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The Channel 2 video project is part of a partnership between Wikimedia Israel and the Israeli News Company. The Israeli News Company has agreed to release archive footage of important events in Israel's history under a free license, to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.


Channel 2 main studio

The goals of the project are as follows:

  1. Upload and categorize video files from the Israeli News Company's archive
  2. Place the files in relevant articles in the Hebrew, English, French, German and other Wikipedias and sister projects.
  3. Open a channel for Wikipedia editors to request footage on various subjects from the company

Video list[edit]

All of the videos will be placed in Category:Wikimedia Israel - Channel 2 videos.

Requests for more videos[edit]

You can find the official project page on Hebrew Wikipedia. Channel 2 and Wikimedia Israel welcome you to ask for more videos. Please link to the relevant article you think is the most appropriate for the video. Examples of footage to be include in the video will help us to create a better video!.

  • List here your requests!