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English: User:MartinPoulter is the Wikimedian In Residence at the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford, with funding from Wikimedia UK. The project page is on English Wikipedia at w:Wikipedia:GLAM/Bodleian. Files are being uploaded at Category:Files uploaded by the Bodleian Libraries' Wikimedian In Residence. This gallery shows some of the diversity of themes in Bodleian collections.
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Synodal Statutes in Latin[edit]

Synodal statutes in Latin, issued in 1287 by Peter Quivel, Bishop of Exeter 1280-91, in a copy of the first half of the 15th century.

Eutyches, with Old Breton glosses, 9th century; Homily on the Invention of the Cross in Old English, 11th century; 'Liber Commonei' and Ovid's Ars amatoria, Bk. I, Wales, 9th century; additions related to St. Dunstan, Glastonbury, 10th century.

A Latin prose work of musical theory composed by an anonymous Franciscan at Oxford in 1351, in a copy presented to the Franciscan convent there in 1388.

Oracula by Francesco Barozzi[edit]

16th-century Latin manuscript. Shelfmark: MS. Barocci 170

From mid-12th century England, an anonymous Latin compilation on astronomy, geography and astrology in four books, incorporating excerpts from Hyginus, Isidore, etc.; with diagrams, maps, and drawings of constellations and Zodiac signs.

Two 15th-century Hebrew manuscripts[edit]

Yalkut Shimʻoni and Midrash Raba on the Five Scrolls in MS. Selden Super. 102

Le Roman de la Rose illuminated French manuscript[edit]

From MS. Selden Supra 57 dated 1348

Latin texts on St Gilbert of Sempringham[edit]

Illuminated manuscript from 1450. Shelfmark: MS. Digby 36

Latin Gospels from Landévennec[edit]

From MS. Auct. D. 2. 16. Latin Gospels with beast-headed evangelist portraits made at Landévennec, Brittany, late 9th or early 10th century, supplemented in the 11th century with conventional portraits in the style of Northern France or Flanders

Five English manuscripts (MS. Arch. Selden B. 26)[edit]

Miscellany of five separate manuscripts, all of English origin and bound together c. 1660, comprising: in Latin and Middle English, (fols. 3-33) 'The Selden Carol Book', polyphonic music including (fol. 17v) The Agincourt Song, 2nd quarter of the 15th century; in Latin, (fol. 34) one leaf of Gregory's Pastoral Care, 8th century, and two 15th-century items, (fols. 35-94) Wycliffite tracts by John Tissington and others, and (fols. 95-102) a Calendar, with tables for 1459-76, etc.; and in English, (fols. 103-134) William Cartwright, The Royall Slave, a play performed at Oxford in 1636

Scenes from the Old Testament, with Anglo-Saxon drawings

Comedies of Terence[edit]

From mid-12th century Latin manuscript Bodleian Library, MS. Auct. F. 2.13

Sites of pilgrimage in Jerusalem and Palestine[edit]

From MS. Canon. Gr. 127, dated 1693


113 bookbindings from the Bodleian collection


...advertising events most diverting and astonishing!

Writing blanks[edit]

“Engraved writing blanks or ornamented writing sheets were designed to encourage the art of elegant handwriting in children. The blank would be completed rather in the manner of a sampler and was usually given to parents at Christmas.” – Julie Anne Lambert (2001) A Nation of Shopkeepers: Trade Ephemera from 1654 to the 1860s in the John Johnson Collection

Board games[edit]

Gospel authors depicted in head-pieces of Armenian gospels[edit]

from India in the 1870s. Shelfmark: MS. Ind. Inst. Misc. 22

A mid-16th-century Mixtec manuscript densely packed with historical narrative.

Aztec military dress[edit]

From the 16th century Codex Mendoza

Aztec glyphs for places[edit]

From the 16th century Codex Mendoza

Armillary Spheres from the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford[edit]

Kitāb-i-Samak 'Iyār, a Persian 14th century manuscript[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Ouseley 381

Scenes from the life of Christ and the Virgin, from a 14th century Greek menologion[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Gr. th. f. 1

Geometry and Astronomy from a 15th-century manuscript[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Pococke 368

Pages from the Kennicott 2 Hebrew Bible[edit]

Shelfmark: MS Kennicott 2

19th century Burma: music and entertainment[edit]

From a book of watercolour paintings, shelfmark Ms. Burm. a 5

Armenian gospels with Eusebian canons[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Arm. d.13.

World map and portolan charts from a 16th century Arabic manuscript[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Marsh 294

The story of Laila and Majnun (16th century Indian paintings)[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Pers. d.102

Book of the Fixed Stars (early 11th century book by Al-Sufi)[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Marsh 144

Old maps of the world[edit]

Japanese folk tale of Urashima the fisherman[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Jap. c.4(R)

Indian gods (from 19th century Kalighat paintings)[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Ind. Inst. Misc. 21 [Arch. O. a. 7]

Old nautical maps[edit]

Hebrew Bible with Aramaic translation[edit]

From MS Kennicott 3.

The Palace of Minos in Knossos, Crete[edit]

From the Evans Fresco Drawings section of the Sir Arthur Evans archive.

From a book of Indian watercolours, shelfmark: MS. Ouseley Add. 166

The Baharistan of Jami[edit]

From Shelfmark MS. Elliott 254

Women in the penal system[edit]

From the Crime theme of the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera. See individual files for links and shelfmarks.

Royal life in 19th century Burma[edit]

From a 19th century Burmese Parabeik (picture book) showing a royal procession. Shelfmark: MS. Burm. a. 6. Panorama stitched together from multiple scans

Kings of Egypt[edit]

From Monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nubia, Shelfmark SAC:333 Ros

Military equipment of the Late Roman Army[edit]

From the Notitia Dignitatum, Shelfmark MS. Canon. Misc. 378.

Buddhism in 19th century Burma[edit]

From a book of watercolour paintings, shelfmark Ms. Burm. a 5

The life of the Buddha[edit]

From a Burmese watercolour parabeik (picture book) illustrating scenes from the life of Gautama Buddha. Shelfmark: MS. Burm. a. 12.

Panorama stitched together from multiple scans

The Fossils of the South Downs (1822 book by Gideon and Mary Ann Mantell)[edit]

Shelfmark: OUM: 1 d. 67.

Entertainers in the 19th century[edit]

From the Entertainment theme of the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

The life of Krishna[edit]

From an album of 18th century Indian watercolours. Shelfmark: MS. Douce Or. a.3


From a manuscript known as Kitab al-bulhan or "Book of Wonders". Shelfmark: MS. Bodl. Or. 133

The Magna Carta[edit]

Photographs taken by the Bodleian Communications team

The Conics of Apollonius of Perga[edit]

Shelfmark: MS. Marsh 667

Military insignia of the Late Roman Army[edit]

From the Notitia Dignitatum, Shelfmark MS. Canon. Misc. 378.

Western women's clothing in the 18th & 19th centuries[edit]

From the Political Cartoons theme of the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

Demonology in Islam[edit]

From a manuscript known as Kitab al-bulhan or "Book of Wonders". Shelfmark: MS. Bodl. Or. 133