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History of Canada and/or the Caribbean[edit]

This page contains further titles relating to the history of Canada and/or the Caribbean (mostly), that could be identified more precisely geographically, and then added to the main Mechanical Curator synoptic index.

Inclusion criteria: BL shelfmarks 9555, with two or more plates, or five or more images in total. Other inclusion-worthy titles may exist elsewhere with other (especially lower) shelfmarks.

Feel free to copy an entry to an appropriate place in the main index, then remove it from this page.

Georeferencing campaign: For any titles below that have a  to georef template, please click on that templated link to see the maps and ground-plans from the book that still need to be geo-located on a present-day map of the world. This can be achieved using the BL/Klokan Georeferencer, which should be accessible from the Flickr page for each image via a link in the description section immediately under the image. With appropriate location information the map and plan images should then be readily uploadable to Wikimedia Commons with reasonably accurate automatic categorisation. See also: BL information page and overall progress page.

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