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50,000 old maps and plans to georeference[edit]

Wikimedia and the British Library are trying to georeference over 50,000 old maps and plans found in the Mechanical Curator collection, a set of 1 million images extracted from digitised 19th century books. (See here for more information).

To see the maps and plans available to georeference, follow one of the purple  to georef templated links below, corresponding to the book-level index page linked to its left.

Placing these maps and plans on maps of the modern world ("georeferencing") gives them an accurate location and scale, which in turn should allow their ready upload to Wikimedia Commons with reasonably accurate automatic categorisation.

A corresponding index of the maps and plans already georeferenced can be found on the accompanying georeferencing done page. You may also wish to add your name to the Participants list on the talk page.


72.5% completed


36402 images georeferenced since March 2015

For the full list of index pages, see Synoptic index and Synoptic index/to do