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This page is for requests to change your username on Wikimedia Commons. Please note that only usernames on Commons are dealt with here. To change your username on another Wikimedia project, please ask a bureaucrat on that project or make a request on Meta.

Renames are carried out by bureaucrats who will typically follow the guidelines below. However, bureaucrats do have a measure of discretion and may depart from the guidelines where they consider it sensible to do so.

Where the username you want to adopt (the Commons "target account") has never been in use, and has not been reserved by another user as part of a Single Unified Login (SUL) account, the rename should not normally be controversial. Renames to existing accounts are considered at Commons:Changing username/Usurp requests.

What happens when an account is renamed?[edit]

When your Commons account is renamed, all of your previous uploads and edits in page histories (including deleted edits) are re-attributed to your new name. Other user data, including preferences, watchlist, and password are also reattributed to your new account. Your old user and user talk pages will normally be moved to the new name at the same time.

Once the rename is complete, you will no longer be able to log in on to your old account as that will no longer be registered to you. In order to prevent a third party from impersonating you on your old account, that account will normally be re-registered by the renaming bureaucrat to a dummy user, and then indefinitely blocked (but the system does not allow the original account to be re-created in this way if it was originally an SUL account). If you have a need to retain the old account for your own use, please let the renaming bureaucrat know, giving your reasons.

The rename will not affect signatures (~~~~) you have already left. Those pages will continue to display your signature (including the link to your old username) unless edited manually. Remember, {{information}} often contains your old user name as the author and won't change automatically.


Please follow the instructions below carefully. Once you have made your request, you need to come back here periodically and see if there are replies. This is not a "fire and forget" process; you may be asked for additional information, verification, preferences, and so forth. It is not the bureaucrat's job to track you down and remind you to reply.
If a query is posted here to which you do not respond to within seven days, the request will be archived and closed as "not done".

Please do not create for yourself a new account at Commons. This will be done for you by the renaming bureaucrat. If you have already created a Commons account, please say so. It may still be possible to deal with your request, but you will need to prove ownership of the target account.

1. Check at Special:Listusers whether the new username you want on Commons already exists. If the name already exists (even if it is shown in red) it will not normally be available to you unless you are able to usurp the existing account. If you will need to usurp, check the usurpation guidelines carefully first to make sure you are allowed to do so.

2. Next, make sure you are logged in to Commons using the account you wish to rename. Anonymous requests and requests made from other accounts cannot be accepted.

3. Click on the appropriate link below:

4. Give your request a title and, within the body of the request, copy and paste the following:

{{subst:Renameuser|OldUsername|NewUsername|Your reason here}} for usual requests.
{{subst:Usurp|CURRENT_NAME|REQUESTED_NAME}} for usurp requests.

replacing OldUsername with your existing Commons name, and NewUsername with your desired new Commons name (target name).

If either your old or new username on Commons includes a space, replace the space with an underscore, as follows: _

Please also give a short explanation of the reason for the request.

It is essential to follow the next step (step 5) very carefully. If you skip it your request will automatically be refused.

5. If you want to adopt the same name on Commons that you are already using on another wiki, you will be asked for evidence that you control the account on the other wiki. Please do the following:

  • Click here and enter your proposed new Commons name. If the name already exists on one or more other wikis, and those accounts are controlled by you, please now follow the instructions at Commons:Changing username/Proof of ownership. You can skip those instructions if and only if your proposed username is not in use on any other wiki.

6. Sign with four tildes (~~~~), and save the page when you are done.

Please ask any bureaucrat to check the page if you get no response within a couple of days.

The automated process responsible for reallocating your old contributions may take some time to complete. This is perfectly normal. Updates typically take a day or so, although may take longer if you have many edits and/or the job queue has a large backlog of requests to process.


Fulfilled, withdrawn, and declined requests will be moved immediately to the current archive.

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Current rename requests[edit]

Emanuele Taddei → 16062014[edit]

Status:    In progress

Emanuele (talk) 05:36, 16 June 2014 (UTC)

    • @Emanuele: Are you planning to rename your account on the other three projects as well? odder (talk) 08:11, 16 June 2014 (UTC)