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The project Connected Open Heritage, short COH (in Swedish: Kopplat Öppet Kulturarv, KÖK) is a project aimed at improving and creating knowledge about the cultural heritage of the world and making it freely available online for everyone to use. By saving this information in digital format more people will have the chance to learn about our cultural heritage and also reconstruct damaged monuments and artefacts. We believe that access and awareness are key factors in building an interest in preserving the cultural heritage and understanding its importance. The project was made possible through a grant from the Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery (in Swedish).

The images uploaded to Wiki Commons as part of the Connected Open Heritage project have different origins. New images will added from countries where the cultural heritage is in danger and from existing institutions already in partnership with the Wikimedia movement. Part of the images will also stem from the annual photo contest Wiki Loves Monuments as a result of moving image data from a legacy database to the wikidata platform.

About the contributions[edit]

The project started on January 1st 2016 and will run until August 30th 2017 and was initiated by a grant application from Wikimedia Sverige. Through the project multiple cooperation project were started aimed at getting images of Cultural Heritage onto Commons. In total 187,125 have been made available through the Connected Open Heritage project.

Gruppo Archeologico Romano[edit]

The Gruppo Archeologico Romano is an Italian cultural association for volunteers. They made more than 400 images from excursions and excavations in Syria and Jordan available.

Associazione DecArch[edit]

The Associazione DecArch is an italian organisation based in Rome. They made available more than 600 images from primarily Palmyra.

The National Museums of World Culture[edit]

The National Museums of World Culture is an organisation made up by four Swedish museums. They made two separate collections available. The first depicts Sigvald Linné expedition in Teotihuacan (Mexico) in 1932 and consists of almost 1,300 images. The second depicts the the Swedish Cyprus expedition 1927–1931 and consists of more than 600 images.


UNESCO made almost 1,500 images available from their archives.

The Swedish National Heritage Board[edit]

The Swedish National Heritage Board made more than 9,000 images available in a first batch upload and 173,000 images in a second upload. Each depicting a particular listed building or ancient monument in Sweden.

The partners[edit]

Wikimedia Sverige is a non-profit association based in Sweden and the Swedish chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. The association works towards making knowledge freely accessible, especially by supporting Wikipedia and its sister projects.
To maximise the outcomes of this project we are working in close collaboration with UNESCO and Cultural Heritage without Borders as well as in cooperation with local partners.
UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is a specialized agency of the UN working to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education, science, and culture.
Cultural Heritage without Borders works with cultural heritage as an active force in reconciliation, peace building and socio-economic development in societies affected by conflict, neglect or human and natural disasters.
Wikimedia Italia is the Italian chapter of the Wikimedia movement.

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