Scotland Category:Boathouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Boats 2895 Category:Boats in the United Kingdom Category:Boats in Ireland Category:Boats in the Isle of Man Category:Boats in England Category:Boats in Wales Category:Boats in Scotland Category:Boats in Northern Ireland
Category:Bodies of water 12902 Category:Bodies of water in the United Kingdom Category:Bodies of water in Ireland Category:Bodies of water in the Isle of Man Category:Bodies of water in England Category:Bodies of water in Wales Category:Bodies of water in Scotland Category:Bodies of water in Northern Ireland
Category:Botanical gardens xxx Category:Botanical gardens in the United Kingdom Category:Botanical gardens in Ireland Category:Botanical gardens in the Isle of Man Category:Botanical gardens in England Category:Botanical gardens in Wales Category:Botanical gardens in Scotland Category:Botanical gardens in Northern Ireland
Category:Boundary stones xxx Category:Boundary stones in the United Kingdom Category:Boundary stones in Ireland Category:Boundary stones in the Isle of Man Category:Boundary stones in England Category:Boundary stones in Wales Category:Boundary stones in Scotland Category:Boundary stones in Northern Ireland
Category:Breakwaters 374 Category:Breakwaters in the United Kingdom Category:Breakwaters in Ireland Category:Breakwaters in the Isle of Man Category:Breakwaters in England Category:Breakwaters in Wales Category:Breakwaters in Scotland Category:Breakwaters in Northern Ireland
Category:Breweries xxx Category:Breweries in the United Kingdom Category:Breweries in Ireland Category:Breweries in the Isle of Man Category:Breweries in England Category:Breweries in Wales Category:Breweries in Scotland Category:Breweries in Northern Ireland
Category:Bridges 24026 Category:Bridges in the United Kingdom Category:Bridges in Ireland Category:Bridges in the Isle of Man Category:Bridges in England Category:Bridges in Wales Category:Bridges in Scotland Category:Bridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Brochs No subcats 261 Category:Brochs in the United Kingdom Category:Brochs in Ireland Category:Brochs in the Isle of Man Category:Brochs in England Category:Brochs in Wales Category:Brochs in Scotland Category:Brochs in Northern Ireland
Category:Building construction sites xxx Category:Building construction sites in the United Kingdom Category:Building construction sites in Ireland Category:Building construction sites in the Isle of Man Category:Building construction sites in England Category:Building construction sites in Wales Category:Building construction sites in Scotland Category:Building construction sites in Northern Ireland
Category:Buildings 8050 Category:Buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Buildings in Ireland Category:Buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Buildings in England Category:Buildings in Wales Category:Buildings in Scotland Category:Buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Bunkers 1140 Category:Bunkers in the United Kingdom Category:Bunkers in Ireland Category:Bunkers in the Isle of Man Category:Bunkers in England Category:Bunkers in Wales Category:Bunkers in Scotland Category:Bunkers in Northern Ireland
Category:Burial grounds xxx Category:Burial grounds in the United Kingdom Category:Burial grounds in Ireland Category:Burial grounds in the Isle of Man Category:Burial grounds in England Category:Burial grounds in Wales Category:Burial grounds in Scotland Category:Burial grounds in Northern Ireland
Category:Bus depots xxx Category:Bus depots in the United Kingdom Category:Bus depots in Ireland Category:Bus depots in the Isle of Man Category:Bus depots in England Category:Bus depots in Wales Category:Bus depots in Scotland Category:Bus depots in Northern Ireland
Category:Bus shelters xxx Category:Bus shelters in the United Kingdom Category:Bus shelters in Ireland Category:Bus shelters in the Isle of Man Category:Bus shelters in England Category:Bus shelters in Wales Category:Bus shelters in Scotland Category:Bus shelters in Northern Ireland
Category:Bus stations xxx Category:Bus stations in the United Kingdom Category:Bus stations in Ireland Category:Bus stations in the Isle of Man Category:Bus stations in England Category:Bus stations in Wales Category:Bus stations in Scotland Category:Bus stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Bus stops xxx Category:Bus stops in the United Kingdom Category:Bus stops in Ireland Category:Bus stops in the Isle of Man Category:Bus stops in England Category:Bus stops in Wales Category:Bus stops in Scotland Category:Bus stops in Northern Ireland
Category:Buses 977 Category:Buses in the United Kingdom Category:Buses in Ireland Category:Buses in the Isle of Man Category:Buses in England Category:Buses in Wales Category:Buses in Scotland Category:Buses in Northern Ireland
Category:Business parks xxx Category:Business parks in the United Kingdom Category:Business parks in Ireland Category:Business parks in the Isle of Man Category:Business parks in England Category:Business parks in Wales Category:Business parks in Scotland Category:Business parks in Northern Ireland
Category:Butterflies 620 Category:Butterflies of the United Kingdom Category:Butterflies of Ireland Category:Butterflies of the Isle of Man Category:Butterflies of England Category:Butterflies of Wales Category:Butterflies of Scotland Category:Butterflies of Northern Ireland
Category:Cairns 3612 Category:Cairns in the United Kingdom Category:Cairns in Ireland Category:Cairns in the Isle of Man Category:Cairns in England Category:Cairns in Wales Category:Cairns in Scotland Category:Cairns in Northern Ireland
Category:Campsites 678 Category:Campsites in the United Kingdom Category:Campsites in Ireland Category:Campsites in the Isle of Man Category:Campsites in England Category:Campsites in Wales Category:Campsites in Scotland Category:Campsites in Northern Ireland
Category:Canal locks 3177 Category:Canal locks in the United Kingdom Category:Canal locks in Ireland Category:Canal locks in the Isle of Man Category:Canal locks in England Category:Canal locks in Wales Category:Canal locks in Scotland Category:Canal locks in Northern Ireland
Category:Canals 8709 Category:Canals in the United Kingdom Category:Canals in Ireland Category:Canals in the Isle of Man Category:Canals in England Category:Canals in Wales Category:Canals in Scotland Category:Canals in Northern Ireland
Category:Canalside buildings xxx Category:Canalside buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Canalside buildings in Ireland Category:Canalside buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Canalside buildings in England Category:Canalside buildings in Wales Category:Canalside buildings in Scotland Category:Canalside buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Car parks xxx Category:Car parks in the United Kingdom Category:Car parks in Ireland Category:Car parks in the Isle of Man Category:Car parks in England Category:Car parks in Wales Category:Car parks in Scotland Category:Car parks in Northern Ireland
Category:Castles 6721 Category:Castles in the United Kingdom Category:Castles in Ireland Category:Castles in the Isle of Man Category:Castles in England Category:Castles in Wales Category:Castles in Scotland Category:Castles in Northern Ireland
Category:Cathedrals 1664 Category:Cathedrals in the United Kingdom Category:Cathedrals in Ireland Category:Cathedrals in the Isle of Man Category:Cathedrals in England Category:Cathedrals in Wales Category:Cathedrals in Scotland Category:Cathedrals in Northern Ireland
Category:Cattle grids xxx Category:Cattle grids in the United Kingdom Category:Cattle grids in Ireland Category:Cattle grids in the Isle of Man Category:Cattle grids in England Category:Cattle grids in Wales Category:Cattle grids in Scotland Category:Cattle grids in Northern Ireland
Category:Cattle 3004 Category:Cattle in the United Kingdom Category:Cattle in Ireland Category:Cattle in the Isle of Man Category:Cattle in England Category:Cattle in Wales Category:Cattle in Scotland Category:Cattle in Northern Ireland
Category:Causeways 439 Category:Causeways in the United Kingdom Category:Causeways in Ireland Category:Causeways in the Isle of Man Category:Causeways in England Category:Causeways in Wales Category:Causeways in Scotland Category:Causeways in Northern Ireland
Category:Caves 804 Category:Caves of the United Kingdom Category:Caves of Ireland Category:Caves of the Isle of Man Category:Caves of England Category:Caves of Wales Category:Caves of Scotland Category:Caves of Northern Ireland
Category:Cemeteries 4814 Category:Cemeteries in the United Kingdom Category:Cemeteries in Ireland Category:Cemeteries in the Isle of Man Category:Cemeteries in England Category:Cemeteries in Wales Category:Cemeteries in Scotland Category:Cemeteries in Northern Ireland
Category:Cervidae No subcats xxx Category:Cervidae in the United Kingdom Category:Cervidae in Ireland Category:Cervidae in the Isle of Man Category:Cervidae in England Category:Cervidae in Wales Category:Cervidae in Scotland Category:Cervidae in Northern Ireland
Category:Chapels 3807 Category:Chapels in the United Kingdom Category:Chapels in Ireland Category:Chapels in the Isle of Man Category:Chapels in England Category:Chapels in Wales Category:Chapels in Scotland Category:Chapels in Northern Ireland
Category:Chimneys 684 Category:Chimneys in the United Kingdom Category:Chimneys in Ireland Category:Chimneys in the Isle of Man Category:Chimneys in England Category:Chimneys in Wales Category:Chimneys in Scotland Category:Chimneys in Northern Ireland
Category:Christmas lights xxx Category:Christmas lights in the United Kingdom Category:Christmas lights in Ireland Category:Christmas lights in the Isle of Man Category:Christmas lights in England Category:Christmas lights in Wales Category:Christmas lights in Scotland Category:Christmas lights in Northern Ireland
Category:Church halls xxx Category:Church halls in the United Kingdom Category:Church halls in Ireland Category:Church halls in the Isle of Man Category:Church halls in England Category:Church halls in Wales Category:Church halls in Scotland Category:Church halls in Northern Ireland
Category:Church interiors xxx Category:Church interiors in the United Kingdom Category:Church interiors in Ireland Category:Church interiors in the Isle of Man Category:Church interiors in England Category:Church interiors in Wales Category:Church interiors in Scotland Category:Church interiors in Northern Ireland
Category:Church porches xxx Category:Church porches in the United Kingdom Category:Church porches in Ireland Category:Church porches in the Isle of Man Category:Church porches in England Category:Church porches in Wales Category:Church porches in Scotland Category:Church porches in Northern Ireland
Category:Church towers xxx Category:Church towers in the United Kingdom Category:Church towers in Ireland Category:Church towers in the Isle of Man Category:Church towers in England Category:Church towers in Wales Category:Church towers in Scotland Category:Church towers in Northern Ireland
Category:Churches 40643 Category:Churches in the United Kingdom Category:Churches in Ireland Category:Churches in the Isle of Man Category:Churches in England Category:Churches in Wales Category:Churches in Scotland Category:Churches in Northern Ireland
Category:Churchyards 3605 Category:Churchyards in the United Kingdom Category:Churchyards in Ireland Category:Churchyards in the Isle of Man Category:Churchyards in England Category:Churchyards in Wales Category:Churchyards in Scotland Category:Churchyards in Northern Ireland
Category:Cinemas 401 Category:Cinemas in the United Kingdom Category:Cinemas in Ireland Category:Cinemas in the Isle of Man Category:Cinemas in England Category:Cinemas in Wales Category:Cinemas in Scotland Category:Cinemas in Northern Ireland
Category:Cirques 871 Category:Cirques of the United Kingdom Category:Cirques of Ireland Category:Cirques of the Isle of Man Category:Cirques of England Category:Cirques of Wales Category:Cirques of Scotland Category:Cirques of Northern Ireland
Category:Cities xxx Category:Cities in the United Kingdom Category:Cities in Ireland Category:Cities in the Isle of Man Category:Cities in England Category:Cities in Wales Category:Cities in Scotland Category:Cities in Northern Ireland
Category:City walls xxx Category:City walls in the United Kingdom Category:City walls in Ireland Category:City walls in the Isle of Man Category:City walls in England Category:City walls in Wales Category:City walls in Scotland Category:City walls in Northern Ireland
Category:Cityscapes 514 Category:Cityscapes in the United Kingdom Category:Cityscapes in Ireland Category:Cityscapes in the Isle of Man Category:Cityscapes in England Category:Cityscapes in Wales Category:Cityscapes in Scotland Category:Cityscapes in Northern Ireland
Category:Cliffs 5127 Category:Cliffs of the United Kingdom Category:Cliffs of Ireland Category:Cliffs of the Isle of Man Category:Cliffs of England Category:Cliffs of Wales Category:Cliffs of Scotland Category:Cliffs of Northern Ireland
Category:Clock towers xxx Category:Clock towers in the United Kingdom Category:Clock towers in Ireland Category:Clock towers in the Isle of Man Category:Clock towers in England Category:Clock towers in Wales Category:Clock towers in Scotland Category:Clock towers in Northern Ireland
Category:Clocks 510 Category:Clocks in the United Kingdom Category:Clocks in Ireland Category:Clocks in the Isle of Man Category:Clocks in England Category:Clocks in Wales Category:Clocks in Scotland Category:Clocks in Northern Ireland
Category:Clubhouses 657 Category:Clubhouses in the United Kingdom Category:Clubhouses in Ireland Category:Clubhouses in the Isle of Man Category:Clubhouses in England Category:Clubhouses in Wales Category:Clubhouses in Scotland Category:Clubhouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Clubs 585 Category:Clubs in the United Kingdom Category:Clubs in Ireland Category:Clubs in the Isle of Man Category:Clubs in England Category:Clubs in Wales Category:Clubs in Scotland Category:Clubs in Northern Ireland
Category:Coasts 8190 Category:Coasts of the United Kingdom Category:Coasts of Ireland Category:Coasts of the Isle of Man Category:Coasts of England Category:Coasts of Wales Category:Coasts of Scotland Category:Coasts of Northern Ireland
Category:Coats of arms xxx Category:Coats of arms of the United Kingdom Category:Coats of arms of Ireland Category:Coats of arms of the Isle of Man Category:Coats of arms of England Category:Coats of arms of Wales Category:Coats of arms of Scotland Category:Coats of arms of Northern Ireland
Category:Community centres xxx Category:Community centres in the United Kingdom Category:Community centres in Ireland Category:Community centres in the Isle of Man Category:Community centres in England Category:Community centres in Wales Category:Community centres in Scotland Category:Community centres in Northern Ireland
Category:Confluences 359 Category:Confluences in the United Kingdom Category:Confluences in Ireland Category:Confluences in the Isle of Man Category:Confluences in England Category:Confluences in Wales Category:Confluences in Scotland Category:Confluences in Northern Ireland
Category:Construction sites xxx Category:Construction sites in the United Kingdom Category:Construction sites in Ireland Category:Construction sites in the Isle of Man Category:Construction sites in England Category:Construction sites in Wales Category:Construction sites in Scotland Category:Construction sites in Northern Ireland
Category:Cottages 15000 Category:Cottages in the United Kingdom Category:Cottages in Ireland Category:Cottages in the Isle of Man Category:Cottages in England Category:Cottages in Wales Category:Cottages in Scotland Category:Cottages in Northern Ireland
Category:Countryside 17979 Category:Countryside in the United Kingdom Category:Countryside in Ireland Category:Countryside in the Isle of Man Category:Countryside in England Category:Countryside in Wales Category:Countryside in Scotland Category:Countryside in Northern Ireland
Category:Courthouses 463 Category:Courthouses in the United Kingdom Category:Courthouses in Ireland Category:Courthouses in the Isle of Man Category:Courthouses in England Category:Courthouses in Wales Category:Courthouses in Scotland Category:Courthouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Cranes 476 Category:Cranes in the United Kingdom Category:Cranes in Ireland Category:Cranes in the Isle of Man Category:Cranes in England Category:Cranes in Wales Category:Cranes in Scotland Category:Cranes in Northern Ireland
Category:Cricket grounds xxx Category:Cricket grounds in the United Kingdom Category:Cricket grounds in Ireland Category:Cricket grounds in the Isle of Man Category:Cricket grounds in England Category:Cricket grounds in Wales Category:Cricket grounds in Scotland Category:Cricket grounds in Northern Ireland
Category:Crosses 1358 Category:Crosses in the United Kingdom Category:Crosses in Ireland Category:Crosses in the Isle of Man Category:Crosses in England Category:Crosses in Wales Category:Crosses in Scotland Category:Crosses in Northern Ireland
Category:Cul-de-sac 986 Category:Cul-de-sac in the United Kingdom Category:Cul-de-sac in Ireland Category:Cul-de-sac in the Isle of Man Category:Cul-de-sac in England Category:Cul-de-sac in Wales Category:Cul-de-sac in Scotland Category:Cul-de-sac in Northern Ireland
Category:Culverts 312 Category:Culverts in the United Kingdom Category:Culverts in Ireland Category:Culverts in the Isle of Man Category:Culverts in England Category:Culverts in Wales Category:Culverts in Scotland Category:Culverts in Northern Ireland
Category:Cygnus No subcat! xxx Category:Cygnus in the United Kingdom Category:Cygnus in Ireland Category:Cygnus in the Isle of Man Category:Cygnus in England Category:Cygnus in Wales Category:Cygnus in Scotland Category:Cygnus in Northern Ireland
Category:Dams 1463 Category:Dams in the United Kingdom Category:Dams in Ireland Category:Dams in the Isle of Man Category:Dams in England Category:Dams in Wales Category:Dams in Scotland Category:Dams in Northern Ireland
Category:Deforestation xxx Category:Deforestation in the United Kingdom Category:Deforestation in Ireland Category:Deforestation in the Isle of Man Category:Deforestation in England Category:Deforestation in Wales Category:Deforestation in Scotland Category:Deforestation in Northern Ireland
Category:Demolished buildings xxx Category:Demolished buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Demolished buildings in Ireland Category:Demolished buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Demolished buildings in England Category:Demolished buildings in Wales Category:Demolished buildings in Scotland Category:Demolished buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Depots 304 Category:Depots in the United Kingdom Category:Depots in Ireland Category:Depots in the Isle of Man Category:Depots in England Category:Depots in Wales Category:Depots in Scotland Category:Depots in Northern Ireland
Category:Derelict buildings xxx Category:Derelict buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Derelict buildings in Ireland Category:Derelict buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Derelict buildings in England Category:Derelict buildings in Wales Category:Derelict buildings in Scotland Category:Derelict buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Distilleries xxx Category:Distilleries in the United Kingdom Category:Distilleries in Ireland Category:Distilleries in the Isle of Man Category:Distilleries in England Category:Distilleries in Wales Category:Distilleries in Scotland Category:Distilleries in Northern Ireland
Category:Distribution substations xxx Category:Distribution substations in the United Kingdom Category:Distribution substations in Ireland Category:Distribution substations in the Isle of Man Category:Distribution substations in England Category:Distribution substations in Wales Category:Distribution substations in Scotland Category:Distribution substations in Northern Ireland
