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I have improved the detection to handle a number of different templates for support,oppose and neutral. This is a testrun against the January 2009 log to compare the bot counts against the result reported by humans. The format of the listing below is:

FileName: support x/y oppose x/y neutral x/y featured x/y (OK or FAIL)

where x is the votes counted by the bot and y is the human reported vote count. The last value F is whether the nomination was featured or not as decided by the bot and by a human. OK is printed if everything matches and FAIL otherwise.

The bot ignores all nominations from the check that are either FPXed, withdrawn, contains several results, or the delistings.

02.Trinidad (59).JPG                              : S09/09 O:02/02 N01/01 F1/1 (OK)
2009 Anti Israel Protest Tanzania.JPG             : S05/05 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Aeronautics2.jpg                                  : S06/06 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
Albrecht Altdorfer, The Battle of Alexander at Iss: S03/03 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Alfeniques 5.jpg                                  : S04/04 O:04/04 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)
Andromeda galaxy Ssc2005-20a1.jpg                 : S01/01 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Anexo de Pamuri-3.JPG                             : S01/01 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Anexo de Pamuri-Becerro.JPG                       : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Anhinga.jpg                                       : S18/18 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
Anthomyiidae.jpg                                  : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Avian Swirl.JPG                                   : S01/01 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
BCLM exhibit 01.jpg                               : (ignoring, has several results)
Barack Obama in Berlin.jpg                        : S03/02 O:08/08 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Barter.jpg                                        : S03/03 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Battle of Gettysburg.jpg                          : S02/04 O:04/02 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Bihoreau Gris.jpg                                 : (ignoring, was withdrawn)        
Bihoreau Gris 3.jpg                               : S16/16 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Black soldier fly.jpg                             : (ignoring, was withdrawn)        
Blind accordion player.jpg                        : S09/09 O:02/02 N01/01 F1/1 (OK)  
Broadway tower edit4.jpg                          : S01/01 O:09/09 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Brush for the lead2.jpg                           : S07/06 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)
Bunch o crocs.jpg                                 : S02/02 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (3).jpg                       : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Centruroides infamatus 01.jpg                     : S03/03 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ch.megacephala wiki.jpg                           : S05/05 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Cheb mažoretka 1.jpg                              : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Chlorocebus pygerythrus00.jpg                     : S03/03 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Christopher Reeve MIT.jpg                         : (ignoring, has no results)       
Coffea arabica -Köhler.jpg                        : S04/04 O:08/08 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Colorado's Independence Monument.jpg              : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Common Buckeye, Megan McCarty76.jpg               : S07/07 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
ComputerHotline - Belle dame (by).jpg             : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
ComputerHotline - Cigogne (by) (1).jpg            : S01/01 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
ComputerHotline - Machaons (by).jpg               : (ignoring, has no results)       
ComputerHotline - Salbert fortifications (by) (1).: S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
ComputerHotline - Souci (by) (1).jpg              : S03/03 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Convento Cristo December 2008-10.jpg              : S02/02 O:01/01 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Convento Cristo December 2008-2.jpg               : (ignoring, has several results)  
Convento Cristo December 2008-9.jpg               : S04/04 O:03/03 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Convento Cristo Decemebr 2008-18.jpg              : S06/06 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Copenhagen waterfront.jpg                         : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Craticulina sp.jpg                                : (ignoring, has no results)       
Crocodylus acutus close up.jpg                    : S04/04 O:07/06 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Crocodylus acutus feeding.jpg                     : S06/06 O:08/08 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Crocodylus acutus in swamp 01.jpg                 : S03/03 O:07/07 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Crocodylus acutus out.jpg                         : S06/06 O:05/05 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Currier & Ives Brooklyn2.jpg                      : S10/10 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
De Hoop (Rijswijk).jpg                            : S02/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Despues de la cosecha en Pampas.jpg               : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Doronicum orientale.JPG                           : S02/02 O:01/01 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Drum set.svg                                      : S04/04 O:00/00 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
DuckandC1951.ogg                                  : S02/02 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Dunvegan Castle in the mist01editcrop 2007-08-22.j: S12/12 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Duomo Orvieto facciata 08-09-08 f12.jpg           : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
East Hempfield Township.jpg                       : S08/08 O:09/09 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Eastern Tent caterpillar, Megan McCarty64.jpg     : S02/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Eichenberg 01.JPG                                 : S11/11 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Eiffel Tower view Canal.JPG                       : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
El sagrario.jpg                                   : S01/01 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Electricity Pylon.jpg                             : S01/01 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
George Washington Carver2.jpg                     : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Colosseum.png     : S02/02 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Graffiti i baggård i århus 2a.jpg                 : (ignoring, has several results)  
