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Bonnier is a Swedish media group. In april 2010, they released 27 pictures of authors under the free license Creative Commons Attribution – Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA 3.0). This was made as part of a cooperation project with Wikimedia Sverige. The files were uploaded on Wikimedia Commons on Template:ISOdate.


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"Bonnier is releasing 27 author photos under the free license CC-BY-SA 3.0. The pictures are now uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

27 pictures may not be many. But see this in light of that it is probably the first time, the first virgin time Bonnier make images free, and that's when the stomach tingles the most... Now you just have to wait and see if the initiative whets Bonnier's appetite and make them want to return with more material later.

The authors are described on the Bonnier's webpage. The descriptions there are brief but illustrated. On Wikipedia, the ratio is reversed: the corresponding author articles has no images as a rule, but the articles have more text content. Some writers, however, are not described in Wikipedia. Here's the statistics:

When the author portraits were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, there were articles about 20 of the 27 authors. Four of the 20 authors articles were illustrated. I then put a picture of Anders Palm in his article. So now, five of the 27 authors described in the Wikipedia with both text and image.

How long will it take before writing the portraits that are released to the Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia colonize and fertilize these authors' articles? Of course I will watch how the landscape is changing and if some of the portraits are taking root in the word soil.

Wikimedia Sweden has had a hand in this story ... informing about Wikipedia, raising awareness of free licenses, a couple of conversations with the right people and a little hands-on assistance may be enough to start the process. Keep this in mind the next time you encounter somebody with power over a media outlet with access to a lot of nice pics."