Category:Ditches 1058 Category:Ditches in the United Kingdom Category:Ditches in Ireland Category:Ditches in the Isle of Man Category:Ditches in England Category:Ditches in Wales Category:Ditches in Scotland Category:Ditches in Northern Ireland
Category:Docks 1003 Category:Docks in the United Kingdom Category:Docks in Ireland Category:Docks in the Isle of Man Category:Docks in England Category:Docks in Wales Category:Docks in Scotland Category:Docks in Northern Ireland
Category:Doors 1680 Category:Doors in the United Kingdom Category:Doors in Ireland Category:Doors in the Isle of Man Category:Doors in England Category:Doors in Wales Category:Doors in Scotland Category:Doors in Northern Ireland
Category:Dovecotes xxx Category:Dovecotes in the United Kingdom Category:Dovecotes in Ireland Category:Dovecotes in the Isle of Man Category:Dovecotes in England Category:Dovecotes in Wales Category:Dovecotes in Scotland Category:Dovecotes in Northern Ireland
Category:Drinking fountains xxx Category:Drinking fountains in the United Kingdom Category:Drinking fountains in Ireland Category:Drinking fountains in the Isle of Man Category:Drinking fountains in England Category:Drinking fountains in Wales Category:Drinking fountains in Scotland Category:Drinking fountains in Northern Ireland
Category:Driveways 1840 Category:Driveways in the United Kingdom Category:Driveways in Ireland Category:Driveways in the Isle of Man Category:Driveways in England Category:Driveways in Wales Category:Driveways in Scotland Category:Driveways in Northern Ireland
Category:Dry stone walls xxx Category:Dry stone walls in the United Kingdom Category:Dry stone walls in Ireland Category:Dry stone walls in the Isle of Man Category:Dry stone walls in England Category:Dry stone walls in Wales Category:Dry stone walls in Scotland Category:Dry stone walls in Northern Ireland
Category:Dunes 678 Category:Dunes of the United Kingdom Category:Dunes of Ireland Category:Dunes of the Isle of Man Category:Dunes of England Category:Dunes of Wales Category:Dunes of Scotland Category:Dunes of Northern Ireland
Category:Earthworks 616 Category:Earthworks in the United Kingdom Category:Earthworks in Ireland Category:Earthworks in the Isle of Man Category:Earthworks in England Category:Earthworks in Wales Category:Earthworks in Scotland Category:Earthworks in Northern Ireland
Category:Education buildings xxx Category:Education buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Education buildings in Ireland Category:Education buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Education buildings in England Category:Education buildings in Wales Category:Education buildings in Scotland Category:Education buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Electrical substations xxx Category:Electrical substations in the United Kingdom Category:Electrical substations in Ireland Category:Electrical substations in the Isle of Man Category:Electrical substations in England Category:Electrical substations in Wales Category:Electrical substations in Scotland Category:Electrical substations in Northern Ireland
Category:Embankments 352 Category:Embankments in the United Kingdom Category:Embankments in Ireland Category:Embankments in the Isle of Man Category:Embankments in England Category:Embankments in Wales Category:Embankments in Scotland Category:Embankments in Northern Ireland
Category:Entrances 3387 Category:Entrances in the United Kingdom Category:Entrances in Ireland Category:Entrances in the Isle of Man Category:Entrances in England Category:Entrances in Wales Category:Entrances in Scotland Category:Entrances in Northern Ireland
Category:Estuaries 1736 Category:Estuaries in the United Kingdom Category:Estuaries in Ireland Category:Estuaries in the Isle of Man Category:Estuaries in England Category:Estuaries in Wales Category:Estuaries in Scotland Category:Estuaries in Northern Ireland
Category:Events 646 Category:Events in the United Kingdom Category:Events in Ireland Category:Events in the Isle of Man Category:Events in England Category:Events in Wales Category:Events in Scotland Category:Events in Northern Ireland
Category:Factories 1637 Category:Factories in the United Kingdom Category:Factories in Ireland Category:Factories in the Isle of Man Category:Factories in England Category:Factories in Wales Category:Factories in Scotland Category:Factories in Northern Ireland
Category:Fairs 250 Category:Fairs in the United Kingdom Category:Fairs in Ireland Category:Fairs in the Isle of Man Category:Fairs in England Category:Fairs in Wales Category:Fairs in Scotland Category:Fairs in Northern Ireland
Category:Farm buildings xxx Category:Farm buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Farm buildings in Ireland Category:Farm buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Farm buildings in England Category:Farm buildings in Wales Category:Farm buildings in Scotland Category:Farm buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Farmhouses 7342 Category:Farmhouses in the United Kingdom Category:Farmhouses in Ireland Category:Farmhouses in the Isle of Man Category:Farmhouses in England Category:Farmhouses in Wales Category:Farmhouses in Scotland Category:Farmhouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Farms 57634 Category:Farms in the United Kingdom Category:Farms in Ireland Category:Farms in the Isle of Man Category:Farms in England Category:Farms in Wales Category:Farms in Scotland Category:Farms in Northern Ireland
Category:Fast food restaurants xxx Category:Fast food restaurants in the United Kingdom Category:Fast food restaurants in Ireland Category:Fast food restaurants in the Isle of Man Category:Fast food restaurants in England Category:Fast food restaurants in Wales Category:Fast food restaurants in Scotland Category:Fast food restaurants in Northern Ireland
Category:Fences 2217 Category:Fences in the United Kingdom Category:Fences in Ireland Category:Fences in the Isle of Man Category:Fences in England Category:Fences in Wales Category:Fences in Scotland Category:Fences in Northern Ireland
Category:Ferries 1266 Category:Ferries in the United Kingdom Category:Ferries in Ireland Category:Ferries in the Isle of Man Category:Ferries in England Category:Ferries in Wales Category:Ferries in Scotland Category:Ferries in Northern Ireland
Category:Ferry terminals xxx Category:Ferry terminals in the United Kingdom Category:Ferry terminals in Ireland Category:Ferry terminals in the Isle of Man Category:Ferry terminals in England Category:Ferry terminals in Wales Category:Ferry terminals in Scotland Category:Ferry terminals in Northern Ireland
Category:Festivals 352 Category:Festivals of the United Kingdom Category:Festivals of Ireland Category:Festivals of the Isle of Man Category:Festivals of England Category:Festivals of Wales Category:Festivals of Scotland Category:Festivals of Northern Ireland
Category:Fields 27530 Category:Fields in the United Kingdom Category:Fields in Ireland Category:Fields in the Isle of Man Category:Fields in England Category:Fields in Wales Category:Fields in Scotland Category:Fields in Northern Ireland
Category:Fire stations xxx Category:Fire stations in the United Kingdom Category:Fire stations in Ireland Category:Fire stations in the Isle of Man Category:Fire stations in England Category:Fire stations in Wales Category:Fire stations in Scotland Category:Fire stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Fishing ships xxx Category:Fishing ships of the United Kingdom Category:Fishing ships of Ireland Category:Fishing ships of the Isle of Man Category:Fishing ships of England Category:Fishing ships of Wales Category:Fishing ships of Scotland Category:Fishing ships of Northern Ireland
Category:Fishing 670 Category:Fishing in the United Kingdom Category:Fishing in Ireland Category:Fishing in the Isle of Man Category:Fishing in England Category:Fishing in Wales Category:Fishing in Scotland Category:Fishing in Northern Ireland
Category:Flood protection xxx Category:Flood protection in the United Kingdom Category:Flood protection in Ireland Category:Flood protection in the Isle of Man Category:Flood protection in England Category:Flood protection in Wales Category:Flood protection in Scotland Category:Flood protection in Northern Ireland
Category:Floods 1284 Category:Floods in the United Kingdom Category:Floods in Ireland Category:Floods in the Isle of Man Category:Floods in England Category:Floods in Wales Category:Floods in Scotland Category:Floods in Northern Ireland
Category:Flora 4720 Category:Flora of the United Kingdom Category:Flora of Ireland Category:Flora of the Isle of Man Category:Flora of England Category:Flora of Wales Category:Flora of Scotland Category:Flora of Northern Ireland
Category:Flower beds xxx Category:Flower beds in the United Kingdom Category:Flower beds in Ireland Category:Flower beds in the Isle of Man Category:Flower beds in England Category:Flower beds in Wales Category:Flower beds in Scotland Category:Flower beds in Northern Ireland
Category:Flowers 452 Category:Flowers in the United Kingdom Category:Flowers in Ireland Category:Flowers in the Isle of Man Category:Flowers in England Category:Flowers in Wales Category:Flowers in Scotland Category:Flowers in Northern Ireland
Category:Follies (architecture) 694 Category:Follies (architecture) in the United Kingdom Category:Follies (architecture) in Ireland Category:Follies (architecture) in the Isle of Man Category:Follies (architecture) in England Category:Follies (architecture) in Wales Category:Follies (architecture) in Scotland Category:Follies (architecture) in Northern Ireland
Category:Footbridges 7135 Category:Footbridges in the United Kingdom Category:Footbridges in Ireland Category:Footbridges in the Isle of Man Category:Footbridges in England Category:Footbridges in Wales Category:Footbridges in Scotland Category:Footbridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Fords 2644 Category:Fords in the United Kingdom Category:Fords in Ireland Category:Fords in the Isle of Man Category:Fords in England Category:Fords in Wales Category:Fords in Scotland Category:Fords in Northern Ireland
Category:Forest trails xxx Category:Forest trails in the United Kingdom Category:Forest trails in Ireland Category:Forest trails in the Isle of Man Category:Forest trails in England Category:Forest trails in Wales Category:Forest trails in Scotland Category:Forest trails in Northern Ireland
Category:Forests 23866 Category:Forests in the United Kingdom Category:Forests in Ireland Category:Forests in the Isle of Man Category:Forests in England Category:Forests in Wales Category:Forests in Scotland Category:Forests in Northern Ireland
Category:Former churches xxx Category:Former churches in the United Kingdom Category:Former churches in Ireland Category:Former churches in the Isle of Man Category:Former churches in England Category:Former churches in Wales Category:Former churches in Scotland Category:Former churches in Northern Ireland
Category:Former post offices xxx Category:Former post offices in the United Kingdom Category:Former post offices in Ireland Category:Former post offices in the Isle of Man Category:Former post offices in England Category:Former post offices in Wales Category:Former post offices in Scotland Category:Former post offices in Northern Ireland
Category:Fortifications 303 Category:Fortifications in the United Kingdom Category:Fortifications in Ireland Category:Fortifications in the Isle of Man Category:Fortifications in England Category:Fortifications in Wales Category:Fortifications in Scotland Category:Fortifications in Northern Ireland
Category:Forts 405 Category:Forts in the United Kingdom Category:Forts in Ireland Category:Forts in the Isle of Man Category:Forts in England Category:Forts in Wales Category:Forts in Scotland Category:Forts in Northern Ireland
Category:Fountains 800 Category:Fountains in the United Kingdom Category:Fountains in Ireland Category:Fountains in the Isle of Man Category:Fountains in England Category:Fountains in Wales Category:Fountains in Scotland Category:Fountains in Northern Ireland
Category:Frost No subcats xxx Category:Frost in the United Kingdom Category:Frost in Ireland Category:Frost in the Isle of Man Category:Frost in England Category:Frost in Wales Category:Frost in Scotland Category:Frost in Northern Ireland
Category:Fruits 272 Category:Fruits of the United Kingdom Category:Fruits of Ireland Category:Fruits of the Isle of Man Category:Fruits of England Category:Fruits of Wales Category:Fruits of Scotland Category:Fruits of Northern Ireland
Category:Fungi No subcats 1213 Category:Fungi in the United Kingdom Category:Fungi in Ireland Category:Fungi in the Isle of Man Category:Fungi in England Category:Fungi in Wales Category:Fungi in Scotland Category:Fungi in Northern Ireland
Category:Garages 913 Category:Garages in the United Kingdom Category:Garages in Ireland Category:Garages in the Isle of Man Category:Garages in England Category:Garages in Wales Category:Garages in Scotland Category:Garages in Northern Ireland
Category:Gardens 5074 Category:Gardens in the United Kingdom Category:Gardens in Ireland Category:Gardens in the Isle of Man Category:Gardens in England Category:Gardens in Wales Category:Gardens in Scotland Category:Gardens in Northern Ireland
Category:Gatehouses 1066 Category:Gatehouses in the United Kingdom Category:Gatehouses in Ireland Category:Gatehouses in the Isle of Man Category:Gatehouses in England Category:Gatehouses in Wales Category:Gatehouses in Scotland Category:Gatehouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Gateposts 215 Category:Gateposts in the United Kingdom Category:Gateposts in Ireland Category:Gateposts in the Isle of Man Category:Gateposts in England Category:Gateposts in Wales Category:Gateposts in Scotland Category:Gateposts in Northern Ireland
Category:Gates 6165 Category:Gates in the United Kingdom Category:Gates in Ireland Category:Gates in the Isle of Man Category:Gates in England Category:Gates in Wales Category:Gates in Scotland Category:Gates in Northern Ireland
Category:Geology xxx Category:Geology of the United Kingdom Category:Geology of Ireland Category:Geology of the Isle of Man Category:Geology of England Category:Geology of Wales Category:Geology of Scotland Category:Geology of Northern Ireland
Category:Glacial geomorphology No subcats! xxx Category:Glacial geomorphology in the United Kingdom Category:Glacial geomorphology in Ireland Category:Glacial geomorphology in the Isle of Man Category:Glacial geomorphology in England Category:Glacial geomorphology in Wales Category:Glacial geomorphology in Scotland Category:Glacial geomorphology in Northern Ireland
Category:Golf courses xxx Category:Golf courses in the United Kingdom Category:Golf courses in Ireland Category:Golf courses in the Isle of Man Category:Golf courses in England Category:Golf courses in Wales Category:Golf courses in Scotland Category:Golf courses in Northern Ireland
Category:Government buildings xxx Category:Government buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Government buildings in Ireland Category:Government buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Government buildings in England Category:Government buildings in Wales Category:Government buildings in Scotland Category:Government buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Graffiti xxx Category:Graffiti in the United Kingdom Category:Graffiti in Ireland Category:Graffiti in the Isle of Man Category:Graffiti in England Category:Graffiti in Wales Category:Graffiti in Scotland Category:Graffiti in Northern Ireland
Category:Gravel pits xxx Category:Gravel pits in the United Kingdom Category:Gravel pits in Ireland Category:Gravel pits in the Isle of Man Category:Gravel pits in England Category:Gravel pits in Wales Category:Gravel pits in Scotland Category:Gravel pits in Northern Ireland
Category:Graves 759 Category:Graves in the United Kingdom Category:Graves in Ireland Category:Graves in the Isle of Man Category:Graves in England Category:Graves in Wales Category:Graves in Scotland Category:Graves in Northern Ireland
Category:Gravestones 1628 Category:Gravestones in the United Kingdom Category:Gravestones in Ireland Category:Gravestones in the Isle of Man Category:Gravestones in England Category:Gravestones in Wales Category:Gravestones in Scotland Category:Gravestones in Northern Ireland
Category:Greenhouses 283 Category:Greenhouses in the United Kingdom Category:Greenhouses in Ireland Category:Greenhouses in the Isle of Man Category:Greenhouses in England Category:Greenhouses in Wales Category:Greenhouses in Scotland Category:Greenhouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Hair dressing shops xxx Category:Hair dressing shops in the United Kingdom Category:Hair dressing shops in Ireland Category:Hair dressing shops in the Isle of Man Category:Hair dressing shops in England Category:Hair dressing shops in Wales Category:Hair dressing shops in Scotland Category:Hair dressing shops in Northern Ireland
Category:Hamlets 2515 Category:Hamlets in the United Kingdom Category:Hamlets in Ireland Category:Hamlets in the Isle of Man Category:Hamlets in England Category:Hamlets in Wales Category:Hamlets in Scotland Category:Hamlets in Northern Ireland
Category:Hay bales 374 Category:Hay bales in the United Kingdom Category:Hay bales in Ireland Category:Hay bales in the Isle of Man Category:Hay bales in England Category:Hay bales in Wales Category:Hay bales in Scotland Category:Hay bales in Northern Ireland
Category:Headlands xxx Category:Headlands of the United Kingdom Category:Headlands of Ireland Category:Headlands of the Isle of Man Category:Headlands of England Category:Headlands of Wales Category:Headlands of Scotland Category:Headlands of Northern Ireland
Category:Health centres xxx Category:Health centres in the United Kingdom Category:Health centres in Ireland Category:Health centres in the Isle of Man Category:Health centres in England Category:Health centres in Wales Category:Health centres in Scotland Category:Health centres in Northern Ireland
Category:Heathland 1500 Category:Heathland of the United Kingdom Category:Heathland of Ireland Category:Heathland of the Isle of Man Category:Heathland of England Category:Heathland of Wales Category:Heathland of Scotland Category:Heathland of Northern Ireland
Category:Hedges 1216 Category:Hedges in the United Kingdom Category:Hedges in Ireland Category:Hedges in the Isle of Man Category:Hedges in England Category:Hedges in Wales Category:Hedges in Scotland Category:Hedges in Northern Ireland
Category:High-rises xxx Category:High-rises in the United Kingdom Category:High-rises in Ireland Category:High-rises in the Isle of Man Category:High-rises in England Category:High-rises in Wales Category:High-rises in Scotland Category:High-rises in Northern Ireland
Category:High-voltage overhead power lines xxx Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in the United Kingdom Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in Ireland Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in the Isle of Man Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in England Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in Wales Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in Scotland Category:High-voltage overhead power lines in Northern Ireland
Category:Hill forts xxx Category:Hill forts in the United Kingdom Category:Hill forts in Ireland Category:Hill forts in the Isle of Man Category:Hill forts in England Category:Hill forts in Wales Category:Hill forts in Scotland Category:Hill forts in Northern Ireland
Category:Hills 16170 Category:Hills of the United Kingdom Category:Hills of Ireland Category:Hills of the Isle of Man Category:Hills of England Category:Hills of Wales Category:Hills of Scotland Category:Hills of Northern Ireland
Category:Historic houses xxx Category:Historic houses in the United Kingdom Category:Historic houses in Ireland Category:Historic houses in the Isle of Man Category:Historic houses in England Category:Historic houses in Wales Category:Historic houses in Scotland Category:Historic houses in Northern Ireland
