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Some members of the user group at the Wikimania 2017

Commons Photographers User Group (short: Commons Photographers) is a Wikimedia user group.

Description and mission[edit]


Commons Photographers is an international cooperative of photography enthusiasts who publish their images under free licenses. We are devoted to transcribing the world visually and having others benefit from our work through Wikipedia and other places that share our values.

We will give photographers in the Wikimedia universe a voice – a voice that will naturally represent the members of Commons Photographers.

We will improve our skills by learning from each other.

We will organize events in order to strengthen our community, to promote our values, and to engage in taking images together.

We are committed to increasing the amount and quality of freely licensed images on the internet.


  • Actively increasing the amount of high-quality images through the daily work of our members
  • Organizing group photo expeditions in order to target image gaps while enjoying fun time together
  • Energizing both existing community members and new talents through awards
  • Representing the Wikimedia photography community, e.g. at international events like Wikimania
  • Promoting the idea of publishing high-quality image material under free licenses in on- and offline media, through exhibitions, and other means
  • Enhancing our members' photography skills by teaching each other

Membership: eligibility and how to become a member[edit]

If you're devoted to sharing photographic works under a free license, you're eligible for membership. In order to join this user group, please add your name to our membership list.

Annual Reports[edit]

Past events and activities[edit]

Virtual Meeting on September 26, 2020





Quality images and featured pictures taken at user group events[edit]

AffCom Resolutions[edit]


Three active Wikimedians in good community standing (300+ edits and accounts older than 6 months) who are willing to identify themselves with the Wikimedia Foundation:

  1. Frank Schulenburg
  2. Martin Falbisoner
  3. Ansgar Koreng

Group messages[edit]

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