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Cette page fournit un aperçu des règles de droit d'auteur du Danemark applicables au téléchargement d'œuvres sur Wikimedia Commons. Notez que toute œuvre originaire du Danemark doit appartenir au domaine public ou être disponible sous licence libre au Danemark et aux États-Unis avant de pouvoir être téléchargée sur Wikimedia Commons. En cas de doute sur le statut de droit d'auteur d'une œuvre du Danemark, reportez-vous aux lois applicables pour plus de précisions.

Lois applicables

Le Danemark est membre de la Convention de Berne depuis le 1er juillet 1903, de l'Organisation mondiale du commerce depuis le 1er janvier 1995 et du traité de l'OMPI depuis le 14 mars 2010.[1]

En 2018, l'Organisation mondiale de la propriété intellectuelle (OMPI), une agence des Nations Unies, avait enregistré la Loi consolidée sur le droit d'auteur (Loi consolidée n°1144 du 23 octobre 2014) comme étant la principale loi sur la propriété intellectuelle promulguée par la législature du Danemark[1]. L'OMPI conserve le texte de cette loi dans sa base de données WIPO Lex.[2]

This Act does not extend to the Faeroe Islands and Greenland but may by Royal Ordinance be brought into full or partial operation in the Faeroe Islands and Greenland, subject to such modifications as required by the special conditions obtaining in the Faeroe Islands and Greenland.[1144/2014 Art.93] The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends provides a commentary on Danish copyright law.[3]

Règles générales

Under the Consolidated Act No. 1144 of 23 October 2014,

  • The copyright in a work lasts for 70 years after the year of the author’s death, or with joint works for 70 years after the year of death of the last surviving author.[1144/2014 Art.63(1)]
  • With cinematographic works, copyright lasts for 70 years after the year of death of the last survivor of the principal director; the author of the script; the author of the dialogue; and the composer of music specifically created for use in the cinematographic work.[1144/2014 Art.63(1)]
  • Copyright of a musical work with lyrics where both lyrics and musical work have been created specifically for the work in question lasts until 70 years have passed from the year of death of the longest-living of the author and the composer.[1144/2014 Art.63(2)]
  • Where a work is made public without indication of the author’s name, generally known pseudonym or signature, copyright lasts for 70 years after the year in which the work was made public.[1144/2014 Art.63(3)]
  • Copyright in a work of unknown authorship that has not been made public lasts 70 years after the end of the year in which the work was created.[1144/2014 Art.63(5)]


Under the Consolidated Act No. 1144 of 23 October 2014,

  • The person creating a literary or artistic work shall have copyright therein, be it ... a cinematographic or photographic work ...[1144/2014 Art.1(1)]
  • The rights in a photographic picture shall last until 50 years have elapsed from the end of the year in which the picture was taken.[1144/2014 Art.70(2)]
  • If a photographic picture is subject to copyright according to section 1, this right may also be exercised.[1144/2014 Art.70(3)]

The definition of a photographic work, as opposed to image is not precisely defined. However Peter Schønning, a Danish copyright lawyer, states that for a photograph to be a photographic work it must display "the author's own intellectual creation and reflects his personality". Lacking actual court decisions however, interpretation is still subjective.

Plans et cartes

Certain maps produced by the Danish government in 1814 or later are subject to perpetual copyright.[4][5] This is covered by section 92 of the Danish copyright law. Currently, all maps made by da:Det Kongelige Søkort-Arkiv in 1814 or later, all maps made by da:Generalstabens topografiske Afdeling in 1831 or later and all maps made by their successors remain copyrighted in Denmark. The rights currently belong to da:Geodatastyrelsen.

Documents publics

Under the Consolidated Act No. 1144 of 23 October 2014: Acts, administrative orders, legal decisions and similar official documents are not subject to copyright. This does not apply to works appearing as independent contributions in these documents, but such works may be reproduced in connection with the documents.[1144/2014 Art.9]

Bandeaux de licence

COM:TAG Denmark

Voir aussi : Commons:Bandeaux de licence

  • {{PD-Denmark}} – Pour les œuvres d'art "photographiques" tombées dans le domaine public en vertu de la loi danoise.
  • {{PD-Denmark50}} – Pour les "images photographiques" dans le domaine public en vertu de la loi danoise.
  • {{PD-DenmarkGov}} – Pour "les actes, les ordres administratifs, les décisions juridiques et les documents officiels similaires," mais pas les "œuvres apparaissant comme des contributions indépendantes dans les documents [susmentionnés]".
  • {{DGA map}} – for media in either full extent or partially based in Danish Geodata Agency open public geographic data. This tag does not preclude use of other copyright tags.
  • {{Statistics Denmark}} – for media in either full extent or partially based on information from Statistics Denmark. This tag does not preclude use of other copyright tags.


COM:CUR Denmark

Voir aussi : Commons:Monnaie

X mark.svg Pas d'accord The National Bank of Denmark states:

  • Danmarks Nationalbank regularly receives requests from firms and private individuals about reproduction of banknotes and coins. Any reproduction of money should always be considered carefully since it is a criminal offence to imitate and/or copy money in such a way they can be mistaken for genuine money. Moreover, Danmarks Nationalbank's copyright to the banknote and coin designs must be respected.[6][7]

Liberté de panorama

COM:FOP Denmark

Voir aussi : Commons:Liberté de panorama

The Little Mermaid

Symbol OK.svg  for buildings only {{FoP-Denmark}}

Under the Consolidated Act No. 1144 of 23 October 2014,

  • Buildings may be freely reproduced in pictorial form and then made available to the public."[1144/2014 Art.24(3)]
  • Works of art may be reproduced in pictorial form and then made available to the public if they are permanently situated in a public place or road. The provision of the first sentence shall not apply if the work of art is the chief motif and its reproduction is used for commercial purposes."[1144/2014 Art.24(2)]

The famous statue of The Little Mermaid by sculptor Edvard Eriksen (1876–1959) is protected by copyright, and pictures where it is the main motif cannot be used for commercial purposes.[8]

Seuil d'originalité

COM:TOO Denmark

Voir aussi : Commons:Seuil d’originalité

Statut Exemple Remarques
Symbol OK.svg 
Aalborg Broncestøberi skrifttype A, B og D.png
Three fonts not eligible for copyright protection (Supreme Court 30 June 2006, U2006.2697H). Two other fonts were found eligible for copyright.
Symbol OK.svg 
Jydsk Vindueskompagni - skitser af vinduer og døre.png
Sketches of windows and doors not eligible for copyright protection (The Maritime and Commercial Court 8 August 2003.[9][10]
X mark.svg Pas d'accord
Kitchen knife by yashima.jpg
Le design du couteau GLOBAL est protégé par les droits d'auteur au Danemark.[11]
X mark.svg Pas d'accord
Un design de chaise spécifique (Tripp Trapp).[12]

Voir aussi


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