Category:Historic sites xxx Category:Historic sites in the United Kingdom Category:Historic sites in Ireland Category:Historic sites in the Isle of Man Category:Historic sites in England Category:Historic sites in Wales Category:Historic sites in Scotland Category:Historic sites in Northern Ireland
Category:Horse farms 720 Category:Horse farms in the United Kingdom Category:Horse farms in Ireland Category:Horse farms in the Isle of Man Category:Horse farms in England Category:Horse farms in Wales Category:Horse farms in Scotland Category:Horse farms in Northern Ireland
Category:Horse riding xxx Category:Horse riding in the United Kingdom Category:Horse riding in Ireland Category:Horse riding in the Isle of Man Category:Horse riding in England Category:Horse riding in Wales Category:Horse riding in Scotland Category:Horse riding in Northern Ireland
Category:Horses 1377 Category:Horses of the United Kingdom Category:Horses of Ireland Category:Horses of the Isle of Man Category:Horses of England Category:Horses of Wales Category:Horses of Scotland Category:Horses of Northern Ireland
Category:Hospitals 1577 Category:Hospitals in the United Kingdom Category:Hospitals in Ireland Category:Hospitals in the Isle of Man Category:Hospitals in England Category:Hospitals in Wales Category:Hospitals in Scotland Category:Hospitals in Northern Ireland
Category:Hostels xxx Category:Hostels in the United Kingdom Category:Hostels in Ireland Category:Hostels in the Isle of Man Category:Hostels in England Category:Hostels in Wales Category:Hostels in Scotland Category:Hostels in Northern Ireland
Category:Hotels 5414 Category:Hotels in the United Kingdom Category:Hotels in Ireland Category:Hotels in the Isle of Man Category:Hotels in England Category:Hotels in Wales Category:Hotels in Scotland Category:Hotels in Northern Ireland
Category:Houses 33826 Category:Houses in the United Kingdom Category:Houses in Ireland Category:Houses in the Isle of Man Category:Houses in England Category:Houses in Wales Category:Houses in Scotland Category:Houses in Northern Ireland
Category:Huts 478 Category:Huts in the United Kingdom Category:Huts in Ireland Category:Huts in the Isle of Man Category:Huts in England Category:Huts in Wales Category:Huts in Scotland Category:Huts in Northern Ireland
Category:Hydroelectric power xxx Category:Hydroelectric power in the United Kingdom Category:Hydroelectric power in Ireland Category:Hydroelectric power in the Isle of Man Category:Hydroelectric power in England Category:Hydroelectric power in Wales Category:Hydroelectric power in Scotland Category:Hydroelectric power in Northern Ireland
Category:Industrial heritage xxx Category:Industrial heritage in the United Kingdom Category:Industrial heritage in Ireland Category:Industrial heritage in the Isle of Man Category:Industrial heritage in England Category:Industrial heritage in Wales Category:Industrial heritage in Scotland Category:Industrial heritage in Northern Ireland
Category:Industry buildings xxx Category:Industry buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Industry buildings in Ireland Category:Industry buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Industry buildings in England Category:Industry buildings in Wales Category:Industry buildings in Scotland Category:Industry buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Industry xxx Category:Industry in the United Kingdom Category:Industry in Ireland Category:Industry in the Isle of Man Category:Industry in England Category:Industry in Wales Category:Industry in Scotland Category:Industry in Northern Ireland
Category:Information boards xxx Category:Information boards in the United Kingdom Category:Information boards in Ireland Category:Information boards in the Isle of Man Category:Information boards in England Category:Information boards in Wales Category:Information boards in Scotland Category:Information boards in Northern Ireland
Category:Inlets 239 Category:Inlets in the United Kingdom Category:Inlets in Ireland Category:Inlets in the Isle of Man Category:Inlets in England Category:Inlets in Wales Category:Inlets in Scotland Category:Inlets in Northern Ireland
Category:Inns 3270 Category:Inns in the United Kingdom Category:Inns in Ireland Category:Inns in the Isle of Man Category:Inns in England Category:Inns in Wales Category:Inns in Scotland Category:Inns in Northern Ireland
Category:Inscriptions 473 Category:Inscriptions in the United Kingdom Category:Inscriptions in Ireland Category:Inscriptions in the Isle of Man Category:Inscriptions in England Category:Inscriptions in Wales Category:Inscriptions in Scotland Category:Inscriptions in Northern Ireland
Category:Insects 530 Category:Insects of the United Kingdom Category:Insects of Ireland Category:Insects of the Isle of Man Category:Insects of England Category:Insects of Wales Category:Insects of Scotland Category:Insects of Northern Ireland
Category:Islands 2847 Category:Islands of the United Kingdom Category:Islands of Ireland Category:Islands of the Isle of Man Category:Islands of England Category:Islands of Wales Category:Islands of Scotland Category:Islands of Northern Ireland
Category:Kindergarten xxx Category:Kindergarten in the United Kingdom Category:Kindergarten in Ireland Category:Kindergarten in the Isle of Man Category:Kindergarten in England Category:Kindergarten in Wales Category:Kindergarten in Scotland Category:Kindergarten in Northern Ireland
Category:Lagoons 315 Category:Lagoons of the United Kingdom Category:Lagoons of Ireland Category:Lagoons of the Isle of Man Category:Lagoons of England Category:Lagoons of Wales Category:Lagoons of Scotland Category:Lagoons of Northern Ireland
Category:Lakes 6825 Category:Lakes of the United Kingdom Category:Lakes of Ireland Category:Lakes of the Isle of Man Category:Lakes of England Category:Lakes of Wales Category:Lakes of Scotland Category:Lakes of Northern Ireland
Category:Landmarks 276 Category:Landmarks of the United Kingdom Category:Landmarks of Ireland Category:Landmarks of the Isle of Man Category:Landmarks of England Category:Landmarks of Wales Category:Landmarks of Scotland Category:Landmarks of Northern Ireland
Category:Landscape parks xxx Category:Landscape parks in the United Kingdom Category:Landscape parks in Ireland Category:Landscape parks in the Isle of Man Category:Landscape parks in England Category:Landscape parks in Wales Category:Landscape parks in Scotland Category:Landscape parks in Northern Ireland
Category:Landscapes 3681 Category:Landscapes of the United Kingdom Category:Landscapes of Ireland Category:Landscapes of the Isle of Man Category:Landscapes of England Category:Landscapes of Wales Category:Landscapes of Scotland Category:Landscapes of Northern Ireland
Category:Landslides 206 Category:Landslides in the United Kingdom Category:Landslides in Ireland Category:Landslides in the Isle of Man Category:Landslides in England Category:Landslides in Wales Category:Landslides in Scotland Category:Landslides in Northern Ireland
Category:Level crossings xxx Category:Level crossings in the United Kingdom Category:Level crossings in Ireland Category:Level crossings in the Isle of Man Category:Level crossings in England Category:Level crossings in Wales Category:Level crossings in Scotland Category:Level crossings in Northern Ireland
Category:Libraries 1432 Category:Libraries in the United Kingdom Category:Libraries in Ireland Category:Libraries in the Isle of Man Category:Libraries in England Category:Libraries in Wales Category:Libraries in Scotland Category:Libraries in Northern Ireland
Category:Lifeboats 300 Category:Lifeboats in the United Kingdom Category:Lifeboats in Ireland Category:Lifeboats in the Isle of Man Category:Lifeboats in England Category:Lifeboats in Wales Category:Lifeboats in Scotland Category:Lifeboats in Northern Ireland
Category:Lighthouses 2049 Category:Lighthouses in the United Kingdom Category:Lighthouses in Ireland Category:Lighthouses in the Isle of Man Category:Lighthouses in England Category:Lighthouses in Wales Category:Lighthouses in Scotland Category:Lighthouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Lime kilns xxx Category:Lime kilns in the United Kingdom Category:Lime kilns in Ireland Category:Lime kilns in the Isle of Man Category:Lime kilns in England Category:Lime kilns in Wales Category:Lime kilns in Scotland Category:Lime kilns in Northern Ireland
Category:Limestone pavement xxx Category:Limestone pavement in the United Kingdom Category:Limestone pavement in Ireland Category:Limestone pavement in the Isle of Man Category:Limestone pavement in England Category:Limestone pavement in Wales Category:Limestone pavement in Scotland Category:Limestone pavement in Northern Ireland
Category:Listed buildings xxx Category:Listed buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Listed buildings in Ireland Category:Listed buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Listed buildings in England Category:Listed buildings in Wales Category:Listed buildings in Scotland Category:Listed buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Livestock 715 Category:Livestock in the United Kingdom Category:Livestock in Ireland Category:Livestock in the Isle of Man Category:Livestock in England Category:Livestock in Wales Category:Livestock in Scotland Category:Livestock in Northern Ireland
Category:Locomotives xxx Category:Locomotives of the United Kingdom Category:Locomotives of Ireland Category:Locomotives of the Isle of Man Category:Locomotives of England Category:Locomotives of Wales Category:Locomotives of Scotland Category:Locomotives of Northern Ireland
Category:Lychgates xxx Category:Lychgates in the United Kingdom Category:Lychgates in Ireland Category:Lychgates in the Isle of Man Category:Lychgates in England Category:Lychgates in Wales Category:Lychgates in Scotland Category:Lychgates in Northern Ireland
Category:Mansions 781 Category:Mansions in the United Kingdom Category:Mansions in Ireland Category:Mansions in the Isle of Man Category:Mansions in England Category:Mansions in Wales Category:Mansions in Scotland Category:Mansions in Northern Ireland
Category:Marinas 1105 Category:Marinas in the United Kingdom Category:Marinas in Ireland Category:Marinas in the Isle of Man Category:Marinas in England Category:Marinas in Wales Category:Marinas in Scotland Category:Marinas in Northern Ireland
Category:Market halls xxx Category:Market halls in the United Kingdom Category:Market halls in Ireland Category:Market halls in the Isle of Man Category:Market halls in England Category:Market halls in Wales Category:Market halls in Scotland Category:Market halls in Northern Ireland
Category:Markets 822 Category:Markets in the United Kingdom Category:Markets in Ireland Category:Markets in the Isle of Man Category:Markets in England Category:Markets in Wales Category:Markets in Scotland Category:Markets in Northern Ireland
Category:Marshes 1541 Category:Marshes of the United Kingdom Category:Marshes of Ireland Category:Marshes of the Isle of Man Category:Marshes of England Category:Marshes of Wales Category:Marshes of Scotland Category:Marshes of Northern Ireland
Category:Masts 581 Category:Masts in the United Kingdom Category:Masts in Ireland Category:Masts in the Isle of Man Category:Masts in England Category:Masts in Wales Category:Masts in Scotland Category:Masts in Northern Ireland
Category:Mausoleums 239 Category:Mausoleums in the United Kingdom Category:Mausoleums in Ireland Category:Mausoleums in the Isle of Man Category:Mausoleums in England Category:Mausoleums in Wales Category:Mausoleums in Scotland Category:Mausoleums in Northern Ireland
Category:Meadows 1713 Category:Meadows in the United Kingdom Category:Meadows in Ireland Category:Meadows in the Isle of Man Category:Meadows in England Category:Meadows in Wales Category:Meadows in Scotland Category:Meadows in Northern Ireland
Category:Medical buildings xxx Category:Medical buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Medical buildings in Ireland Category:Medical buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Medical buildings in England Category:Medical buildings in Wales Category:Medical buildings in Scotland Category:Medical buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Memorial gardens xxx Category:Memorial gardens in the United Kingdom Category:Memorial gardens in Ireland Category:Memorial gardens in the Isle of Man Category:Memorial gardens in England Category:Memorial gardens in Wales Category:Memorial gardens in Scotland Category:Memorial gardens in Northern Ireland
Category:Memorials 3702 Category:Memorials in the United Kingdom Category:Memorials in Ireland Category:Memorials in the Isle of Man Category:Memorials in England Category:Memorials in Wales Category:Memorials in Scotland Category:Memorials in Northern Ireland
Category:Milestones 2278 Category:Milestones in the United Kingdom Category:Milestones in Ireland Category:Milestones in the Isle of Man Category:Milestones in England Category:Milestones in Wales Category:Milestones in Scotland Category:Milestones in Northern Ireland
Category:Military buildings xxx Category:Military buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Military buildings in Ireland Category:Military buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Military buildings in England Category:Military buildings in Wales Category:Military buildings in Scotland Category:Military buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Military xxx Category:Military of the United Kingdom Category:Military of Ireland Category:Military of the Isle of Man Category:Military of England Category:Military of Wales Category:Military of Scotland Category:Military of Northern Ireland
Category:Mills 2115 Category:Mills in the United Kingdom Category:Mills in Ireland Category:Mills in the Isle of Man Category:Mills in England Category:Mills in Wales Category:Mills in Scotland Category:Mills in Northern Ireland
Category:Mining buildings xxx Category:Mining buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Mining buildings in Ireland Category:Mining buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Mining buildings in England Category:Mining buildings in Wales Category:Mining buildings in Scotland Category:Mining buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Moats 330 Category:Moats in the United Kingdom Category:Moats in Ireland Category:Moats in the Isle of Man Category:Moats in England Category:Moats in Wales Category:Moats in Scotland Category:Moats in Northern Ireland
Category:Monuments 2570 Category:Monuments in the United Kingdom Category:Monuments in Ireland Category:Monuments in the Isle of Man Category:Monuments in England Category:Monuments in Wales Category:Monuments in Scotland Category:Monuments in Northern Ireland
Category:Mooring xxx Category:Mooring in the United Kingdom Category:Mooring in Ireland Category:Mooring in the Isle of Man Category:Mooring in England Category:Mooring in Wales Category:Mooring in Scotland Category:Mooring in Northern Ireland
Category:Moorlands xxx Category:Moorlands in the United Kingdom Category:Moorlands in Ireland Category:Moorlands in the Isle of Man Category:Moorlands in England Category:Moorlands in Wales Category:Moorlands in Scotland Category:Moorlands in Northern Ireland
Category:Mosaics 200 Category:Mosaics in the United Kingdom Category:Mosaics in Ireland Category:Mosaics in the Isle of Man Category:Mosaics in England Category:Mosaics in Wales Category:Mosaics in Scotland Category:Mosaics in Northern Ireland
Category:Motorways 2024 Category:Motorways in the United Kingdom Category:Motorways in Ireland Category:Motorways in the Isle of Man Category:Motorways in England Category:Motorways in Wales Category:Motorways in Scotland Category:Motorways in Northern Ireland
Category:Mountain huts xxx Category:Mountain huts in the United Kingdom Category:Mountain huts in Ireland Category:Mountain huts in the Isle of Man Category:Mountain huts in England Category:Mountain huts in Wales Category:Mountain huts in Scotland Category:Mountain huts in Northern Ireland
Category:Mountain passes 999 Category:Mountain passes of the United Kingdom Category:Mountain passes of Ireland Category:Mountain passes of the Isle of Man Category:Mountain passes of England Category:Mountain passes of Wales Category:Mountain passes of Scotland Category:Mountain passes of Northern Ireland
Category:Mountains 11981 Category:Mountains of the United Kingdom Category:Mountains of Ireland Category:Mountains of the Isle of Man Category:Mountains of England Category:Mountains of Wales Category:Mountains of Scotland Category:Mountains of Northern Ireland
Category:Mudflats 558 Category:Mudflats in the United Kingdom Category:Mudflats in Ireland Category:Mudflats in the Isle of Man Category:Mudflats in England Category:Mudflats in Wales Category:Mudflats in Scotland Category:Mudflats in Northern Ireland
Category:Municipal buildings xxx Category:Municipal buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Municipal buildings in Ireland Category:Municipal buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Municipal buildings in England Category:Municipal buildings in Wales Category:Municipal buildings in Scotland Category:Municipal buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Munros No subcats? 253 Category:Munros in the United Kingdom Category:Munros in Ireland Category:Munros in the Isle of Man Category:Munros in England Category:Munros in Wales Category:Munros in Scotland Category:Munros in Northern Ireland
Category:Murals 473 Category:Murals in the United Kingdom Category:Murals in Ireland Category:Murals in the Isle of Man Category:Murals in England Category:Murals in Wales Category:Murals in Scotland Category:Murals in Northern Ireland
Category:Museums 148 Category:Museums in the United Kingdom Category:Museums in Ireland Category:Museums in the Isle of Man Category:Museums in England Category:Museums in Wales Category:Museums in Scotland Category:Museums in Northern Ireland
Category:Narrowboats 263 Category:Narrowboats in the United Kingdom Category:Narrowboats in Ireland Category:Narrowboats in the Isle of Man Category:Narrowboats in England Category:Narrowboats in Wales Category:Narrowboats in Scotland Category:Narrowboats in Northern Ireland
Category:National Cycle Network No subcats! xxx Category:National Cycle Network in the United Kingdom Category:National Cycle Network in Ireland Category:National Cycle Network in the Isle of Man Category:National Cycle Network in England Category:National Cycle Network in Wales Category:National Cycle Network in Scotland Category:National Cycle Network in Northern Ireland
Category:National Trust properties xxx Category:National Trust properties in the United Kingdom Category:National Trust properties in Ireland Category:National Trust properties in the Isle of Man Category:National Trust properties in England Category:National Trust properties in Wales Category:National Trust properties in Scotland Category:National Trust properties in Northern Ireland
Category:Nature reserves xxx Category:Nature reserves in the United Kingdom Category:Nature reserves in Ireland Category:Nature reserves in the Isle of Man Category:Nature reserves in England Category:Nature reserves in Wales Category:Nature reserves in Scotland Category:Nature reserves in Northern Ireland
Category:Nursing homes xxx Category:Nursing homes in the United Kingdom Category:Nursing homes in Ireland Category:Nursing homes in the Isle of Man Category:Nursing homes in England Category:Nursing homes in Wales Category:Nursing homes in Scotland Category:Nursing homes in Northern Ireland
Category:Obelisks 276 Category:Obelisks in the United Kingdom Category:Obelisks in Ireland Category:Obelisks in the Isle of Man Category:Obelisks in England Category:Obelisks in Wales Category:Obelisks in Scotland Category:Obelisks in Northern Ireland
