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Categories for specific persons are generally only created if there are min. two pictures about that person.
Elements that should be used in the following order:

  1. The sortkey, to sort the category by family name (last name) of the person, sample: {{DEFAULTSORT:Last name, First name}}
  2. Topical categories, sample: subcategories from Category:People by occupation
  3. Category for the birthplace, sample Category:People of Berlin
  4. Categories for the year of birth and year of death, samples: Category:1901 births, Category:1920 deaths
  5. If the Category:People by occupation isnĀ“t with Male or Female the nationalty Category:Men by country or Category:Women by country
  6. [[Category:People by name]]
  7. Interwikis to existing Wikipedia articles (via wikidata), otherwise: [[en:Categories/editintro/people]]

Other possible elements (above DEFAULTSORT):

  1. A short description of the person (in any language)
  2. Alternate spellings and transliterations of the person's name. The person's name in other languages and scripts.
  3. {{Authority control}}

To add images to this category, click search and add there: [[Commons:Categories/editintro/people]]