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The Creator namespace is similar to the Template namespace in that it only contains templates, yet this namespace is reserved exclusively for {{Creator}} infoboxes. These infobox templates contain identifying information about artists and are meant to be used on their works' File namespace pages. The main intent of those templates is to provide:

  • general information about author, like dates and places of birth and death, allowing unique identification
  • links to Wikidata, Commons galleries, Wikipedia or Wikisource articles, allowing finding more information and further unique identification
  • short description of the creator in the language of the viewer
  • date of death and nationality is also important for verifying validity of {{PD-old}} licenses.


Who should have creator page[edit]

  • Anybody who is an author or creator of works hosted on Commons and meets notability requirements for Wikidata items, Commons categories or for Wikipedia articles. In case of Wikidata notability requirements, in order to prevent circular dependence, an item should have sitelinks to projects other than Wikimedia Commons.
  • Any known author (not anonymous) whose works are claiming public domain due to copyright expiration. Ideally all files of such authors should use {{Creator}} template to support their claims.

Who should not have creator page[edit]

  • People who are not, and are unlikely to ever be, creators of works hosted on commons, for example Genghis Khan. Creator pages are templates meant to be transcluded in many files. It takes time and effort to maintain them, and there is no need to spend this effort on pages which are not going to be used as templates. The exception from this rule would be pages for artists who died less than 70 years ago and for whom we do not have many works, since their works are still copyrighted. It is advantageous to have creator pages for such artists so we can more easily identify them.
  • Non-individual Creators, like institutions, projects, factories, manufacturers, multi-generation photo studios, newspapers, corporations, etc. Non-individual Creators are are poorly served by {{Creator}} template which is tailored to people.
  • Wikipedia and Commons users, as well as photographers from image-hosting websites, like Flickr, who do not meet notability criteria. The usual practice is to use username with a link to customized user's page in the author field.
  • People for whom we have no information other than name.
  • Anonymous authors, except for cases when number of works are attributed to a specific anonymous artist, such as for example Master of the 1540s.


The name of the creator page should follow the most common version of the name used in English-language literature, and ideally should match the name of the corresponding category on Commons and the name of article in English Wikipedia. See Commons category naming guidelines here and here. See also English Wikipedia's article naming guidelines here and here. Frequently encountered alternative name versions, including versions in native languages, or names matching articles in other Wikipedias, should have redirects to the main creator template. If there is a need for disambiguation, then the preferred way is to use dates of birth and death, or middle names, instead of professions.


All creator pages should use {{Creator}} template and no text outside of content of {{Creator}} template should be transcluded. Categories should be added through Homecat parameter, references and additional information should be added through Reference parameter. As of 2016 most Creator templates display information stored at Wikidata, that ensures that information is up to date and allows better verifiability with references for each statement.

Use of Creator templates[edit]

Commons category schema of categories related to creator pages. Blue folders are hidden maintenance categories. Blue text means example text.

Creator templates are meant to be used in:

  • file namespace to describe author or creator of depicted work. Please use links to creator pages or other pages when describing depicted people or other people who are not creators.
  • category and gallery namespaces to provide short information about artist on the top of the page.

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