Category:Office buildings 3026 Category:Office buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Office buildings in Ireland Category:Office buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Office buildings in England Category:Office buildings in Wales Category:Office buildings in Scotland Category:Office buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Orchards 930 Category:Orchards in the United Kingdom Category:Orchards in Ireland Category:Orchards in the Isle of Man Category:Orchards in England Category:Orchards in Wales Category:Orchards in Scotland Category:Orchards in Northern Ireland
Category:Palaces 255 Category:Palaces in the United Kingdom Category:Palaces in Ireland Category:Palaces in the Isle of Man Category:Palaces in England Category:Palaces in Wales Category:Palaces in Scotland Category:Palaces in Northern Ireland
Category:Panoramics NOTE Not panoramas 475 Category:Panoramics in the United Kingdom Category:Panoramics in Ireland Category:Panoramics in the Isle of Man Category:Panoramics in England Category:Panoramics in Wales Category:Panoramics in Scotland Category:Panoramics in Northern Ireland
Category:Parades xxx Category:Parades in the United Kingdom Category:Parades in Ireland Category:Parades in the Isle of Man Category:Parades in England Category:Parades in Wales Category:Parades in Scotland Category:Parades in Northern Ireland
Category:Parks 5977 Category:Parks in the United Kingdom Category:Parks in Ireland Category:Parks in the Isle of Man Category:Parks in England Category:Parks in Wales Category:Parks in Scotland Category:Parks in Northern Ireland
Category:Pavements 262 Category:Pavements in the United Kingdom Category:Pavements in Ireland Category:Pavements in the Isle of Man Category:Pavements in England Category:Pavements in Wales Category:Pavements in Scotland Category:Pavements in Northern Ireland
Category:Pavilions 212 Category:Pavilions in the United Kingdom Category:Pavilions in Ireland Category:Pavilions in the Isle of Man Category:Pavilions in England Category:Pavilions in Wales Category:Pavilions in Scotland Category:Pavilions in Northern Ireland
Category:Pedestrian zones xxx Category:Pedestrian zones in the United Kingdom Category:Pedestrian zones in Ireland Category:Pedestrian zones in the Isle of Man Category:Pedestrian zones in England Category:Pedestrian zones in Wales Category:Pedestrian zones in Scotland Category:Pedestrian zones in Northern Ireland
Category:People 276 Category:People of the United Kingdom Category:People of Ireland Category:People of the Isle of Man Category:People of England Category:People of Wales Category:People of Scotland Category:People of Northern Ireland
Category:Petrol stations xxx Category:Petrol stations in the United Kingdom Category:Petrol stations in Ireland Category:Petrol stations in the Isle of Man Category:Petrol stations in England Category:Petrol stations in Wales Category:Petrol stations in Scotland Category:Petrol stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Picnic places xxx Category:Picnic places in the United Kingdom Category:Picnic places in Ireland Category:Picnic places in the Isle of Man Category:Picnic places in England Category:Picnic places in Wales Category:Picnic places in Scotland Category:Picnic places in Northern Ireland
Category:Piers 3495 Category:Piers in the United Kingdom Category:Piers in Ireland Category:Piers in the Isle of Man Category:Piers in England Category:Piers in Wales Category:Piers in Scotland Category:Piers in Northern Ireland
Category:Pipelines 495 Category:Pipelines in the United Kingdom Category:Pipelines in Ireland Category:Pipelines in the Isle of Man Category:Pipelines in England Category:Pipelines in Wales Category:Pipelines in Scotland Category:Pipelines in Northern Ireland
Category:Plant nurseries xxx Category:Plant nurseries in the United Kingdom Category:Plant nurseries in Ireland Category:Plant nurseries in the Isle of Man Category:Plant nurseries in England Category:Plant nurseries in Wales Category:Plant nurseries in Scotland Category:Plant nurseries in Northern Ireland
Category:Plantations xxx Category:Plantations in the United Kingdom Category:Plantations in Ireland Category:Plantations in the Isle of Man Category:Plantations in England Category:Plantations in Wales Category:Plantations in Scotland Category:Plantations in Northern Ireland
Category:Plaques 3207 Category:Plaques in the United Kingdom Category:Plaques in Ireland Category:Plaques in the Isle of Man Category:Plaques in England Category:Plaques in Wales Category:Plaques in Scotland Category:Plaques in Northern Ireland
Category:Playgrounds 1202 Category:Playgrounds in the United Kingdom Category:Playgrounds in Ireland Category:Playgrounds in the Isle of Man Category:Playgrounds in England Category:Playgrounds in Wales Category:Playgrounds in Scotland Category:Playgrounds in Northern Ireland
Category:Police stations xxx Category:Police stations in the United Kingdom Category:Police stations in Ireland Category:Police stations in the Isle of Man Category:Police stations in England Category:Police stations in Wales Category:Police stations in Scotland Category:Police stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Ponds 7114 Category:Ponds in the United Kingdom Category:Ponds in Ireland Category:Ponds in the Isle of Man Category:Ponds in England Category:Ponds in Wales Category:Ponds in Scotland Category:Ponds in Northern Ireland
Category:Ports and harbours 5396 Category:Ports and harbours in the United Kingdom Category:Ports and harbours in Ireland Category:Ports and harbours in the Isle of Man Category:Ports and harbours in England Category:Ports and harbours in Wales Category:Ports and harbours in Scotland Category:Ports and harbours in Northern Ireland
Category:Post boxes 4973 Category:Post boxes in the United Kingdom Category:Post boxes in Ireland Category:Post boxes in the Isle of Man Category:Post boxes in England Category:Post boxes in Wales Category:Post boxes in Scotland Category:Post boxes in Northern Ireland
Category:Post offices xxx Category:Post offices in the United Kingdom Category:Post offices in Ireland Category:Post offices in the Isle of Man Category:Post offices in England Category:Post offices in Wales Category:Post offices in Scotland Category:Post offices in Northern Ireland
Category:Power lines xxx Category:Power lines in the United Kingdom Category:Power lines in Ireland Category:Power lines in the Isle of Man Category:Power lines in England Category:Power lines in Wales Category:Power lines in Scotland Category:Power lines in Northern Ireland
Category:Power plants xxx Category:Power plants in the United Kingdom Category:Power plants in Ireland Category:Power plants in the Isle of Man Category:Power plants in England Category:Power plants in Wales Category:Power plants in Scotland Category:Power plants in Northern Ireland
Category:Priories xxx Category:Priories in the United Kingdom Category:Priories in Ireland Category:Priories in the Isle of Man Category:Priories in England Category:Priories in Wales Category:Priories in Scotland Category:Priories in Northern Ireland
Category:Prisons 247 Category:Prisons in the United Kingdom Category:Prisons in Ireland Category:Prisons in the Isle of Man Category:Prisons in England Category:Prisons in Wales Category:Prisons in Scotland Category:Prisons in Northern Ireland
Category:Private roads xxx Category:Private roads in the United Kingdom Category:Private roads in Ireland Category:Private roads in the Isle of Man Category:Private roads in England Category:Private roads in Wales Category:Private roads in Scotland Category:Private roads in Northern Ireland
Category:Promenades 636 Category:Promenades in the United Kingdom Category:Promenades in Ireland Category:Promenades in the Isle of Man Category:Promenades in England Category:Promenades in Wales Category:Promenades in Scotland Category:Promenades in Northern Ireland
Category:Pub signs xxx Category:Pub signs in the United Kingdom Category:Pub signs in Ireland Category:Pub signs in the Isle of Man Category:Pub signs in England Category:Pub signs in Wales Category:Pub signs in Scotland Category:Pub signs in Northern Ireland
Category:Public art xxx Category:Public art in the United Kingdom Category:Public art in Ireland Category:Public art in the Isle of Man Category:Public art in England Category:Public art in Wales Category:Public art in Scotland Category:Public art in Northern Ireland
Category:Public toilets xxx Category:Public toilets in the United Kingdom Category:Public toilets in Ireland Category:Public toilets in the Isle of Man Category:Public toilets in England Category:Public toilets in Wales Category:Public toilets in Scotland Category:Public toilets in Northern Ireland
Category:Pubs xxx Category:Pubs in the United Kingdom Category:Pubs in Ireland Category:Pubs in the Isle of Man Category:Pubs in England Category:Pubs in Wales Category:Pubs in Scotland Category:Pubs in Northern Ireland
Category:Pulpits 243 Category:Pulpits in the United Kingdom Category:Pulpits in Ireland Category:Pulpits in the Isle of Man Category:Pulpits in England Category:Pulpits in Wales Category:Pulpits in Scotland Category:Pulpits in Northern Ireland
Category:Pumping stations xxx Category:Pumping stations in the United Kingdom Category:Pumping stations in Ireland Category:Pumping stations in the Isle of Man Category:Pumping stations in England Category:Pumping stations in Wales Category:Pumping stations in Scotland Category:Pumping stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Pumps 340 Category:Pumps in the United Kingdom Category:Pumps in Ireland Category:Pumps in the Isle of Man Category:Pumps in England Category:Pumps in Wales Category:Pumps in Scotland Category:Pumps in Northern Ireland
Category:Pylons 1668 Category:Pylons in the United Kingdom Category:Pylons in Ireland Category:Pylons in the Isle of Man Category:Pylons in England Category:Pylons in Wales Category:Pylons in Scotland Category:Pylons in Northern Ireland
Category:Quarries 2353 Category:Quarries in the United Kingdom Category:Quarries in Ireland Category:Quarries in the Isle of Man Category:Quarries in England Category:Quarries in Wales Category:Quarries in Scotland Category:Quarries in Northern Ireland
Category:Quays 997 Category:Quays in the United Kingdom Category:Quays in Ireland Category:Quays in the Isle of Man Category:Quays in England Category:Quays in Wales Category:Quays in Scotland Category:Quays in Northern Ireland
Category:Racecourses 464 Category:Racecourses in the United Kingdom Category:Racecourses in Ireland Category:Racecourses in the Isle of Man Category:Racecourses in England Category:Racecourses in Wales Category:Racecourses in Scotland Category:Racecourses in Northern Ireland
Category:Radar stations xxx Category:Radar stations in the United Kingdom Category:Radar stations in Ireland Category:Radar stations in the Isle of Man Category:Radar stations in England Category:Radar stations in Wales Category:Radar stations in Scotland Category:Radar stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Radio towers xxx Category:Radio towers in the United Kingdom Category:Radio towers in Ireland Category:Radio towers in the Isle of Man Category:Radio towers in England Category:Radio towers in Wales Category:Radio towers in Scotland Category:Radio towers in Northern Ireland
Category:Rail junctions xxx Category:Rail junctions in the United Kingdom Category:Rail junctions in Ireland Category:Rail junctions in the Isle of Man Category:Rail junctions in England Category:Rail junctions in Wales Category:Rail junctions in Scotland Category:Rail junctions in Northern Ireland
Category:Rail transport infrastructure xxx Category:Rail transport infrastructure in the United Kingdom Category:Rail transport infrastructure in Ireland Category:Rail transport infrastructure in the Isle of Man Category:Rail transport infrastructure in England Category:Rail transport infrastructure in Wales Category:Rail transport infrastructure in Scotland Category:Rail transport infrastructure in Northern Ireland
Category:Rail transport 7481 Category:Rail transport in the United Kingdom Category:Rail transport in Ireland Category:Rail transport in the Isle of Man Category:Rail transport in England Category:Rail transport in Wales Category:Rail transport in Scotland Category:Rail transport in Northern Ireland
Category:Rail tunnels xxx Category:Rail tunnels in the United Kingdom Category:Rail tunnels in Ireland Category:Rail tunnels in the Isle of Man Category:Rail tunnels in England Category:Rail tunnels in Wales Category:Rail tunnels in Scotland Category:Rail tunnels in Northern Ireland
Category:Rail yards xxx Category:Rail yards in the United Kingdom Category:Rail yards in Ireland Category:Rail yards in the Isle of Man Category:Rail yards in England Category:Rail yards in Wales Category:Rail yards in Scotland Category:Rail yards in Northern Ireland
Category:Railway bridges xxx Category:Railway bridges in the United Kingdom Category:Railway bridges in Ireland Category:Railway bridges in the Isle of Man Category:Railway bridges in England Category:Railway bridges in Wales Category:Railway bridges in Scotland Category:Railway bridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Railway cuttings xxx Category:Railway cuttings in the United Kingdom Category:Railway cuttings in Ireland Category:Railway cuttings in the Isle of Man Category:Railway cuttings in England Category:Railway cuttings in Wales Category:Railway cuttings in Scotland Category:Railway cuttings in Northern Ireland
Category:Railway lines xxx Category:Railway lines in the United Kingdom Category:Railway lines in Ireland Category:Railway lines in the Isle of Man Category:Railway lines in England Category:Railway lines in Wales Category:Railway lines in Scotland Category:Railway lines in Northern Ireland
Category:Railway stations 1803 Category:Railway stations in the United Kingdom Category:Railway stations in Ireland Category:Railway stations in the Isle of Man Category:Railway stations in England Category:Railway stations in Wales Category:Railway stations in Scotland Category:Railway stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Rainbows 384 Category:Rainbows in the United Kingdom Category:Rainbows in Ireland Category:Rainbows in the Isle of Man Category:Rainbows in England Category:Rainbows in Wales Category:Rainbows in Scotland Category:Rainbows in Northern Ireland
Category:Rapid transit 275 Category:Rapid transit in the United Kingdom Category:Rapid transit in Ireland Category:Rapid transit in the Isle of Man Category:Rapid transit in England Category:Rapid transit in Wales Category:Rapid transit in Scotland Category:Rapid transit in Northern Ireland
Category:Rectories xxx Category:Rectories in the United Kingdom Category:Rectories in Ireland Category:Rectories in the Isle of Man Category:Rectories in England Category:Rectories in Wales Category:Rectories in Scotland Category:Rectories in Northern Ireland
Category:Reflections 254 Category:Reflections in the United Kingdom Category:Reflections in Ireland Category:Reflections in the Isle of Man Category:Reflections in England Category:Reflections in Wales Category:Reflections in Scotland Category:Reflections in Northern Ireland
Category:Religious buildings xxx Category:Religious buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Religious buildings in Ireland Category:Religious buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Religious buildings in England Category:Religious buildings in Wales Category:Religious buildings in Scotland Category:Religious buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Reservoirs 5377 Category:Reservoirs in the United Kingdom Category:Reservoirs in Ireland Category:Reservoirs in the Isle of Man Category:Reservoirs in England Category:Reservoirs in Wales Category:Reservoirs in Scotland Category:Reservoirs in Northern Ireland
Category:Restaurants 1988 Category:Restaurants in the United Kingdom Category:Restaurants in Ireland Category:Restaurants in the Isle of Man Category:Restaurants in England Category:Restaurants in Wales Category:Restaurants in Scotland Category:Restaurants in Northern Ireland
Category:Retail buildings xxx Category:Retail buildings in the United Kingdom Category:Retail buildings in Ireland Category:Retail buildings in the Isle of Man Category:Retail buildings in England Category:Retail buildings in Wales Category:Retail buildings in Scotland Category:Retail buildings in Northern Ireland
Category:Rivers 24541 Category:Rivers of the United Kingdom Category:Rivers of Ireland Category:Rivers of the Isle of Man Category:Rivers of England Category:Rivers of Wales Category:Rivers of Scotland Category:Rivers of Northern Ireland
Category:RNLI lifeboat stations No subcats! xxx Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in the United Kingdom Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in Ireland Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in the Isle of Man Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in England Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in Wales Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in Scotland Category:RNLI lifeboat stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Road bridges xxx Category:Road bridges in the United Kingdom Category:Road bridges in Ireland Category:Road bridges in the Isle of Man Category:Road bridges in England Category:Road bridges in Wales Category:Road bridges in Scotland Category:Road bridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Road signs xxx Category:Road signs in the United Kingdom Category:Road signs in Ireland Category:Road signs in the Isle of Man Category:Road signs in England Category:Road signs in Wales Category:Road signs in Scotland Category:Road signs in Northern Ireland
Category:Roads 122586 Category:Roads in the United Kingdom Category:Roads in Ireland Category:Roads in the Isle of Man Category:Roads in England Category:Roads in Wales Category:Roads in Scotland Category:Roads in Northern Ireland
Category:Roadworks 478 Category:Roadworks in the United Kingdom Category:Roadworks in Ireland Category:Roadworks in the Isle of Man Category:Roadworks in England Category:Roadworks in Wales Category:Roadworks in Scotland Category:Roadworks in Northern Ireland
Category:Rolling stock xxx Category:Rolling stock of the United Kingdom Category:Rolling stock of Ireland Category:Rolling stock of the Isle of Man Category:Rolling stock of England Category:Rolling stock of Wales Category:Rolling stock of Scotland Category:Rolling stock of Northern Ireland
Category:Roman Catholic churches xxx Category:Roman Catholic churches in the United Kingdom Category:Roman Catholic churches in Ireland Category:Roman Catholic churches in the Isle of Man Category:Roman Catholic churches in England Category:Roman Catholic churches in Wales Category:Roman Catholic churches in Scotland Category:Roman Catholic churches in Northern Ireland
Category:Roofs 255 Category:Roofs in the United Kingdom Category:Roofs in Ireland Category:Roofs in the Isle of Man Category:Roofs in England Category:Roofs in Wales Category:Roofs in Scotland Category:Roofs in Northern Ireland
Category:Roofscapes 270 Category:Roofscapes in the United Kingdom Category:Roofscapes in Ireland Category:Roofscapes in the Isle of Man Category:Roofscapes in England Category:Roofscapes in Wales Category:Roofscapes in Scotland Category:Roofscapes in Northern Ireland
Category:Roundabouts 2210 Category:Roundabouts in the United Kingdom Category:Roundabouts in Ireland Category:Roundabouts in the Isle of Man Category:Roundabouts in England Category:Roundabouts in Wales Category:Roundabouts in Scotland Category:Roundabouts in Northern Ireland
Category:Ruins 78 Category:Ruins in the United Kingdom Category:Ruins in Ireland Category:Ruins in the Isle of Man Category:Ruins in England Category:Ruins in Wales Category:Ruins in Scotland Category:Ruins in Northern Ireland
Category:Sailing xxx Category:Sailing in the United Kingdom Category:Sailing in Ireland Category:Sailing in the Isle of Man Category:Sailing in England Category:Sailing in Wales Category:Sailing in Scotland Category:Sailing in Northern Ireland
