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Cette page fournit un aperçu des règles de droit d'auteur du Soudan applicables au téléchargement d'œuvres sur Wikimedia Commons. Notez que toute œuvre originaire du Soudan doit appartenir au domaine public ou être disponible sous licence libre au Soudan et aux États-Unis avant de pouvoir être téléchargée sur Wikimedia Commons. En cas de doute sur le statut de droit d'auteur d'une œuvre du Soudan, reportez-vous aux lois applicables pour plus de précisions.


In 1898 the British defeated the Mahdist State and began to govern Sudan jointly with Egypt. Sudan obtained self-government in 1953 and ful independence on 1 January 1956.

Le Soudan est membre de la Convention de Berne depuis le 28 décembre 2000[1].

As of 2018 the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), an agency of the United Nations, listed the Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection Act 1996 as the main IP law enacted by the legislature of Sudan.[1] WIPO holds the text of this law in their WIPO Lex database.[2]

Règles générales

Under the 1996 Act,

  • The protection of economic rights in a work shall last during the author’s life and 50 years after his death.[1996 Section 13(2)]
  • The term of protection shall last 25 years from the date of publication of the following works:
    • photographic pictures and cinematographic films and other audiovisual works.[1996 Section 13(3a)]
    • works which are published for the first time after the author’s death.[1996 Section 13(3b)]
    • works published under unknown pseudonym or anonymously; the term starts to run from the date of first publication.[1996 Section 13(3c)]
  • In relation to a joint work the period shall start to run from the date of death of the last surviving author.[1996 Section 13(4)]

Œuvres produites par le gouvernement

Under the 1996 law copyright does not extend to state emblems and symbols or official documents.[1996 Section 6] "Official documents" means the official documents issued by the State or its institution, corporation or unit and which, by virtue of their specialization, are issued for publication to the public, including laws, Presidential or administrative orders, international agreements and judicial judgments, but not including military documents, secret agreements and deliberations of secret sessions in courts or legislative bodies".[1996 Section 3]

Folklore : non libre

National folklore of the Sudanese community is deemed to be the property of the State. The State represented by the Ministry of Culture and Information, shall endeavor to protect works of folklore by all legal ways and means, and shall exercise the rights of an author in cases of mutilation, transformation and commercial exploitation.[1996 Section 7]

Bandeaux de licence


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  • Symbol OK.svg : billets de banque dessinés avant le 18 décembre 1996
  • Pictogram-voting-question.svg Unclear: billets de banque dessinés le 18 décembre 1996 ou postérieurement à cette date

Sudan's first copyright law entered into force on 18 December 1996 and did not extend protection to works already in the public domain. Banknotes issued before this date are therefore in the public domain in Sudan. Because these banknotes were in the public domain in Sudan before it joined the Berne Convention (28 December 2000), they are also in the public domain in the United States and may be uploaded to Commons.

The status of banknote designs released after 18 December 1996 is unclear. Under Sudanese copyright law, "official documents" are in the public domain, but banknotes may not fall under the definition of "official documents". If that definition does not include banknotes, then banknotes will be protected for 50 years after the death of the last contributing author.

Liberté de panorama


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X mark.svg Pas d'accord Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Protection Act 1996, article 6-7, 32-33.


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