Grand canyon of Yellowstone and Yellowstone fall.j: (ignoring, has several results)  
Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg                      : S08/07 O:02/02 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)
Greenbottle fly eating.jpg                        : S11/10 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)
Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 2: S05/05 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 6: S09/09 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Gustave Doré - Dante Alighieri - Inferno - Plate 9: (ignoring, has no results)       
Hitterdals Church, Telemarken (i.e, Telemark), Nor: (ignoring, was FPXed)            
HumphreysPeak.jpg                                 : (ignoring, has no results)       
Ijazah3.jpg                                       : (ignoring, has no results)       
Incatrail in Peru.jpg                             : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Island Peak Summit Approach.jpg                   : (ignoring, has several results)  
Isuien Nara21nt3200.jpg                           : S03/03 O:03/03 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
J accuse.jpg                                      : S06/06 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Jacques-Louis David, The Coronation of S05/05 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Jerusalem Dome of the rock BW 1.JPG               : S02/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Jerusalem Dominus flevit BW 1.JPG                 : S07/07 O:02/02 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Katowice - Katedra - Drzewo fatimskie 01.jpg      : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Keelung coast detail amk.jpg                      : S04/04 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
La compania.jpg                                   : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Laguna artificial en Pampas-Tayacaja.jpg          : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Lake Agnes.JPG                                    : S04/04 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Layla and Majnun2.jpg                             : S07/07 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Leiden at night Maresingel.jpg                    : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Leiden at night Power Station at Langegracht.jpg  : S02/02 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Liquid eiffel bw.jpg                              : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Lophophanes cristatus Luc Viatour 2.jpg           : S21/21 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Louis XIV of France.jpg                           : S04/04 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
MSX cartridge macro.jpg                           : S01/01 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
M Zauneidechse1 Edit1.jpg                         : S07/07 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Mahanavami Dibba.jpg                              : S01/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Manhattan00.jpg                                   : (ignoring, has no results)       
Martin Luther King memorial during Allt ljus på Up: S13/13 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Minosterstvo průmyslu 1.jpg                       : S05/05 O:04/04 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
MonastereSteCatherine.JPG                         : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Mosel BW 2.JPG                                    : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Mostar, Stari Most at night.jpg                   : (ignoring, has several results)  
Muttoni 56b.jpg                                   : S07/07 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Nature Art.JPG                                    : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Naturkundemuseum Berlin - Archaeopteryx - Eichstät: S06/06 O:05/05 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Navajofamily.jpg                                  : S02/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
New Forest lone tree 01.jpg                       : S01/01 O:01/01 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Njommelsaska i Lappland by Carl Svantje Hallbeck.j: (ignoring, has no results)       
Northern-Gannet.jpg                               : S07/07 O:05/05 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Nothoscordum bivalve flower macro.jpg             : S00/00 O:03/03 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
Notredame Paris.JPG                               : S02/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Octopus shell.jpg                                 : (ignoring, has several results)  
Official portrait of Barack Obama.jpg             : S08/08 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Paisaje en Pampas-Tayacaja.jpg                    : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
PakistanConsulateHouston.JPG                      : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Parque Etxebarria.jpg                             : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Paul Signac, Grand Canal (Venise).jpg             : S01/01 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Pelican - barker inlet.JPG                        : S02/02 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Phenakistoscope 3g07690d.gif                      : S13/13 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Phodopus sungorus, agouti pearl.jpg               : S06/06 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Physiphora alceae female2.jpg                     : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Pillar kronberg castle entrance.jpg               : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Plan de Paris Lutece BNF07710744.png              : S04/04 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ponte estaiada Octavio Frias - Sao Paulo.jpg      : S11/11 O:04/04 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Punch - Masculine beauty retouched1.png           : (ignoring, has no results)       
Pāhoehoe and Aa flows at Hawaii.jpg               : S18/18 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor.jpg               : S01/01 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Queen Wilhelmina2.jpg                             : S06/06 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Renal corpuscle.svg                               : S09/09 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Roundtower copenhagen.jpg                         : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Roxy Theatre.jpg                                  : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ruta 60 Argentina Paso san Francisco.jpg          : S05/05 O:05/05 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)  