Category:Saltmarshes 780 Category:Saltmarshes in the United Kingdom Category:Saltmarshes in Ireland Category:Saltmarshes in the Isle of Man Category:Saltmarshes in England Category:Saltmarshes in Wales Category:Saltmarshes in Scotland Category:Saltmarshes in Northern Ireland
Category:Scarecrows 199 Category:Scarecrows in the United Kingdom Category:Scarecrows in Ireland Category:Scarecrows in the Isle of Man Category:Scarecrows in England Category:Scarecrows in Wales Category:Scarecrows in Scotland Category:Scarecrows in Northern Ireland
Category:Schools 6425 Category:Schools in the United Kingdom Category:Schools in Ireland Category:Schools in the Isle of Man Category:Schools in England Category:Schools in Wales Category:Schools in Scotland Category:Schools in Northern Ireland
Category:Sculptures 3313 Category:Sculptures in the United Kingdom Category:Sculptures in Ireland Category:Sculptures in the Isle of Man Category:Sculptures in England Category:Sculptures in Wales Category:Sculptures in Scotland Category:Sculptures in Northern Ireland
Category:Seascapes 1062 Category:Seascapes of the United Kingdom Category:Seascapes of Ireland Category:Seascapes of the Isle of Man Category:Seascapes of England Category:Seascapes of Wales Category:Seascapes of Scotland Category:Seascapes of Northern Ireland
Category:Semi-detached houses xxx Category:Semi-detached houses in the United Kingdom Category:Semi-detached houses in Ireland Category:Semi-detached houses in the Isle of Man Category:Semi-detached houses in England Category:Semi-detached houses in Wales Category:Semi-detached houses in Scotland Category:Semi-detached houses in Northern Ireland
Category:Sheds 697 Category:Sheds in the United Kingdom Category:Sheds in Ireland Category:Sheds in the Isle of Man Category:Sheds in England Category:Sheds in Wales Category:Sheds in Scotland Category:Sheds in Northern Ireland
Category:Sheep 3733 Category:Sheep in the United Kingdom Category:Sheep in Ireland Category:Sheep in the Isle of Man Category:Sheep in England Category:Sheep in Wales Category:Sheep in Scotland Category:Sheep in Northern Ireland
Category:Shelters xxx Category:Shelters in the United Kingdom Category:Shelters in Ireland Category:Shelters in the Isle of Man Category:Shelters in England Category:Shelters in Wales Category:Shelters in Scotland Category:Shelters in Northern Ireland
Category:Ships (suggest no subcat) 1168 Category:Ships of the United Kingdom Category:Ships of Ireland Category:Ships of the Isle of Man Category:Ships of England Category:Ships of Wales Category:Ships of Scotland Category:Ships of Northern Ireland
Category:Shipyards 376 Category:Shipyards in the United Kingdom Category:Shipyards in Ireland Category:Shipyards in the Isle of Man Category:Shipyards in England Category:Shipyards in Wales Category:Shipyards in Scotland Category:Shipyards in Northern Ireland
Category:Shopping arcades xxx Category:Shopping arcades in the United Kingdom Category:Shopping arcades in Ireland Category:Shopping arcades in the Isle of Man Category:Shopping arcades in England Category:Shopping arcades in Wales Category:Shopping arcades in Scotland Category:Shopping arcades in Northern Ireland
Category:Shops 8582 Category:Shops in the United Kingdom Category:Shops in Ireland Category:Shops in the Isle of Man Category:Shops in England Category:Shops in Wales Category:Shops in Scotland Category:Shops in Northern Ireland
Category:Signal boxes xxx Category:Signal boxes in the United Kingdom Category:Signal boxes in Ireland Category:Signal boxes in the Isle of Man Category:Signal boxes in England Category:Signal boxes in Wales Category:Signal boxes in Scotland Category:Signal boxes in Northern Ireland
Category:Signs 9376 Category:Signs in the United Kingdom Category:Signs in Ireland Category:Signs in the Isle of Man Category:Signs in England Category:Signs in Wales Category:Signs in Scotland Category:Signs in Northern Ireland
Category:Slag heaps xxx Category:Slag heaps in the United Kingdom Category:Slag heaps in Ireland Category:Slag heaps in the Isle of Man Category:Slag heaps in England Category:Slag heaps in Wales Category:Slag heaps in Scotland Category:Slag heaps in Northern Ireland
Category:Sluices 406 Category:Sluices in the United Kingdom Category:Sluices in Ireland Category:Sluices in the Isle of Man Category:Sluices in England Category:Sluices in Wales Category:Sluices in Scotland Category:Sluices in Northern Ireland
Category:Snow 2051 Category:Snow in the United Kingdom Category:Snow in Ireland Category:Snow in the Isle of Man Category:Snow in England Category:Snow in Wales Category:Snow in Scotland Category:Snow in Northern Ireland
Category:Social clubs xxx Category:Social clubs in the United Kingdom Category:Social clubs in Ireland Category:Social clubs in the Isle of Man Category:Social clubs in England Category:Social clubs in Wales Category:Social clubs in Scotland Category:Social clubs in Northern Ireland
Category:Sports venues xxx Category:Sports venues in the United Kingdom Category:Sports venues in Ireland Category:Sports venues in the Isle of Man Category:Sports venues in England Category:Sports venues in Wales Category:Sports venues in Scotland Category:Sports venues in Northern Ireland
Category:Springs 430 Category:Springs of the United Kingdom Category:Springs of Ireland Category:Springs of the Isle of Man Category:Springs of England Category:Springs of Wales Category:Springs of Scotland Category:Springs of Northern Ireland
Category:Squares 1070 Category:Squares in the United Kingdom Category:Squares in Ireland Category:Squares in the Isle of Man Category:Squares in England Category:Squares in Wales Category:Squares in Scotland Category:Squares in Northern Ireland
Category:Stables 683 Category:Stables in the United Kingdom Category:Stables in Ireland Category:Stables in the Isle of Man Category:Stables in England Category:Stables in Wales Category:Stables in Scotland Category:Stables in Northern Ireland
Category:Stadiums xxx Category:Stadiums in the United Kingdom Category:Stadiums in Ireland Category:Stadiums in the Isle of Man Category:Stadiums in England Category:Stadiums in Wales Category:Stadiums in Scotland Category:Stadiums in Northern Ireland
Category:Stained glass windows xxx Category:Stained glass windows in the United Kingdom Category:Stained glass windows in Ireland Category:Stained glass windows in the Isle of Man Category:Stained glass windows in England Category:Stained glass windows in Wales Category:Stained glass windows in Scotland Category:Stained glass windows in Northern Ireland
Category:Stairs 1351 Category:Stairs in the United Kingdom Category:Stairs in Ireland Category:Stairs in the Isle of Man Category:Stairs in England Category:Stairs in Wales Category:Stairs in Scotland Category:Stairs in Northern Ireland
Category:Standing stones xxx Category:Standing stones in the United Kingdom Category:Standing stones in Ireland Category:Standing stones in the Isle of Man Category:Standing stones in England Category:Standing stones in Wales Category:Standing stones in Scotland Category:Standing stones in Northern Ireland
Category:Statues 2496 Category:Statues in the United Kingdom Category:Statues in Ireland Category:Statues in the Isle of Man Category:Statues in England Category:Statues in Wales Category:Statues in Scotland Category:Statues in Northern Ireland
Category:Steam engines xxx Category:Steam engines in the United Kingdom Category:Steam engines in Ireland Category:Steam engines in the Isle of Man Category:Steam engines in England Category:Steam engines in Wales Category:Steam engines in Scotland Category:Steam engines in Northern Ireland
Category:Steam locomotives xxx Category:Steam locomotives of the United Kingdom Category:Steam locomotives of Ireland Category:Steam locomotives of the Isle of Man Category:Steam locomotives of England Category:Steam locomotives of Wales Category:Steam locomotives of Scotland Category:Steam locomotives of Northern Ireland
Category:Stepping stones xxx Category:Stepping stones in the United Kingdom Category:Stepping stones in Ireland Category:Stepping stones in the Isle of Man Category:Stepping stones in England Category:Stepping stones in Wales Category:Stepping stones in Scotland Category:Stepping stones in Northern Ireland
Category:Stiles 3664 Category:Stiles in the United Kingdom Category:Stiles in Ireland Category:Stiles in the Isle of Man Category:Stiles in England Category:Stiles in Wales Category:Stiles in Scotland Category:Stiles in Northern Ireland
Category:Stone circles xxx Category:Stone circles in the United Kingdom Category:Stone circles in Ireland Category:Stone circles in the Isle of Man Category:Stone circles in England Category:Stone circles in Wales Category:Stone circles in Scotland Category:Stone circles in Northern Ireland
Category:Stones 739 Category:Stones in the United Kingdom Category:Stones in Ireland Category:Stones in the Isle of Man Category:Stones in England Category:Stones in Wales Category:Stones in Scotland Category:Stones in Northern Ireland
Category:Streams 20384 Category:Streams in the United Kingdom Category:Streams in Ireland Category:Streams in the Isle of Man Category:Streams in England Category:Streams in Wales Category:Streams in Scotland Category:Streams in Northern Ireland
Category:Street furniture xxx Category:Street furniture in the United Kingdom Category:Street furniture in Ireland Category:Street furniture in the Isle of Man Category:Street furniture in England Category:Street furniture in Wales Category:Street furniture in Scotland Category:Street furniture in Northern Ireland
Category:Streets 21718 Category:Streets in the United Kingdom Category:Streets in Ireland Category:Streets in the Isle of Man Category:Streets in England Category:Streets in Wales Category:Streets in Scotland Category:Streets in Northern Ireland
Category:Summits 3210 Category:Summits of the United Kingdom Category:Summits of Ireland Category:Summits of the Isle of Man Category:Summits of England Category:Summits of Wales Category:Summits of Scotland Category:Summits of Northern Ireland
Category:Sundials 492 Category:Sundials in the United Kingdom Category:Sundials in Ireland Category:Sundials in the Isle of Man Category:Sundials in England Category:Sundials in Wales Category:Sundials in Scotland Category:Sundials in Northern Ireland
Category:Sunrises 274 Category:Sunrises of the United Kingdom Category:Sunrises of Ireland Category:Sunrises of the Isle of Man Category:Sunrises of England Category:Sunrises of Wales Category:Sunrises of Scotland Category:Sunrises of Northern Ireland
Category:Sunsets 1123 Category:Sunsets of the United Kingdom Category:Sunsets of Ireland Category:Sunsets of the Isle of Man Category:Sunsets of England Category:Sunsets of Wales Category:Sunsets of Scotland Category:Sunsets of Northern Ireland
Category:Supermarkets 1051 Category:Supermarkets in the United Kingdom Category:Supermarkets in Ireland Category:Supermarkets in the Isle of Man Category:Supermarkets in England Category:Supermarkets in Wales Category:Supermarkets in Scotland Category:Supermarkets in Northern Ireland
Category:Suspension bridges xxx Category:Suspension bridges in the United Kingdom Category:Suspension bridges in Ireland Category:Suspension bridges in the Isle of Man Category:Suspension bridges in England Category:Suspension bridges in Wales Category:Suspension bridges in Scotland Category:Suspension bridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Swimming pools xxx Category:Swimming pools in the United Kingdom Category:Swimming pools in Ireland Category:Swimming pools in the Isle of Man Category:Swimming pools in England Category:Swimming pools in Wales Category:Swimming pools in Scotland Category:Swimming pools in Northern Ireland
Category:Swing bridges xxx Category:Swing bridges in the United Kingdom Category:Swing bridges in Ireland Category:Swing bridges in the Isle of Man Category:Swing bridges in England Category:Swing bridges in Wales Category:Swing bridges in Scotland Category:Swing bridges in Northern Ireland
Category:Tea rooms xxx Category:Tea rooms in the United Kingdom Category:Tea rooms in Ireland Category:Tea rooms in the Isle of Man Category:Tea rooms in England Category:Tea rooms in Wales Category:Tea rooms in Scotland Category:Tea rooms in Northern Ireland
Category:Telephone booths xxx Category:Telephone booths in the United Kingdom Category:Telephone booths in Ireland Category:Telephone booths in the Isle of Man Category:Telephone booths in England Category:Telephone booths in Wales Category:Telephone booths in Scotland Category:Telephone booths in Northern Ireland
Category:Telephone exchanges xxx Category:Telephone exchanges in the United Kingdom Category:Telephone exchanges in Ireland Category:Telephone exchanges in the Isle of Man Category:Telephone exchanges in England Category:Telephone exchanges in Wales Category:Telephone exchanges in Scotland Category:Telephone exchanges in Northern Ireland
Category:Terraced houses 761 Category:Terraced houses in the United Kingdom Category:Terraced houses in Ireland Category:Terraced houses in the Isle of Man Category:Terraced houses in England Category:Terraced houses in Wales Category:Terraced houses in Scotland Category:Terraced houses in Northern Ireland
Category:Thatched roofs xxx Category:Thatched roofs in the United Kingdom Category:Thatched roofs in Ireland Category:Thatched roofs in the Isle of Man Category:Thatched roofs in England Category:Thatched roofs in Wales Category:Thatched roofs in Scotland Category:Thatched roofs in Northern Ireland
Category:Toll roads xxx Category:Toll roads in the United Kingdom Category:Toll roads in Ireland Category:Toll roads in the Isle of Man Category:Toll roads in England Category:Toll roads in Wales Category:Toll roads in Scotland Category:Toll roads in Northern Ireland
Category:Tombs 617 Category:Tombs in the United Kingdom Category:Tombs in Ireland Category:Tombs in the Isle of Man Category:Tombs in England Category:Tombs in Wales Category:Tombs in Scotland Category:Tombs in Northern Ireland
Category:Tors 584 Category:Tors in the United Kingdom Category:Tors in Ireland Category:Tors in the Isle of Man Category:Tors in England Category:Tors in Wales Category:Tors in Scotland Category:Tors in Northern Ireland
Category:Tourism xxx Category:Tourism in the United Kingdom Category:Tourism in Ireland Category:Tourism in the Isle of Man Category:Tourism in England Category:Tourism in Wales Category:Tourism in Scotland Category:Tourism in Northern Ireland
Category:Towers 1291 Category:Towers in the United Kingdom Category:Towers in Ireland Category:Towers in the Isle of Man Category:Towers in England Category:Towers in Wales Category:Towers in Scotland Category:Towers in Northern Ireland
Category:Town halls xxx Category:Town halls in the United Kingdom Category:Town halls in Ireland Category:Town halls in the Isle of Man Category:Town halls in England Category:Town halls in Wales Category:Town halls in Scotland Category:Town halls in Northern Ireland
Category:Towns and villages 11503 Category:Towns and villages in the United Kingdom Category:Towns and villages in Ireland Category:Towns and villages in the Isle of Man Category:Towns and villages in England Category:Towns and villages in Wales Category:Towns and villages in Scotland Category:Towns and villages in Northern Ireland
Category:Tractors 360 Category:Tractors in the United Kingdom Category:Tractors in Ireland Category:Tractors in the Isle of Man Category:Tractors in England Category:Tractors in Wales Category:Tractors in Scotland Category:Tractors in Northern Ireland
Category:Traffic islands xxx Category:Traffic islands in the United Kingdom Category:Traffic islands in Ireland Category:Traffic islands in the Isle of Man Category:Traffic islands in England Category:Traffic islands in Wales Category:Traffic islands in Scotland Category:Traffic islands in Northern Ireland
Category:Traffic signals xxx Category:Traffic signals in the United Kingdom Category:Traffic signals in Ireland Category:Traffic signals in the Isle of Man Category:Traffic signals in England Category:Traffic signals in Wales Category:Traffic signals in Scotland Category:Traffic signals in Northern Ireland
Category:Trails xxx Category:Trails in the United Kingdom Category:Trails in Ireland Category:Trails in the Isle of Man Category:Trails in England Category:Trails in Wales Category:Trails in Scotland Category:Trails in Northern Ireland
Category:Trains 798 Category:Trains of the United Kingdom Category:Trains of Ireland Category:Trains of the Isle of Man Category:Trains of England Category:Trains of Wales Category:Trains of Scotland Category:Trains of Northern Ireland
Category:Trams 705 Category:Trams in the United Kingdom Category:Trams in Ireland Category:Trams in the Isle of Man Category:Trams in England Category:Trams in Wales Category:Trams in Scotland Category:Trams in Northern Ireland
Category:Trees 13138 Category:Trees in the United Kingdom Category:Trees in Ireland Category:Trees in the Isle of Man Category:Trees in England Category:Trees in Wales Category:Trees in Scotland Category:Trees in Northern Ireland
Category:Trig points xxx Category:Trig points in the United Kingdom Category:Trig points in Ireland Category:Trig points in the Isle of Man Category:Trig points in England Category:Trig points in Wales Category:Trig points in Scotland Category:Trig points in Northern Ireland
Category:Tunnels 766 Category:Tunnels in the United Kingdom Category:Tunnels in Ireland Category:Tunnels in the Isle of Man Category:Tunnels in England Category:Tunnels in Wales Category:Tunnels in Scotland Category:Tunnels in Northern Ireland
Category:Underpasses 374 Category:Underpasses in the United Kingdom Category:Underpasses in Ireland Category:Underpasses in the Isle of Man Category:Underpasses in England Category:Underpasses in Wales Category:Underpasses in Scotland Category:Underpasses in Northern Ireland
Category:Unidentified plants No subcats 675 Category:Unidentified plants in the United Kingdom Category:Unidentified plants in Ireland Category:Unidentified plants in the Isle of Man Category:Unidentified plants in England Category:Unidentified plants in Wales Category:Unidentified plants in Scotland Category:Unidentified plants in Northern Ireland
Category:Universities and colleges 2366 Category:Universities and colleges in the United Kingdom Category:Universities and colleges in Ireland Category:Universities and colleges in the Isle of Man Category:Universities and colleges in England Category:Universities and colleges in Wales Category:Universities and colleges in Scotland Category:Universities and colleges in Northern Ireland
Category:Valleys 11222 Category:Valleys of the United Kingdom Category:Valleys of Ireland Category:Valleys of the Isle of Man Category:Valleys of England Category:Valleys of Wales Category:Valleys of Scotland Category:Valleys of Northern Ireland
Category:Vehicles 555 Category:Vehicles of the United Kingdom Category:Vehicles of Ireland Category:Vehicles of the Isle of Man Category:Vehicles of England Category:Vehicles of Wales Category:Vehicles of Scotland Category:Vehicles of Northern Ireland
Category:Viaducts 1469 Category:Viaducts in the United Kingdom Category:Viaducts in Ireland Category:Viaducts in the Isle of Man Category:Viaducts in England Category:Viaducts in Wales Category:Viaducts in Scotland Category:Viaducts in Northern Ireland
Category:Village greens xxx Category:Village greens in the United Kingdom Category:Village greens in Ireland Category:Village greens in the Isle of Man Category:Village greens in England Category:Village greens in Wales Category:Village greens in Scotland Category:Village greens in Northern Ireland
Category:Vintage vehicles No subcats! xxx Category:Vintage vehicles in the United Kingdom Category:Vintage vehicles in Ireland Category:Vintage vehicles in the Isle of Man Category:Vintage vehicles in England Category:Vintage vehicles in Wales Category:Vintage vehicles in Scotland Category:Vintage vehicles in Northern Ireland
