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These pages contain a subject and place index (still under construction!) to the books scanned to create the British Library's Mechanical Curator collection of images.

Each entry in the index points to the images on Flickr which match the tag for the book. Additionally, when there are images from a book that have been copied over to Commons, this is shown with a green clickable  (Book cat link, which links to the relevant Commons category for the book.

A full list of the titles of the books that were scanned for the collection is also available, at

Commons:British Library/Mechanical Curator collection/Full list of books

and succeeding pages, which may help browsing what is available.

The index is not (yet) complete. As of January 22, 2014 the titles in the detailed part of the index below accounted for about 40% of the images in the whole collection. A further 35% of images can be found through a more loosely organised set of "to do" pages constructed based on the books' class-marks, while a further 20% of images occur in books which are classed below as fiction, plays, verse or works. The focus of the indexing so far has been mostly geographical, with little development as yet of thematic classification.

The Commons main project page for the collection gives some further hints on searching; on how to upload the images to Commons, and on how to tag images on Flickr. If you do upload images to Commons, please create a Commons category for the book they were taken from, like those in Category:Books with images from the British Library Mechanical Curator collection, and include the images in it. The template {{HasBookCat}} can then be used to create a link to the category (on a green background) from the book's entry in this list.

Georeferencing campaign: For any titles below that have a  to georef template, please click on that templated link to find the thumbnails and then the pages on Flickr for the relevant map and plan images, and follow the links in their image description sections to the BL/Klokan Georeferencer to place the images on a present-day map of the world. This in turn should allow the map images' ready upload to Wikimedia Commons with reasonably accurate automatic categorisation. See also: BL information page and overall progress page.

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