STEREO-A first images.jpg                         : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Sadi in a Rose garden.jpg                         : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Safety Belt.jpg                                   : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Sahuaro in bloom 2.jpg                            : S09/09 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Sarcophaga Bercaea.jpg                            : S04/04 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Shakedown 2008 Figure 1.jpg                       : (ignoring, has several results)  
Ship Helsingborg Dock.JPG                         : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ship Helsingborg Dock2.JPG                        : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ship coming 2 dock at Elsinore Denmark.JPG        : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Ship coming 2 dock at Elsinore Denmark2.jpg       : S01/01 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Ship coming 2 dock at Elsinore Denmark3.jpg       : S01/01 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Silhouettes in sun glitter.jpg                    : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
SilvrettaNova 11.jpg                              : S05/05 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)  
Sound helsingborg.jpg                             : (ignoring, was FPXed)            
Stadshuset stockholm.JPG                          : S01/01 O:05/05 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Staverden - watermolen met bevroren waterrad.jpg  : S08/08 O:18/18 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Stegovnik-super.jpg                               : (ignoring, has several results)  
Stockholm city center landscape.JPG               : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Stream Enäjärvi.jpg                               : S12/12 O:07/07 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Sunset behind palm trees.jpg                      : S05/05 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Swan ElsinoreCastle.JPG                           : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)  
Swan for a stroll in Sunny weather.JPG            : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Sydney skyline at dusk - Dec 2008.jpg             : S13/13 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
TamarackPanorama2.jpg                             : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Tent rocks MG 3174.jpg                            : S04/04 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Terpsichore Mahlknecht in winter.jpg              : S01/01 O:06/06 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
The Storr01 2007-08-22.jpg                        : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
The Sun and Steam Phase eruption of Castle Geyser.: (ignoring, has several results)
Thomas Bresson - Branchies (by).jpg               : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Thomas Bresson - Carte géographique (by).jpg      : S02/02 O:02/02 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)
Thomas Bresson - Couch-sol (by).OGG               : S04/05 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Thomas Bresson - Couch-soleil (by).OGG            : S03/03 O:04/04 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)
Thomas Bresson - Grande-lune--20080213 (by).jpg   : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Thomas Bresson - Guepe-3 (by).jpg                 : S03/03 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Thomas Bresson - Ice12 (by).jpg                   : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 2 (1).jpg             : S01/01 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Turkish trenches at Dead Sea2.jpg                 : S04/04 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Two Phalacrocorax auritus and one fish edit.jpg   : S05/05 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Tyre shop worker2.jpg                             : S02/02 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Ukiyo-e dragon 2.jpg                              : S02/02 O:00/00 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Unknown ruin, Iraqi desert.jpg                    : S03/03 O:03/03 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)
VanGogh-starry night.jpg                          : S03/03 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
VanGogh-starry night ballance1.jpg                : S06/06 O:02/02 N01/01 F1/1 (OK)
VanityFair-Darwin2.jpg                            : S06/06 O:04/04 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
View thru the E river from the bridge.JPG         : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Virginia Tech massacre candlelight vigil Burruss.j: (ignoring, was FPXed)
Viribus Unitis - stained glass in Kutna Hora.jpg  : S17/17 O:01/01 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
Wonder eye.png                                    : S10/10 O:04/04 N01/01 F1/1 (OK)
XO-Beta1-mikemcgregor-2.jpg                       : S08/08 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
Xerocomus badius 2008.JPG                         : S10/10 O:03/03 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
ZenitBC.JPG                                       : S01/01 O:03/04 N01/01 F0/0 (FAIL)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Frozen pinecon: S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
335 place D'Youville Montreal.jpg                 : S03/03 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Arcoiris-atardecer.jpg                            : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Bismuth-crystal.jpg                               : S11/11 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (OK)
Blackbird female.jpg                              : (ignoring, has no results)
Caravella 2 edit.jpg                              : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Catedral de Pampas.JPG                            : S02/02 O:01/01 N01/01 F0/0 (OK)
Coca-Cola-Truck.JPG                               : S04/04 O:09/09 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Current River, Missouri, panorama.jpg             : S02/02 O:02/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Current River, Missouri.jpg                       : S02/02 O:02/02 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Dubrovnikblue.jpg                                 : S01/01 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Geophagus brasiliensis.jpg                        : (ignoring, has no results)
Panorama da Atessa 02.JPG                         : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Suny-storm.jpg                                    : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Tigerwater.jpg                                    : (ignoring, has several results)
Virgo-lavirgen.jpg                                : (ignoring, was FPXed)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Schmiedefeuer : S04/04 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/Summitting Isl: (ignoring, has no results)
Stevia Gröden-1.jpg                               : S03/03 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (OK)
birdsniper.jpg                                    : S05/04 O:07/07 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/File:C: (ignoring, has no results)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/File:H: (ignoring, was withdrawn)
Commons:Featured picture candidates/removal/File:L: (ignoring, has no results)

