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List-bot (talk · contribs)

Operator: User:Docu

Bot's tasks for which permission is being sought: Extraction of templates and automated creation/update of lists of works such as List of works:Berthe Morisot. For a discussion of the lists as such, please see/use Template_talk:Creator. Apparently there is no extension that could do this (inquiry).

Automatic or manually assisted:, Edit type, Maximum edit rate: Once in a while, running automatically and continuously when doing so.

Bot flag requested: (Y/N): Y

Programming language(s): python (pywiki framework)

It will take some time until I'm ready to do the first test run.  Docu  at 15:05, 14 November 2010 (UTC)


Also see Commons:Bots/Work_requests#list_of_works. I don't think a bot is the right way to do this. I don't know if this is useful at all, but if it is, the toolserver is probably the right place to build an interface for this. Multichill (talk) 20:31, 14 November 2010 (UTC)

I'd have prefered an extension too, but a toolserver solution might be just as good. Let's see what it offers.  Docu  at 05:07, 15 November 2010 (UTC)
Closed, toolserver solution. --Schlurcher (talk) 18:25, 28 December 2010 (UTC)
Somehow the toolserver solution is stuck. Let's keep this open in the meantime. --  Docu  at 19:02, 28 December 2010 (UTC)

Any new status on this or did you want to hold it open (pending) a bit longer? ++Lar: t/c 17:36, 6 January 2011 (UTC)

 Not done as stale. –Juliancolton | Talk 11:49, 9 April 2011 (UTC)