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Welcome log: The goal is to prevent this week from increasing the backlog and to reduce earlier backlog significantly. A bot registers all new users who have made a contribution. Most of the new users have some kind of problems in the beginning: they upload copyvios, they do not provide enough source information, they do not add licenses to their own work, they do not place files in a category or gallery. Your task is to

  • Fix these errors if you can, for example by categorizing images.
  • Mark images as missing source information or license, use {{subst:nsd}} or {{subst:nld}} respectively.
  • Mark images as copyvios or delete them straight away.
  • Inform the user about these problem, use templates such as {{Please link images}}, {{image source}}, and {{Please name images}}. See for more message templates.

When you have dealt with a user, remove their name from log.


  • Install MediaWiki:Quick-delete.js so that you can easily nominate images for deletion or mark them with no source since/no license tags.