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This page provides an overview of copyright rules of Cayman Islands relevant to uploading works into Wikimedia Commons. Note that any work originating in the Cayman Islands must be in the public domain, or available under a free license, in both Cayman Islands and the United States before it can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. If there is any doubt about the copyright status of a work from Cayman Islands, refer to the relevant laws for clarification.


England took formal control of the Cayman Islands, along with Jamaica, in 1670. The islands were governed as part of the Colony of Jamaica until 1962, when they became a separate Crown colony. The Cayman Islands today is an autonomous British Overseas Territory in the western Карибское море.

Copyright works are protected in the Cayman Islands under rules defined in the Copyright (Cayman Islands) Order 2015 and the Copyright (Cayman Islands) (Amendment) Order 2016 which came into force on 30 June 2016. These order make a customized version of Part 1 of the United Kingdom's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (including Schedule ZA1 and Schedule 1 of the Act) applicable to the Cayman Islands.[1] The Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office defined durations of protection on its website in 2018.[2]


According to the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office as on November 2018, durations of protection are generally:

  • Written, dramatic, musical and artistic work: 70 years after the author’s death
  • Sound and music recording: 70 years from when it’s first published
  • Films: 70 years after the death of the director, screenplay author and composer
  • Broadcasts: 50 years from when it’s first broadcast
  • Layout of published editions of written, dramatic or musical works: 25 years from when it’s first published


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X mark.svg Нет The Cayman Islands Money Authority holds the copyright on its currency notes. It permits reproductions with prior consultation with the Authority and if the reproduction is not on products for sale. Given the copyright status and the non-commercial use clause, their designs are not appropriate for use on Commons.[3]

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