Category:Visitor attractions xxx Category:Visitor attractions in the United Kingdom Category:Visitor attractions in Ireland Category:Visitor attractions in the Isle of Man Category:Visitor attractions in England Category:Visitor attractions in Wales Category:Visitor attractions in Scotland Category:Visitor attractions in Northern Ireland
Category:Visitor centres xxx Category:Visitor centres in the United Kingdom Category:Visitor centres in Ireland Category:Visitor centres in the Isle of Man Category:Visitor centres in England Category:Visitor centres in Wales Category:Visitor centres in Scotland Category:Visitor centres in Northern Ireland
Category:Walkways 655 Category:Walkways in the United Kingdom Category:Walkways in Ireland Category:Walkways in the Isle of Man Category:Walkways in England Category:Walkways in Wales Category:Walkways in Scotland Category:Walkways in Northern Ireland
Category:Walls 2409 Category:Walls in the United Kingdom Category:Walls in Ireland Category:Walls in the Isle of Man Category:Walls in England Category:Walls in Wales Category:Walls in Scotland Category:Walls in Northern Ireland
Category:War graves xxx Category:War graves in the United Kingdom Category:War graves in Ireland Category:War graves in the Isle of Man Category:War graves in England Category:War graves in Wales Category:War graves in Scotland Category:War graves in Northern Ireland
Category:War memorials xxx Category:War memorials in the United Kingdom Category:War memorials in Ireland Category:War memorials in the Isle of Man Category:War memorials in England Category:War memorials in Wales Category:War memorials in Scotland Category:War memorials in Northern Ireland
Category:Warehouses 628 Category:Warehouses in the United Kingdom Category:Warehouses in Ireland Category:Warehouses in the Isle of Man Category:Warehouses in England Category:Warehouses in Wales Category:Warehouses in Scotland Category:Warehouses in Northern Ireland
Category:Wastewater treatment plants xxx Category:Wastewater treatment plants in the United Kingdom Category:Wastewater treatment plants in Ireland Category:Wastewater treatment plants in the Isle of Man Category:Wastewater treatment plants in England Category:Wastewater treatment plants in Wales Category:Wastewater treatment plants in Scotland Category:Wastewater treatment plants in Northern Ireland
Category:Water towers xxx Category:Water towers in the United Kingdom Category:Water towers in Ireland Category:Water towers in the Isle of Man Category:Water towers in England Category:Water towers in Wales Category:Water towers in Scotland Category:Water towers in Northern Ireland
Category:Water wheels xxx Category:Water wheels in the United Kingdom Category:Water wheels in Ireland Category:Water wheels in the Isle of Man Category:Water wheels in England Category:Water wheels in Wales Category:Water wheels in Scotland Category:Water wheels in Northern Ireland
Category:Water works 624 Category:Water works in the United Kingdom Category:Water works in Ireland Category:Water works in the Isle of Man Category:Water works in England Category:Water works in Wales Category:Water works in Scotland Category:Water works in Northern Ireland
Category:Waterfalls 3991 Category:Waterfalls in the United Kingdom Category:Waterfalls in Ireland Category:Waterfalls in the Isle of Man Category:Waterfalls in England Category:Waterfalls in Wales Category:Waterfalls in Scotland Category:Waterfalls in Northern Ireland
Category:Watermills 717 Category:Watermills in the United Kingdom Category:Watermills in Ireland Category:Watermills in the Isle of Man Category:Watermills in England Category:Watermills in Wales Category:Watermills in Scotland Category:Watermills in Northern Ireland
Category:Weather vanes xxx Category:Weather vanes in the United Kingdom Category:Weather vanes in Ireland Category:Weather vanes in the Isle of Man Category:Weather vanes in England Category:Weather vanes in Wales Category:Weather vanes in Scotland Category:Weather vanes in Northern Ireland
Category:Weirs 1917 Category:Weirs in the United Kingdom Category:Weirs in Ireland Category:Weirs in the Isle of Man Category:Weirs in England Category:Weirs in Wales Category:Weirs in Scotland Category:Weirs in Northern Ireland
Category:Wetlands 795 Category:Wetlands of the United Kingdom Category:Wetlands of Ireland Category:Wetlands of the Isle of Man Category:Wetlands of England Category:Wetlands of Wales Category:Wetlands of Scotland Category:Wetlands of Northern Ireland
Category:Wind turbines xxx Category:Wind turbines in the United Kingdom Category:Wind turbines in Ireland Category:Wind turbines in the Isle of Man Category:Wind turbines in England Category:Wind turbines in Wales Category:Wind turbines in Scotland Category:Wind turbines in Northern Ireland
Category:Windmills 1238 Category:Windmills in the United Kingdom Category:Windmills in Ireland Category:Windmills in the Isle of Man Category:Windmills in England Category:Windmills in Wales Category:Windmills in Scotland Category:Windmills in Northern Ireland
Category:Windows 525 Category:Windows in the United Kingdom Category:Windows in Ireland Category:Windows in the Isle of Man Category:Windows in England Category:Windows in Wales Category:Windows in Scotland Category:Windows in Northern Ireland
Category:Winter xxx Category:Winter in the United Kingdom Category:Winter in Ireland Category:Winter in the Isle of Man Category:Winter in England Category:Winter in Wales Category:Winter in Scotland Category:Winter in Northern Ireland
Category:Zoos 308 Category:Zoos in the United Kingdom Category:Zoos in Ireland Category:Zoos in the Isle of Man Category:Zoos in England Category:Zoos in Wales Category:Zoos in Scotland Category:Zoos in Northern Ireland

What do we do here?[edit]


Main category Number United Kingdom Ireland Isle of Man England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites It has been suggested to rename subcats! xxx Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in the United Kingdom Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in Ireland Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in the Isle of Man Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in England Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in Wales Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in Scotland Category:Ancient Roman archaeological sites in Northern Ireland
Category:Bowls (sport) ?????? xxx Category:Bowls (sport) in the United Kingdom Category:Bowls (sport) in Ireland Category:Bowls (sport) in the Isle of Man Category:Bowls (sport) in England Category:Bowls (sport) in Wales Category:Bowls (sport) in Scotland Category:Bowls (sport) in Northern Ireland
Category:Canal basins Could we use Category:Canals? xxx Category:Canal basins in the United Kingdom Category:Canal basins in Ireland Category:Canal basins in the Isle of Man Category:Canal basins in England Category:Canal basins in Wales Category:Canal basins in Scotland Category:Canal basins in Northern Ireland
Category:Canal tunnels Could we use Category:Canals? xxx Category:Canal tunnels in the United Kingdom Category:Canal tunnels in Ireland Category:Canal tunnels in the Isle of Man Category:Canal tunnels in England Category:Canal tunnels in Wales Category:Canal tunnels in Scotland Category:Canal tunnels in Northern Ireland
Category:Canal wharfs Could we use Category:Canals? xxx Category:Canal wharfs in the United Kingdom Category:Canal wharfs in Ireland Category:Canal wharfs in the Isle of Man Category:Canal wharfs in England Category:Canal wharfs in Wales Category:Canal wharfs in Scotland Category:Canal wharfs in Northern Ireland
Category:Canyons Many is Valleys ????? xxx Category:Canyons in the United Kingdom Category:Canyons in Ireland Category:Canyons in the Isle of Man Category:Canyons in England Category:Canyons in Wales Category:Canyons in Scotland Category:Canyons in Northern Ireland
Category:Charity shops ????? xxx Category:Charity shops in the United Kingdom Category:Charity shops in Ireland Category:Charity shops in the Isle of Man Category:Charity shops in England Category:Charity shops in Wales Category:Charity shops in Scotland Category:Charity shops in Northern Ireland
Category:Church spires could we use Category:Church towers ??? xxx Category:Church spires in the United Kingdom Category:Church spires in Ireland Category:Church spires in the Isle of Man Category:Church spires in England Category:Church spires in Wales Category:Church spires in Scotland Category:Church spires in Northern Ireland
Category:Coastal management Could we use Category:Flood protection??? xxx Category:Coastal management in the United Kingdom Category:Coastal management in Ireland Category:Coastal management in the Isle of Man Category:Coastal management in England Category:Coastal management in Wales Category:Coastal management in Scotland Category:Coastal management in Northern Ireland
Category:Disused railway stations --->Disused train stations xxx Category:Disused train stations in the United Kingdom Category:Disused train stations in Ireland Category:Disused train stations in the Isle of Man Category:Disused train stations in England Category:Disused train stations in Wales Category:Disused train stations in Scotland Category:Disused train stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Erosion ????? xxx Category:Erosion in the United Kingdom Category:Erosion in Ireland Category:Erosion in the Isle of Man Category:Erosion in England Category:Erosion in Wales Category:Erosion in Scotland Category:Erosion in Northern Ireland
Category:Gas and oil holders Suggest Storage tanks by country xxx Category: Storage tanks in the United Kingdom Category: Storage tanks in Ireland Category: Storage tanks in the Isle of Man Category: Storage tanks in England Category: Storage tanks in Wales Category: Storage tanks in Scotland Category: Storage tanks in Northern Ireland
Category:Grasslands Subcats? If so how? 476 Category:Grasslands of the United Kingdom Category:Grasslands of Ireland Category:Grasslands of the Isle of Man Category:Grasslands of England Category:Grasslands of Wales Category:Grasslands of Scotland Category:Grasslands of Northern Ireland
Category:Groyne Some overcat? No subcats? xxx Category:Groyne in the United Kingdom Category:Groyne in Ireland Category:Groyne in the Isle of Man Category:Groyne in England Category:Groyne in Wales Category:Groyne in Scotland Category:Groyne in Northern Ireland
Category:Guest houses Hotels???? xxx Category:Guest houses in the United Kingdom Category:Guest houses in Ireland Category:Guest houses in the Isle of Man Category:Guest houses in England Category:Guest houses in Wales Category:Guest houses in Scotland Category:Guest houses in Northern Ireland
Category:Harvesting ????? xxx Category:Harvesting in the United Kingdom Category:Harvesting in Ireland Category:Harvesting in the Isle of Man Category:Harvesting in England Category:Harvesting in Wales Category:Harvesting in Scotland Category:Harvesting in Northern Ireland
Category:Industrial architecture Category:Industry buildings would be better for a lot of the files… xxx Category:Industrial architecture in the United Kingdom Category:Industrial architecture in Ireland Category:Industrial architecture in the Isle of Man Category:Industrial architecture in England Category:Industrial architecture in Wales Category:Industrial architecture in Scotland Category:Industrial architecture in Northern Ireland
Category:Lamp posts Lets use Category:Streetlamps xxx Category:Streetlamps in the United Kingdom Category:Streetlamps in Ireland Category:Streetlamps in the Isle of Man Category:Streetlamps in England Category:Streetlamps in Wales Category:Streetlamps in Scotland Category:Streetlamps in Northern Ireland
Category:Manors Subcats a named different!!! xxx Category:Manors in the United Kingdom Category:Manors in Ireland Category:Manors in the Isle of Man Category:Manors in England Category:Manors in Wales Category:Manors in Scotland Category:Manors in Northern Ireland
Category:Marketplaces Subcats? If so how? 566 Category:Marketplaces in the United Kingdom Category:Marketplaces in Ireland Category:Marketplaces in the Isle of Man Category:Marketplaces in England Category:Marketplaces in Wales Category:Marketplaces in Scotland Category:Marketplaces in Northern Ireland
Category:Mill races Something larger??? xxx Category:Mill races in the United Kingdom Category:Mill races in Ireland Category:Mill races in the Isle of Man Category:Mill races in England Category:Mill races in Wales Category:Mill races in Scotland Category:Mill races in Northern Ireland
Category:Mines see Category:Mining in the United Kingdom it has subcats for --> 200 Category:Mines in the United Kingdom Category:Mines in Ireland Category:Mines in the Isle of Man Category:Mines in England Category:Mines in Wales Category:Mines in Scotland Category:Mines in Northern Ireland
Category:Miniature rail transport subcats are named different !! See just below!!! xxx Category:Miniature rail transport in the United Kingdom Category:Miniature rail transport in Ireland Category:Miniature rail transport in the Isle of Man Category:Miniature rail transport in England Category:Miniature rail transport in Wales Category:Miniature rail transport in Scotland Category:Miniature rail transport in Northern Ireland
Category:Motorway service areas topcat = Category:Highway service areas by country xxx Category:Motorway service areas in the United Kingdom Category:Motorway service areas in Ireland Category:Motorway service areas in the Isle of Man Category:Motorway service areas in England Category:Motorway service areas in Wales Category:Motorway service areas in Scotland Category:Motorway service areas in Northern Ireland
Category:Oasts Use Category:Agricultural buildings??? xxx Category:Oasts in the United Kingdom Category:Oasts in Ireland Category:Oasts in the Isle of Man Category:Oasts in England Category:Oasts in Wales Category:Oasts in Scotland Category:Oasts in Northern Ireland
Category:Organs (music) Subcats are named different!! xxx Category:Organs (music) in the United Kingdom Category:Organs (music) in Ireland Category:Organs (music) in the Isle of Man Category:Organs (music) in England Category:Organs (music) in Wales Category:Organs (music) in Scotland Category:Organs (music) in Northern Ireland
Category:Outdoor recreation Look at subcats!!! xxx Category:Outdoor recreation in the United Kingdom Category:Outdoor recreation in Ireland Category:Outdoor recreation in the Isle of Man Category:Outdoor recreation in England Category:Outdoor recreation in Wales Category:Outdoor recreation in Scotland Category:Outdoor recreation in Northern Ireland
Category:Parking Use Parking facilities ??? xxx Category:Parking in the United Kingdom Category:Parking in Ireland Category:Parking in the Isle of Man Category:Parking in England Category:Parking in Wales Category:Parking in Scotland Category:Parking in Northern Ireland
Category:Peat -> Category: Category:Moorland, bog, swamp??? xxx Category:Peat in the United Kingdom Category:Peat in Ireland Category:Peat in the Isle of Man Category:Peat in England Category:Peat in Wales Category:Peat in Scotland Category:Peat in Northern Ireland
Category:Playing fields Why not Category: Category:Sports venues instead?? xxx Category:Playing fields in the United Kingdom Category:Playing fields in Ireland Category:Playing fields in the Isle of Man Category:Playing fields in England Category:Playing fields in Wales Category:Playing fields in Scotland Category:Playing fields in Northern Ireland
Category:Ponies Subcats? If so how? 567 Category:Ponies in the United Kingdom Category:Ponies in Ireland Category:Ponies in the Isle of Man Category:Ponies in England Category:Ponies in Wales Category:Ponies in Scotland Category:Ponies in Northern Ireland
Category:Rocks Subcats? If so how? 654 Category:Rocks in the United Kingdom Category:Rocks in Ireland Category:Rocks in the Isle of Man Category:Rocks in England Category:Rocks in Wales Category:Rocks in Scotland Category:Rocks in Northern Ireland
Category:Ruins of churches Subcats have different name!!! xxx Category:Ruins of churches in the United Kingdom Category:Ruins of churches in Ireland Category:Ruins of churches in the Isle of Man Category:Ruins of churches in England Category:Ruins of churches in Wales Category:Ruins of churches in Scotland Category:Ruins of churches in Northern Ireland
Category:Sheltered housing ??? xxx Category:Sheltered housing in the United Kingdom Category:Sheltered housing in Ireland Category:Sheltered housing in the Isle of Man Category:Sheltered housing in England Category:Sheltered housing in Wales Category:Sheltered housing in Scotland Category:Sheltered housing in Northern Ireland
Category:Shopping malls Needs cleanup xxx Category:Shopping malls in the United Kingdom Category:Shopping malls in Ireland Category:Shopping malls in the Isle of Man Category:Shopping malls in England Category:Shopping malls in Wales Category:Shopping malls in Scotland Category:Shopping malls in Northern Ireland
Category:Slipways Subcats? If so how? 638 Category:Slipways in the United Kingdom Category:Slipways in Ireland Category:Slipways in the Isle of Man Category:Slipways in England Category:Slipways in Wales Category:Slipways in Scotland Category:Slipways in Northern Ireland
Category:Suburbs Hm……….!!! xxx Category:Suburbs in the United Kingdom Category:Suburbs in Ireland Category:Suburbs in the Isle of Man Category:Suburbs in England Category:Suburbs in Wales Category:Suburbs in Scotland Category:Suburbs in Northern Ireland
Category:Theaters Aaarg spelling! 791 Category:Theaters in the United Kingdom Category:Theaters in Ireland Category:Theaters in the Isle of Man Category:Theaters in England Category:Theaters in Wales Category:Theaters in Scotland Category:Theaters in Northern Ireland
Category:Towpaths ??????????????????? xxx Category:Towpaths in the United Kingdom Category:Towpaths in Ireland Category:Towpaths in the Isle of Man Category:Towpaths in England Category:Towpaths in Wales Category:Towpaths in Scotland Category:Towpaths in Northern Ireland
Category:Tumuli Subcats have different names???? xxx Category:Tumuli in the United Kingdom Category:Tumuli in Ireland Category:Tumuli in the Isle of Man Category:Tumuli in England Category:Tumuli in Wales Category:Tumuli in Scotland Category:Tumuli in Northern Ireland
Category:Train stations Subcats have different name xxx Category:Train stations in the United Kingdom Category:Train stations in Ireland Category:Train stations in the Isle of Man Category:Train stations in England Category:Train stations in Wales Category:Train stations in Scotland Category:Train stations in Northern Ireland
Category:Walled gardens Or maybe just Category:Gardens xxx Category:Walled gardens in the United Kingdom Category:Walled gardens in Ireland Category:Walled gardens in the Isle of Man Category:Walled gardens in England Category:Walled gardens in Wales Category:Walled gardens in Scotland Category:Walled gardens in Northern Ireland
Category:Water wells Subcats are named different! xxx Category:Water wells in the United Kingdom Category:Water wells in Ireland Category:Water wells in the Isle of Man Category:Water wells in England Category:Water wells in Wales Category:Water wells in Scotland Category:Water wells in Northern Ireland
Category:Wind pumps or Category:Wind wheels??? xxx Category:Wind pumps in the United Kingdom Category:Wind pumps in Ireland Category:Wind pumps in the Isle of Man Category:Wind pumps in England Category:Wind pumps in Wales Category:Wind pumps in Scotland Category:Wind pumps in Northern Ireland
Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom Category:Narrow gauge railways ??? xxx Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in Ireland Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in the Isle of Man Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in England Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in Wales Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in Scotland Category:Miniature railways in the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland

Sub-matrix for counties[edit]

Do we need categories for counties? Like: categories of [[:Category:<Whatever> in/of <counties>]] then I could do it.

