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Location of Bir Tawil (white) between Egypt and Sudan

Bir Tawil is an uninhabited area along the border between Egypt and Sudan that is claimed by neither country. It results from a dispute over the boundary between the two countries, where Egypt claims all land north of a straight line defined in 1899 and Sudan claims all land south of an irregular line defined in 1902. Bir Tawil is south of the straight line and north of the irregular line, with the result that each country claims the other owns it.[1]

No works are currently published in Bir Tawil. Thus, if hypothetically someone both published a work in this region and also attempted to assert copyright over it, the copyright status of such a work is unknown, and would be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Unpublished works and works published outside of Bir Tawil will usually be subject to protection in the author's country and the country of publication. Published works that claim to be under the copyright of one of the various en:micronations that have claimed Bir Tawil rather than Egypt, Sudan, or the author's home country would lack copyright protection, as these micronations are not signatory to the relevant international copyright treaties.

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