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Ambox warning orange.svg Warning: Since version 0.4.0 the instructions given on this page are obsolete.

Commonist can be used on wikis other then the provided. This is how you can set up Commonist to work on other wikis.

Original Directions[edit]

Here are the confusing original directions at:

  • adding a wiki
  • this works with the webstart version and the zipfile version.
  • unpack lib/mwapi.jar from the unpacked binary zip into a new directory
  • look for and in this directory
  • create a directory $HOME/.commonist/family
  • copy to $HOME/.commonist/family/
  • copy to $HOME/.commonist/family/
  • adapt these two files.

Better Instructions[edit]

These directions should be easier for everyone to understand.

  1. Download the commonist zip file from and unpack it. In this example it is running on my desktop (on Windows XP)
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\commonist-0.3.19\commonist-0.3.19
  1. Run Commonist to create the ".commonist" folder for later
    1. Open the "bin" folder
    2. Run "commonist.bat"
    3. Close Commonist
    4. Go up one folder (out of "bin" folder)
  2. Find the file: mwapi.jar located in the folder lib
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\commonist-0.3.19\commonist-0.3.19\lib\mwapi.jar
  1. Unpack this file using winrar or winzip into a new folder
  2. Open mwapi\net\psammead\mwapi\config
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\commonist-0.3.19\commonist-0.3.19\lib\mwapi\net\psammead\mwapi\config
  1. Copy and to the clipboard (mark files and press Ctrl-C) (printed below)
  2. Go to your $HOME folder. In my case (Windows XP with username of "Michael"):
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael
  1. There should be a folder named ".commonist". If not, make it. (In Windows this is difficult to do - that is why we ran Commonist above.)
  2. Inside .commonist, make a folder named "family"
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\.commonist\family
  1. Paste the 2 files in here
  2. Rename them to fit your wiki (In my case, my wiki is "theplaz" and lives at
  3. Open up "" for editing. Note you will need an editor which supports editing files with weird extensions and Unix line breaks. Notepad++ works.
  4. Edit the ".site" file you just renamed. Set "family" and the options in the "network" settings. Leave lang alone. You will have to change nameSpace 4 and 5 to match the name of the project.
  5. In, change the name and shortcut to match what you set in
  6. Save and close both files.
  7. Run commonist
  8. Enjoy uploading!

If you do not have pretty URLs[edit]

If you do not have pretty URLs (mod_rewrite) enabled, make sure to set "prettyPath" to the path where Page titles can be entered. For example, the Main Page on my site is:

so I set "prettyPath" to:


Note, this puts the Gallery at User:ThePlaz/gallery&action=submit. This is not ideal, but it is an easy fix. Just copy the data off that page and put it on User:ThePlaz/gallery.

Text of[edit]

## configuration for a single wiki site

# identification
family  commons

# network
protocol        http://
rawPath /w/index.php
prettyPath      /wiki/
apiPath /w/api.php

# config
charSet UTF-8
titleCase       first-letter
uselang nds

# nameSpaces
nameSpace       -2      'Media'
nameSpace       -1      'Special'
nameSpace       0       ''
nameSpace       1       'Talk'
nameSpace       2       'User'
nameSpace       3       'User talk'
nameSpace       4       'Commons'
nameSpace       5       'Commons talk'
nameSpace       6       'Image'
nameSpace       7       'Image talk'
nameSpace       8       'MediaWiki'
nameSpace       9       'MediaWiki talk'
nameSpace       10      'Template'
nameSpace       11      'Template talk'
nameSpace       12      'Help'
nameSpace       13      'Help talk'
nameSpace       14      'Category'
nameSpace       15      'Category talk'
nameSpace       100     'Creator'
nameSpace       101     'Creator talk'

# specialPages
specialPage     'Blockip'       'Blockip'
specialPage     'Filepath'      'Filepath'
specialPage     'Movepage'      'Movepage'
specialPage     'Upload'        'Upload'
specialPage     'Userlogin'     'Userlogin'
specialPage     'Userlogout'    'Userlogout'

# messages
message addedwatch      'To de Oppasslist toföögt'
message badfilename     'De Bildnaam is na „$1“ ännert worrn.'
message cannotdelete    'De Software kunn de angevene Siet nich wegsmieten. (Mööglicherwies is de al vun en annern wegsmeten worrn.)'
message confirmrecreate 'De Bruker [[{{NS:2}}:$1|$1]] ([[{{NS:3}}:$1|talk]]) hett disse Siet wegsmeten, nadem du dat Ännern anfungen hest. He hett as Grund schreven:\n: \'\'$2\'\'\nWist du de Siet würklich nee anleggen?'
message delete_and_move_text    '==Deletion required==\n\nThe destination article "[[$1]]" already exists. Do you want to delete it to make way for the move?'
message fileexists      'En Datei mit dissen Naam existeert al, prööv $1, wenn du di nich seker büst of du dat ännern wullst.'
message filetype-badmime        'Datein vun den MIME-Typ „$1“ dröfft nich hoochlaadt warrn.'
message filetype-badtype        '\'\'\'".$1"\'\'\' is an unwanted file type\n: List of allowed file types: $2'
message filetype-missing        'The file has no extension (like ".jpg").'
message filewasdeleted  'A file of this name has been previously uploaded and subsequently deleted. You should check the $1 before proceeding to upload it again.'
message large-file      'It is recommended that files are no larger than $1; this file is $2.'
message largefileserver 'This file is bigger than the server is configured to allow.'
message loginsuccess    'Du büst nu as „$1“ bi {{SITENAME}} anmellt.'
message logouttext      'Du büst nu afmellt. Du kannst {{SITENAME}} nu anonym wiederbruken oder di ünner en annern Brukernaam wedder anmellen.'
message nosuchuser      'De Brukernaam „$1“ existeert nich.\nPrööv de Schrievwies oder mell di as niegen Bruker an.'
message removedwatch    'De Siet is nich mehr op de Oppasslist'
message spamprotectionmatch     'Dit Text hett den Spamschild utlöst: $1'
message successfulupload        'Datei hoochladen hett Spood'
message talkexists      'Dat Schuven vun de Siet sülvst hett Spood, aver dat Schuven vun de\nDiskuschoonssiet nich, vun wegen dat dor al en Siet mit dissen Titel existeert. De Inholt muss vun Hand anpasst warrn.'
message talkpagemoved   'De Diskuschoonssiet is ok schuven worrn.'
message talkpagenotmoved        'De Diskuschoonssiet is <strong>nich</strong> schuven worrn.'
message uploadcorrupt   'De Datei is korrupt oder hett en falsch Ennen. Datei pröven un nieg hoochladen.'
message uploaddisabled  'Dat Hoochladen is deaktiveert.'
message uploadnologintext       'Du musst [[Special:Userlogin|anmellt wesen]], dat du Datein hoochladen kannst.'
message uploadscripted  'In disse Datei steiht HTML- oder Skriptkood in, de vun welk Browsers verkehrt dorstellt oder utföhrt warrn kann.'
message uploadvirus     'In de Datei stickt en Virus! Mehr: $1'
message wrongpassword   'Dat Passwoort, wat du ingeven hest, is verkehrt. Kannst dat aver noch wedder versöken.'

text of[edit]

## configuration for a whole wiki family

# identification
name    commons
shortcut        c

# languages
multilingual    false