Main category Number Bedfordshire Berkshire City of Bristol .. Worcestershire
Category:Abbeys in England xxx Category:Abbeys in Bedfordshire Category:Abbeys in Berkshire Category:Abbeys in the City of Bristol Category:Abbeys in ... Category:Abbeys in Worcestershire
Category:... in England xxx Category:... in Bedfordshire Category:... in Berkshire Category:... in the City of Bristol Category:... in ... Category:... in Worcestershire
Category:Lakes of England xxx Category:Lakes of Bedfordshire Category:Lakes of Berkshire Category:Lakes of the City of Bristol Category:Lakes of … Category:Lakes of Worcestershire

Then add the category to the right list below

If you do not like a category for counties but would like somthing else then give it a try...


We need subcategories for the Counties_of_England for these categories:


Bedfordshire Berkshire City of Bristol Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire Cornwall Cumbria Derbyshire Devon Dorset Durham East Riding of Yorkshire East Sussex Essex Gloucestershire Greater London Greater Manchester Hampshire Herefordshire Hertfordshire Isle of Wight Kent Lancashire Leicestershire Lincolnshire City of London Merseyside Norfolk Northamptonshire Northumberland North Yorkshire Nottinghamshire Oxfordshire Rutland Shropshire Somerset South Yorkshire Staffordshire Suffolk Surrey Tyne and Wear Warwickshire West Midlands West Sussex West Yorkshire Wiltshire Worcestershire
Category:Roads in England Category:Roads in Bedfordshire Category:Roads in Berkshire Category:Roads in City of Bristol Category:Roads in Buckinghamshire Category:Roads in Cambridgeshire Category:Roads in Cheshire Category:Roads in Cornwall Category:Roads in Cumbria Category:Roads in Derbyshire Category:Roads in Devon Category:Roads in Dorset Category:Roads in Durham Category:Roads in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Roads in East Sussex Category:Roads in Essex Category:Roads in Gloucestershire Category:Roads in Greater London Category:Roads in Greater Manchester Category:Roads in Hampshire Category:Roads in Herefordshire Category:Roads in Hertfordshire Category:Roads in Isle of Wight Category:Roads in Kent Category:Roads in Lancashire Category:Roads in Leicestershire Category:Roads in Lincolnshire Category:Roads in City of London Category:Roads in Merseyside Category:Roads in Norfolk Category:Roads in Northamptonshire Category:Roads in Northumberland Category:Roads in North Yorkshire Category:Roads in Nottinghamshire Category:Roads in Oxfordshire Category:Roads in Rutland Category:Roads in Shropshire Category:Roads in Somerset Category:Roads in South Yorkshire Category:Roads in Staffordshire Category:Roads in Suffolk Category:Roads in Surrey Category:Roads in Tyne and Wear Category:Roads in Warwickshire Category:Roads in West Midlands Category:Roads in West Sussex Category:Roads in West Yorkshire Category:Roads in Wiltshire Category:Roads in Worcestershire
Category:Transport in England Category:Transport in Bedfordshire Category:Transport in Berkshire Category:Transport in City of Bristol Category:Transport in Buckinghamshire Category:Transport in Cambridgeshire Category:Transport in Cheshire Category:Transport in Cornwall Category:Transport in Cumbria Category:Transport in Derbyshire Category:Transport in Devon Category:Transport in Dorset Category:Transport in Durham Category:Transport in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Transport in East Sussex Category:Transport in Essex Category:Transport in Gloucestershire Category:Transport in Greater London Category:Transport in Greater Manchester Category:Transport in Hampshire Category:Transport in Herefordshire Category:Transport in Hertfordshire Category:Transport in Isle of Wight Category:Transport in Kent Category:Transport in Lancashire Category:Transport in Leicestershire Category:Transport in Lincolnshire Category:Transport in City of London Category:Transport in Merseyside Category:Transport in Norfolk Category:Transport in Northamptonshire Category:Transport in Northumberland Category:Transport in North Yorkshire Category:Transport in Nottinghamshire Category:Transport in Oxfordshire Category:Transport in Rutland Category:Transport in Shropshire Category:Transport in Somerset Category:Transport in South Yorkshire Category:Transport in Staffordshire Category:Transport in Suffolk Category:Transport in Surrey Category:Transport in Tyne and Wear Category:Transport in Warwickshire Category:Transport in West Midlands Category:Transport in West Sussex Category:Transport in West Yorkshire Category:Transport in Wiltshire Category:Transport in Worcestershire
Category:Farms in England Category:Farms in Bedfordshire Category:Farms in Berkshire Category:Farms in City of Bristol Category:Farms in Buckinghamshire Category:Farms in Cambridgeshire Category:Farms in Cheshire Category:Farms in Cornwall Category:Farms in Cumbria Category:Farms in Derbyshire Category:Farms in Devon Category:Farms in Dorset Category:Farms in Durham Category:Farms in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Farms in East Sussex Category:Farms in Essex Category:Farms in Gloucestershire Category:Farms in Greater London Category:Farms in Greater Manchester Category:Farms in Hampshire Category:Farms in Herefordshire Category:Farms in Hertfordshire Category:Farms in Isle of Wight Category:Farms in Kent Category:Farms in Lancashire Category:Farms in Leicestershire Category:Farms in Lincolnshire Category:Farms in City of London Category:Farms in Merseyside Category:Farms in Norfolk Category:Farms in Northamptonshire Category:Farms in Northumberland Category:Farms in North Yorkshire Category:Farms in Nottinghamshire Category:Farms in Oxfordshire Category:Farms in Rutland Category:Farms in Shropshire Category:Farms in Somerset Category:Farms in South Yorkshire Category:Farms in Staffordshire Category:Farms in Suffolk Category:Farms in Surrey Category:Farms in Tyne and Wear Category:Farms in Warwickshire Category:Farms in West Midlands Category:Farms in West Sussex Category:Farms in West Yorkshire Category:Farms in Wiltshire Category:Farms in Worcestershire
Category:Agriculture in England Category:Agriculture in Bedfordshire Category:Agriculture in Berkshire Category:Agriculture in City of Bristol Category:Agriculture in Buckinghamshire Category:Agriculture in Cambridgeshire Category:Agriculture in Cheshire Category:Agriculture in Cornwall Category:Agriculture in Cumbria Category:Agriculture in Derbyshire Category:Agriculture in Devon Category:Agriculture in Dorset Category:Agriculture in Durham Category:Agriculture in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Agriculture in East Sussex Category:Agriculture in Essex Category:Agriculture in Gloucestershire Category:Agriculture in Greater London Category:Agriculture in Greater Manchester Category:Agriculture in Hampshire Category:Agriculture in Herefordshire Category:Agriculture in Hertfordshire Category:Agriculture in Isle of Wight Category:Agriculture in Kent Category:Agriculture in Lancashire Category:Agriculture in Leicestershire Category:Agriculture in Lincolnshire Category:Agriculture in City of London Category:Agriculture in Merseyside Category:Agriculture in Norfolk Category:Agriculture in Northamptonshire Category:Agriculture in Northumberland Category:Agriculture in North Yorkshire Category:Agriculture in Nottinghamshire Category:Agriculture in Oxfordshire Category:Agriculture in Rutland Category:Agriculture in Shropshire Category:Agriculture in Somerset Category:Agriculture in South Yorkshire Category:Agriculture in Staffordshire Category:Agriculture in Suffolk Category:Agriculture in Surrey Category:Agriculture in Tyne and Wear Category:Agriculture in Warwickshire Category:Agriculture in West Midlands Category:Agriculture in West Sussex Category:Agriculture in West Yorkshire Category:Agriculture in Wiltshire Category:Agriculture in Worcestershire
Category:Churches in England Category:Churches in Bedfordshire Category:Churches in Berkshire Category:Churches in City of Bristol Category:Churches in Buckinghamshire Category:Churches in Cambridgeshire Category:Churches in Cheshire Category:Churches in Cornwall Category:Churches in Cumbria Category:Churches in Derbyshire Category:Churches in Devon Category:Churches in Dorset Category:Churches in Durham Category:Churches in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Churches in East Sussex Category:Churches in Essex Category:Churches in Gloucestershire Category:Churches in Greater London Category:Churches in Greater Manchester Category:Churches in Hampshire Category:Churches in Herefordshire Category:Churches in Hertfordshire Category:Churches in Isle of Wight Category:Churches in Kent Category:Churches in Lancashire Category:Churches in Leicestershire Category:Churches in Lincolnshire Category:Churches in City of London Category:Churches in Merseyside Category:Churches in Norfolk Category:Churches in Northamptonshire Category:Churches in Northumberland Category:Churches in North Yorkshire Category:Churches in Nottinghamshire Category:Churches in Oxfordshire Category:Churches in Rutland Category:Churches in Shropshire Category:Churches in Somerset Category:Churches in South Yorkshire Category:Churches in Staffordshire Category:Churches in Suffolk Category:Churches in Surrey Category:Churches in Tyne and Wear Category:Churches in Warwickshire Category:Churches in West Midlands Category:Churches in West Sussex Category:Churches in West Yorkshire Category:Churches in Wiltshire Category:Churches in Worcestershire
Category:Buildings in England Category:Buildings in Bedfordshire Category:Buildings in Berkshire Category:Buildings in City of Bristol Category:Buildings in Buckinghamshire Category:Buildings in Cambridgeshire Category:Buildings in Cheshire Category:Buildings in Cornwall Category:Buildings in Cumbria Category:Buildings in Derbyshire Category:Buildings in Devon Category:Buildings in Dorset Category:Buildings in Durham Category:Buildings in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Buildings in East Sussex Category:Buildings in Essex Category:Buildings in Gloucestershire Category:Buildings in Greater London Category:Buildings in Greater Manchester Category:Buildings in Hampshire Category:Buildings in Herefordshire Category:Buildings in Hertfordshire Category:Buildings in Isle of Wight Category:Buildings in Kent Category:Buildings in Lancashire Category:Buildings in Leicestershire Category:Buildings in Lincolnshire Category:Buildings in City of London Category:Buildings in Merseyside Category:Buildings in Norfolk Category:Buildings in Northamptonshire Category:Buildings in Northumberland Category:Buildings in North Yorkshire Category:Buildings in Nottinghamshire Category:Buildings in Oxfordshire Category:Buildings in Rutland Category:Buildings in Shropshire Category:Buildings in Somerset Category:Buildings in South Yorkshire Category:Buildings in Staffordshire Category:Buildings in Suffolk Category:Buildings in Surrey Category:Buildings in Tyne and Wear Category:Buildings in Warwickshire Category:Buildings in West Midlands Category:Buildings in West Sussex Category:Buildings in West Yorkshire Category:Buildings in Wiltshire Category:Buildings in Worcestershire
Category:Houses in England Category:Houses in Bedfordshire Category:Houses in Berkshire Category:Houses in City of Bristol Category:Houses in Buckinghamshire Category:Houses in Cambridgeshire Category:Houses in Cheshire Category:Houses in Cornwall Category:Houses in Cumbria Category:Houses in Derbyshire Category:Houses in Devon Category:Houses in Dorset Category:Houses in Durham Category:Houses in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Houses in East Sussex Category:Houses in Essex Category:Houses in Gloucestershire Category:Houses in Greater London Category:Houses in Greater Manchester Category:Houses in Hampshire Category:Houses in Herefordshire Category:Houses in Hertfordshire Category:Houses in Isle of Wight Category:Houses in Kent Category:Houses in Lancashire Category:Houses in Leicestershire Category:Houses in Lincolnshire Category:Houses in City of London Category:Houses in Merseyside Category:Houses in Norfolk Category:Houses in Northamptonshire Category:Houses in Northumberland Category:Houses in North Yorkshire Category:Houses in Nottinghamshire Category:Houses in Oxfordshire Category:Houses in Rutland Category:Houses in Shropshire Category:Houses in Somerset Category:Houses in South Yorkshire Category:Houses in Staffordshire Category:Houses in Suffolk Category:Houses in Surrey Category:Houses in Tyne and Wear Category:Houses in Warwickshire Category:Houses in West Midlands Category:Houses in West Sussex Category:Houses in West Yorkshire Category:Houses in Wiltshire Category:Houses in Worcestershire
Category:Fields in England Category:Fields in Bedfordshire Category:Fields in Berkshire Category:Fields in City of Bristol Category:Fields in Buckinghamshire Category:Fields in Cambridgeshire Category:Fields in Cheshire Category:Fields in Cornwall Category:Fields in Cumbria Category:Fields in Derbyshire Category:Fields in Devon Category:Fields in Dorset Category:Fields in Durham Category:Fields in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Fields in East Sussex Category:Fields in Essex Category:Fields in Gloucestershire Category:Fields in Greater London Category:Fields in Greater Manchester Category:Fields in Hampshire Category:Fields in Herefordshire Category:Fields in Hertfordshire Category:Fields in Isle of Wight Category:Fields in Kent Category:Fields in Lancashire Category:Fields in Leicestershire Category:Fields in Lincolnshire Category:Fields in City of London Category:Fields in Merseyside Category:Fields in Norfolk Category:Fields in Northamptonshire Category:Fields in Northumberland Category:Fields in North Yorkshire Category:Fields in Nottinghamshire Category:Fields in Oxfordshire Category:Fields in Rutland Category:Fields in Shropshire Category:Fields in Somerset Category:Fields in South Yorkshire Category:Fields in Staffordshire Category:Fields in Suffolk Category:Fields in Surrey Category:Fields in Tyne and Wear Category:Fields in Warwickshire Category:Fields in West Midlands Category:Fields in West Sussex Category:Fields in West Yorkshire Category:Fields in Wiltshire Category:Fields in Worcestershire
Category:Geography of England Category:Geography of Bedfordshire Category:Geography of Berkshire Category:Geography of City of Bristol Category:Geography of Buckinghamshire Category:Geography of Cambridgeshire Category:Geography of Cheshire Category:Geography of Cornwall Category:Geography of Cumbria Category:Geography of Derbyshire Category:Geography of Devon Category:Geography of Dorset Category:Geography of Durham Category:Geography of East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Geography of East Sussex Category:Geography of Essex Category:Geography of Gloucestershire Category:Geography of Greater London Category:Geography of Greater Manchester Category:Geography of Hampshire Category:Geography of Herefordshire Category:Geography of Hertfordshire Category:Geography of Isle of Wight Category:Geography of Kent Category:Geography of Lancashire Category:Geography of Leicestershire Category:Geography of Lincolnshire Category:Geography of City of London Category:Geography of Merseyside Category:Geography of Norfolk Category:Geography of Northamptonshire Category:Geography of Northumberland Category:Geography of North Yorkshire Category:Geography of Nottinghamshire Category:Geography of Oxfordshire Category:Geography of Rutland Category:Geography of Shropshire Category:Geography of Somerset Category:Geography of South Yorkshire Category:Geography of Staffordshire Category:Geography of Suffolk Category:Geography of Surrey Category:Geography of Tyne and Wear Category:Geography of Warwickshire Category:Geography of West Midlands Category:Geography of West Sussex Category:Geography of West Yorkshire Category:Geography of Wiltshire Category:Geography of Worcestershire
Category:Rivers of England Category:Rivers of Bedfordshire Category:Rivers of Berkshire Category:Rivers of City of Bristol Category:Rivers of Buckinghamshire Category:Rivers of Cambridgeshire Category:Rivers of Cheshire Category:Rivers of Cornwall Category:Rivers of Cumbria Category:Rivers of Derbyshire Category:Rivers of Devon Category:Rivers of Dorset Category:Rivers of Durham Category:Rivers of East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Rivers of East Sussex Category:Rivers of Essex Category:Rivers of Gloucestershire Category:Rivers of Greater London Category:Rivers of Greater Manchester Category:Rivers of Hampshire Category:Rivers of Herefordshire Category:Rivers of Hertfordshire Category:Rivers of Isle of Wight Category:Rivers of Kent Category:Rivers of Lancashire Category:Rivers of Leicestershire Category:Rivers of Lincolnshire Category:Rivers of City of London Category:Rivers of Merseyside Category:Rivers of Norfolk Category:Rivers of Northamptonshire Category:Rivers of Northumberland Category:Rivers of North Yorkshire Category:Rivers of Nottinghamshire Category:Rivers of Oxfordshire Category:Rivers of Rutland Category:Rivers of Shropshire Category:Rivers of Somerset Category:Rivers of South Yorkshire Category:Rivers of Staffordshire Category:Rivers of Suffolk Category:Rivers of Surrey Category:Rivers of Tyne and Wear Category:Rivers of Warwickshire Category:Rivers of West Midlands Category:Rivers of West Sussex Category:Rivers of West Yorkshire Category:Rivers of Wiltshire Category:Rivers of Worcestershire