The ones that failed and the resons:

Barack Obama in Berlin.jpg                        : S03/02 O:08/08 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

1 anonymous vote that was not striked out.

Battle of Gettysburg.jpg                          : S02/04 O:04/02 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

Human error, the closer has mixed up the support and oppose votes (did not affect the result though).

Brush for the lead2.jpg                           : S07/06 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)
Great Wave off Kanagawa2.jpg                      : S08/07 O:02/02 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)
Greenbottle fly eating.jpg                        : S11/10 O:00/00 N00/00 F1/1 (FAIL)

1 late vote not striked out.

Crocodylus acutus close up.jpg                    : S04/04 O:07/06 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

Someone has basically said 'support if this but oppose if that', there is no way the bot can figure out which vote to use. It could perhaps detect the double vote and mark the nomination for manual inspection.

Thomas Bresson - Couch-sol (by).OGG               : S04/05 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)
Mahanavami Dibba.jpg                              : S01/02 O:03/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

The voter has used the + icon directly and not used any template.

Since this renders OK on the image page you should perhaps check for direct embedding of the image on the FPC page. Some users also always subst thier vote templates because they think it will decrease the server load. This will lead to the same kinds of results. --Slaunger (talk) 13:43, 9 August 2009 (UTC)
ZenitBC.JPG                                       : S01/01 O:03/04 N01/01 F0/0 (FAIL)

Human error, the vote count is not correct but did not affect the result.

Current River, Missouri, panorama.jpg             : S02/02 O:02/03 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

Someone has incorrectly used the delist template as oppose, this is probably uncommon though.

Hm... Well, I recall I once used an oppose template instead of a delist template to endorse a delisting. Maybe it could detect this template and somehow deal with this? --Slaunger (talk) 13:43, 9 August 2009 (UTC)
birdsniper.jpg                                    : S05/04 O:07/07 N00/00 F0/0 (FAIL)

This one is a bit odd, someone has used striked out like this: <s> ... {{support}} ...<s>, so it has no slash in the end tag. Is this syntax allowed ? It seem to interpreted as the end tag visually though, so maybe the bot should not be strict on the slash ?

No, it is not allowed, but despite that many browsers are fairly robust against such errors, which is at times rather unfortunate as it makes it much more difficult to make a parser, which captures all cases. --Slaunger (talk) 13:43, 9 August 2009 (UTC)

All, in all a pretty convincing test, which shows that you bot can handle a lot of the most commons cases, see my further comments on the request page. Yuor bot seems to be as reliable, if not better, than human vote counting. --Slaunger (talk) 13:43, 9 August 2009 (UTC)