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Public domain films[edit]

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Around 4,000 public domain movies are available on Internet Archive. There are more on YouTube. Here is a useful list, for US films only: en:List of films in the public domain in the United States. Typical size of the Theora version from IA is around 350 MB, HD video from YouTube is from 700 MB to 2 GB, much bigger than reasonable with an ordinary ADSL connection. Currently url-to-upload from * doesn't work for an unknown reason (phab:T118887). In addition, the Theora/Webm version offered with downloaders from YT is not the best quality available. So to obtain the best quality, one needs to get the MP4 version, and doing manual conversion is necessary.

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Title Country Date Director License Commons category Page description
on IA/YT
Direct link,
Theora version
Achhut Kannya India 1936 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Achhut Kannya YT, YT, YT MP4 480p, 887 MB ✓ Done
Alam Ara India 1931 Ardeshir Irani {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Alam Ara lost
Amar Jyoti India 1936 V. Shantaram {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Amar Jyoti YT MP4 480p, 760 MB ✓ Done
The Amazing Mr. X USA 1948 ? The Amazing Mr. X [1] [2] 319 MB ✓ Done
The Animal Kingdom USA 1932 {{PD-US not renewed}} The Animal Kingdom [3] [4] 349 MB ✓ Done
Attack of the Giant Leeches USA 1959 {{PD-US not renewed}}[1] Attack of the Giant Leeches [5] [6] 253 MB ✓ Done
Aurat India 1940 Mehboob Khan {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Aurat YT MP4 1080p ACC 192K, 2.86 GB ✓ Done
Azad India 1940 N. R. Acharya {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Azad YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 1.04 GB ✓ Done
Bear Shooters USA 1930 {{PD-US not renewed}} Bear Shooters YT ✓ Done
Behind Office Doors USA 1931 {{PD-US not renewed}} Behind Office Doors [7] [8] 372 MB ✓ Done
Bhabhi India 1938 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Bhabhi YT 480p, 2:24:26
Bhakta Vidur India 1921 Kanjibhai Rathod {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} Bhakta Vidur
The Big Cat USA 1949 {{PD-US not renewed}} The Big Cat [9] [10] 302 MB ✓ Done
Chandidas India 1934 Nitin Bose {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Chandidas YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 1 GB ✓ Done
Devdas India 1935 Pramathesh Barua {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Devdas
Devdas India 1936 Pramathesh Barua {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Devdas YT, YT, YT phab:T119673 MP4 720p ACC 192K, 2.58 GB - MP4 720p ACC 192K, 1.87 GB
Dilawar India 1931 R. G. Torney {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Dilawar YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 2.2 GB ✓ Done
Dushman India 1939 Nitin Bose {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Dushman [11], [12] (longer) 357 MB / 369 MB ✓ Done
The Fast and the Furious USA 1955 {{PD-US not renewed}}[2] The Fast and the Furious [13] [14] 300 MB ✓ Done
Gopal Krishna India 1938 V. G. Damle, Sheikh Fattelal {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Gopal Krishna YT MP4 480p, 916 MB ✓ Done
Izzat India 1937 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Izzat YT MP4 360p, 339 MB ✓ Done
Janmabhoomi India 1936 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Janmabhoomi YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 1.5 GB ✓ Done
Jeevan Naiya India 1936 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Judex France 1916 Louis Feuillade {{PD-old-70-1923}} Judex
Kalidas India 1931 H. M. Reddy {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Kalidas lost
Karma India 1933 J.L. Freer Hunt {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Karma YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 846 MB ✓ Done
Duniya Na Mane India 1937 V. Shantaram {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Duniya Na Mane YT MP4 720p ACC 192K, 1.1 GB ✓ Done
Katorabhar Khoon India 1920 Shree Nath Patankar {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Kisan Kanya India 1937 Ardeshir Irani {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Lanka Dahan India 1917 Dadasaheb Phalke {{PD-old-70-1923}} Lanka Dahan
Miarka France 1920 Louis Mercanton {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Mimi Pinson France 1924 Théo Bergerat {{PD-old-70}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Mohini Bhasmasur India 1913 Dadasaheb Phalke {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Mrichhakatik India 1920 Suchet Singh {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Narsinh Mehta India 1920 Suchet Singh {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Prem Kahani India 1937 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Prem Kahani ✓ Done
Prem Sanyas India 1925 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Prem Sanyas
La Prêtresse de Carthage France 1911 Louis Feuillade {{PD-old-70-1923}} La Prêtresse de Carthage
Pukar India 1939 Sohrab Modi {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} Pukar YT, YT (longer) MP4 480p, 608 MB / 769 MB ✓ Done
Sairandhri India 1933 V. Shantaram {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} no
Sant Dnyaneshwar India 1940 Vishnupant Govind Damle, Sheikh Fattelal {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} Sant Dnyaneshwar YT WebM 360p, 613 MB ✓ Done
Satyavan Savitri India 1914 Dadasaheb Phalke {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra India 1917 Rustomji Dhotiwala {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} no
Savitri India 1933 C. Pullaiah {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Savitri India 1937 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Shakuntala India 1920 Suchet Singh {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Shree Pundalik India 1912 Dadasaheb Torne {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} no
Sukanya Savitri India 1922 Kanjibhai Rathod {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1923}} no
A Throw of Dice (Prapancha Pash) India 1929 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} A Throw of Dice YT, YT. Shorter version YT MP4 480p, 470 MB ✓ Done
Vachan India 1938 Franz Osten {{PD-India}} + {{PD-1996}} no
Veer Abhimanyu India 1922 Manilal Joshi {{PD-old-70-1923}} no
Venus France 1929 Louis Mercanton {{PD-old-70}} + {{PD-1996}} no

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