Category:Bridges in England Category:Bridges in Bedfordshire Category:Bridges in Berkshire Category:Bridges in City of Bristol Category:Bridges in Buckinghamshire Category:Bridges in Cambridgeshire Category:Bridges in Cheshire Category:Bridges in Cornwall Category:Bridges in Cumbria Category:Bridges in Derbyshire Category:Bridges in Devon Category:Bridges in Dorset Category:Bridges in Durham Category:Bridges in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Bridges in East Sussex Category:Bridges in Essex Category:Bridges in Gloucestershire Category:Bridges in Greater London Category:Bridges in Greater Manchester Category:Bridges in Hampshire Category:Bridges in Herefordshire Category:Bridges in Hertfordshire Category:Bridges in Isle of Wight Category:Bridges in Kent Category:Bridges in Lancashire Category:Bridges in Leicestershire Category:Bridges in Lincolnshire Category:Bridges in City of London Category:Bridges in Merseyside Category:Bridges in Norfolk Category:Bridges in Northamptonshire Category:Bridges in Northumberland Category:Bridges in North Yorkshire Category:Bridges in Nottinghamshire Category:Bridges in Oxfordshire Category:Bridges in Rutland Category:Bridges in Shropshire Category:Bridges in Somerset Category:Bridges in South Yorkshire Category:Bridges in Staffordshire Category:Bridges in Suffolk Category:Bridges in Surrey Category:Bridges in Tyne and Wear Category:Bridges in Warwickshire Category:Bridges in West Midlands Category:Bridges in West Sussex Category:Bridges in West Yorkshire Category:Bridges in Wiltshire Category:Bridges in Worcestershire
Category:Forests in England Category:Forests in Bedfordshire Category:Forests in Berkshire Category:Forests in City of Bristol Category:Forests in Buckinghamshire Category:Forests in Cambridgeshire Category:Forests in Cheshire Category:Forests in Cornwall Category:Forests in Cumbria Category:Forests in Derbyshire Category:Forests in Devon Category:Forests in Dorset Category:Forests in Durham Category:Forests in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Forests in East Sussex Category:Forests in Essex Category:Forests in Gloucestershire Category:Forests in Greater London Category:Forests in Greater Manchester Category:Forests in Hampshire Category:Forests in Herefordshire Category:Forests in Hertfordshire Category:Forests in Isle of Wight Category:Forests in Kent Category:Forests in Lancashire Category:Forests in Leicestershire Category:Forests in Lincolnshire Category:Forests in City of London Category:Forests in Merseyside Category:Forests in Norfolk Category:Forests in Northamptonshire Category:Forests in Northumberland Category:Forests in North Yorkshire Category:Forests in Nottinghamshire Category:Forests in Oxfordshire Category:Forests in Rutland Category:Forests in Shropshire Category:Forests in Somerset Category:Forests in South Yorkshire Category:Forests in Staffordshire Category:Forests in Suffolk Category:Forests in Surrey Category:Forests in Tyne and Wear Category:Forests in Warwickshire Category:Forests in West Midlands Category:Forests in West Sussex Category:Forests in West Yorkshire Category:Forests in Wiltshire Category:Forests in Worcestershire
Category:Streets in England Category:Streets in Bedfordshire Category:Streets in Berkshire Category:Streets in City of Bristol Category:Streets in Buckinghamshire Category:Streets in Cambridgeshire Category:Streets in Cheshire Category:Streets in Cornwall Category:Streets in Cumbria Category:Streets in Derbyshire Category:Streets in Devon Category:Streets in Dorset Category:Streets in Durham Category:Streets in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Streets in East Sussex Category:Streets in Essex Category:Streets in Gloucestershire Category:Streets in Greater London Category:Streets in Greater Manchester Category:Streets in Hampshire Category:Streets in Herefordshire Category:Streets in Hertfordshire Category:Streets in Isle of Wight Category:Streets in Kent Category:Streets in Lancashire Category:Streets in Leicestershire Category:Streets in Lincolnshire Category:Streets in City of London Category:Streets in Merseyside Category:Streets in Norfolk Category:Streets in Northamptonshire Category:Streets in Northumberland Category:Streets in North Yorkshire Category:Streets in Nottinghamshire Category:Streets in Oxfordshire Category:Streets in Rutland Category:Streets in Shropshire Category:Streets in Somerset Category:Streets in South Yorkshire Category:Streets in Staffordshire Category:Streets in Suffolk Category:Streets in Surrey Category:Streets in Tyne and Wear Category:Streets in Warwickshire Category:Streets in West Midlands Category:Streets in West Sussex Category:Streets in West Yorkshire Category:Streets in Wiltshire Category:Streets in Worcestershire
Category:Streams in England Category:Streams in Bedfordshire Category:Streams in Berkshire Category:Streams in City of Bristol Category:Streams in Buckinghamshire Category:Streams in Cambridgeshire Category:Streams in Cheshire Category:Streams in Cornwall Category:Streams in Cumbria Category:Streams in Derbyshire Category:Streams in Devon Category:Streams in Dorset Category:Streams in Durham Category:Streams in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Streams in East Sussex Category:Streams in Essex Category:Streams in Gloucestershire Category:Streams in Greater London Category:Streams in Greater Manchester Category:Streams in Hampshire Category:Streams in Herefordshire Category:Streams in Hertfordshire Category:Streams in Isle of Wight Category:Streams in Kent Category:Streams in Lancashire Category:Streams in Leicestershire Category:Streams in Lincolnshire Category:Streams in City of London Category:Streams in Merseyside Category:Streams in Norfolk Category:Streams in Northamptonshire Category:Streams in Northumberland Category:Streams in North Yorkshire Category:Streams in Nottinghamshire Category:Streams in Oxfordshire Category:Streams in Rutland Category:Streams in Shropshire Category:Streams in Somerset Category:Streams in South Yorkshire Category:Streams in Staffordshire Category:Streams in Suffolk Category:Streams in Surrey Category:Streams in Tyne and Wear Category:Streams in Warwickshire Category:Streams in West Midlands Category:Streams in West Sussex Category:Streams in West Yorkshire Category:Streams in Wiltshire Category:Streams in Worcestershire
Category:Countryside in England Category:Countryside in Bedfordshire Category:Countryside in Berkshire Category:Countryside in City of Bristol Category:Countryside in Buckinghamshire Category:Countryside in Cambridgeshire Category:Countryside in Cheshire Category:Countryside in Cornwall Category:Countryside in Cumbria Category:Countryside in Derbyshire Category:Countryside in Devon Category:Countryside in Dorset Category:Countryside in Durham Category:Countryside in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Countryside in East Sussex Category:Countryside in Essex Category:Countryside in Gloucestershire Category:Countryside in Greater London Category:Countryside in Greater Manchester Category:Countryside in Hampshire Category:Countryside in Herefordshire Category:Countryside in Hertfordshire Category:Countryside in Isle of Wight Category:Countryside in Kent Category:Countryside in Lancashire Category:Countryside in Leicestershire Category:Countryside in Lincolnshire Category:Countryside in City of London Category:Countryside in Merseyside Category:Countryside in Norfolk Category:Countryside in Northamptonshire Category:Countryside in Northumberland Category:Countryside in North Yorkshire Category:Countryside in Nottinghamshire Category:Countryside in Oxfordshire Category:Countryside in Rutland Category:Countryside in Shropshire Category:Countryside in Somerset Category:Countryside in South Yorkshire Category:Countryside in Staffordshire Category:Countryside in Suffolk Category:Countryside in Surrey Category:Countryside in Tyne and Wear Category:Countryside in Warwickshire Category:Countryside in West Midlands Category:Countryside in West Sussex Category:Countryside in West Yorkshire Category:Countryside in Wiltshire Category:Countryside in Worcestershire
Category:Hills of England Category:Hills of Bedfordshire Category:Hills of Berkshire Category:Hills of City of Bristol Category:Hills of Buckinghamshire Category:Hills of Cambridgeshire Category:Hills of Cheshire Category:Hills of Cornwall Category:Hills of Cumbria Category:Hills of Derbyshire Category:Hills of Devon Category:Hills of Dorset Category:Hills of Durham Category:Hills of East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Hills of East Sussex Category:Hills of Essex Category:Hills of Gloucestershire Category:Hills of Greater London Category:Hills of Greater Manchester Category:Hills of Hampshire Category:Hills of Herefordshire Category:Hills of Hertfordshire Category:Hills of Isle of Wight Category:Hills of Kent Category:Hills of Lancashire Category:Hills of Leicestershire Category:Hills of Lincolnshire Category:Hills of City of London Category:Hills of Merseyside Category:Hills of Norfolk Category:Hills of Northamptonshire Category:Hills of Northumberland Category:Hills of North Yorkshire Category:Hills of Nottinghamshire Category:Hills of Oxfordshire Category:Hills of Rutland Category:Hills of Shropshire Category:Hills of Somerset Category:Hills of South Yorkshire Category:Hills of Staffordshire Category:Hills of Suffolk Category:Hills of Surrey Category:Hills of Tyne and Wear Category:Hills of Warwickshire Category:Hills of West Midlands Category:Hills of West Sussex Category:Hills of West Yorkshire Category:Hills of Wiltshire Category:Hills of Worcestershire
Category:Cottages in England Category:Cottages in Bedfordshire Category:Cottages in Berkshire Category:Cottages in City of Bristol Category:Cottages in Buckinghamshire Category:Cottages in Cambridgeshire Category:Cottages in Cheshire Category:Cottages in Cornwall Category:Cottages in Cumbria Category:Cottages in Derbyshire Category:Cottages in Devon Category:Cottages in Dorset Category:Cottages in Durham Category:Cottages in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Cottages in East Sussex Category:Cottages in Essex Category:Cottages in Gloucestershire Category:Cottages in Greater London Category:Cottages in Greater Manchester Category:Cottages in Hampshire Category:Cottages in Herefordshire Category:Cottages in Hertfordshire Category:Cottages in Isle of Wight Category:Cottages in Kent Category:Cottages in Lancashire Category:Cottages in Leicestershire Category:Cottages in Lincolnshire Category:Cottages in City of London Category:Cottages in Merseyside Category:Cottages in Norfolk Category:Cottages in Northamptonshire Category:Cottages in Northumberland Category:Cottages in North Yorkshire Category:Cottages in Nottinghamshire Category:Cottages in Oxfordshire Category:Cottages in Rutland Category:Cottages in Shropshire Category:Cottages in Somerset Category:Cottages in South Yorkshire Category:Cottages in Staffordshire Category:Cottages in Suffolk Category:Cottages in Surrey Category:Cottages in Tyne and Wear Category:Cottages in Warwickshire Category:Cottages in West Midlands Category:Cottages in West Sussex Category:Cottages in West Yorkshire Category:Cottages in Wiltshire Category:Cottages in Worcestershire
Category:Trees in England Category:Trees in Bedfordshire Category:Trees in Berkshire Category:Trees in City of Bristol Category:Trees in Buckinghamshire Category:Trees in Cambridgeshire Category:Trees in Cheshire Category:Trees in Cornwall Category:Trees in Cumbria Category:Trees in Derbyshire Category:Trees in Devon Category:Trees in Dorset Category:Trees in Durham Category:Trees in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Trees in East Sussex Category:Trees in Essex Category:Trees in Gloucestershire Category:Trees in Greater London Category:Trees in Greater Manchester Category:Trees in Hampshire Category:Trees in Herefordshire Category:Trees in Hertfordshire Category:Trees in Isle of Wight Category:Trees in Kent Category:Trees in Lancashire Category:Trees in Leicestershire Category:Trees in Lincolnshire Category:Trees in City of London Category:Trees in Merseyside Category:Trees in Norfolk Category:Trees in Northamptonshire Category:Trees in Northumberland Category:Trees in North Yorkshire Category:Trees in Nottinghamshire Category:Trees in Oxfordshire Category:Trees in Rutland Category:Trees in Shropshire Category:Trees in Somerset Category:Trees in South Yorkshire Category:Trees in Staffordshire Category:Trees in Suffolk Category:Trees in Surrey Category:Trees in Tyne and Wear Category:Trees in Warwickshire Category:Trees in West Midlands Category:Trees in West Sussex Category:Trees in West Yorkshire Category:Trees in Wiltshire Category:Trees in Worcestershire
Category:Bodies of water in England Category:Bodies of water in Bedfordshire Category:Bodies of water in Berkshire Category:Bodies of water in City of Bristol Category:Bodies of water in Buckinghamshire Category:Bodies of water in Cambridgeshire Category:Bodies of water in Cheshire Category:Bodies of water in Cornwall Category:Bodies of water in Cumbria Category:Bodies of water in Derbyshire Category:Bodies of water in Devon Category:Bodies of water in Dorset Category:Bodies of water in Durham Category:Bodies of water in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Bodies of water in East Sussex Category:Bodies of water in Essex Category:Bodies of water in Gloucestershire Category:Bodies of water in Greater London Category:Bodies of water in Greater Manchester Category:Bodies of water in Hampshire Category:Bodies of water in Herefordshire Category:Bodies of water in Hertfordshire Category:Bodies of water in Isle of Wight Category:Bodies of water in Kent Category:Bodies of water in Lancashire Category:Bodies of water in Leicestershire Category:Bodies of water in Lincolnshire Category:Bodies of water in City of London Category:Bodies of water in Merseyside Category:Bodies of water in Norfolk Category:Bodies of water in Northamptonshire Category:Bodies of water in Northumberland Category:Bodies of water in North Yorkshire Category:Bodies of water in Nottinghamshire Category:Bodies of water in Oxfordshire Category:Bodies of water in Rutland Category:Bodies of water in Shropshire Category:Bodies of water in Somerset Category:Bodies of water in South Yorkshire Category:Bodies of water in Staffordshire Category:Bodies of water in Suffolk Category:Bodies of water in Surrey Category:Bodies of water in Tyne and Wear Category:Bodies of water in Warwickshire Category:Bodies of water in West Midlands Category:Bodies of water in West Sussex Category:Bodies of water in West Yorkshire Category:Bodies of water in Wiltshire Category:Bodies of water in Worcestershire
Category:Towns and villages in England Category:Towns and villages in Bedfordshire Category:Towns and villages in Berkshire Category:Towns and villages in City of Bristol Category:Towns and villages in Buckinghamshire Category:Towns and villages in Cambridgeshire Category:Towns and villages in Cheshire Category:Towns and villages in Cornwall Category:Towns and villages in Cumbria Category:Towns and villages in Derbyshire Category:Towns and villages in Devon Category:Towns and villages in Dorset Category:Towns and villages in Durham Category:Towns and villages in East Riding of Yorkshire Category:Towns and villages in East Sussex Category:Towns and villages in Essex Category:Towns and villages in Gloucestershire Category:Towns and villages in Greater London Category:Towns and villages in Greater Manchester Category:Towns and villages in Hampshire Category:Towns and villages in Herefordshire Category:Towns and villages in Hertfordshire Category:Towns and villages in Isle of Wight Category:Towns and villages in Kent Category:Towns and villages in Lancashire Category:Towns and villages in Leicestershire Category:Towns and villages in Lincolnshire Category:Towns and villages in City of London Category:Towns and villages in Merseyside Category:Towns and villages in Norfolk Category:Towns and villages in Northamptonshire Category:Towns and villages in Northumberland Category:Towns and villages in North Yorkshire Category:Towns and villages in Nottinghamshire Category:Towns and villages in Oxfordshire Category:Towns and villages in Rutland Category:Towns and villages in Shropshire Category:Towns and villages in Somerset Category:Towns and villages in South Yorkshire Category:Towns and villages in Staffordshire Category:Towns and villages in Suffolk Category:Towns and villages in Surrey Category:Towns and villages in Tyne and Wear Category:Towns and villages in Warwickshire Category:Towns and villages in West Midlands Category:Towns and villages in West Sussex Category:Towns and villages in West Yorkshire Category:Towns and villages in Wiltshire Category:Towns and villages in Worcestershire


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