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Depictathons are events where metadata for Wikimedia Commons images are enriched.

Depictathon at Hack4OpenGLAM 2020[edit]

19 October 13 11:00 UTC

We are inviting GLAMs and indigenous communities to come together for a depictathon at the Hack4OpenGLAM hackathon at the Creative Commons Summit. The GLAMs will contribute a small set of images pertaining to the community and the community represented in them will depict the images using their own concepts and languages.

The workshop takes advantage of Wikimedia Commons image metadata and multilingual Wikidata concepts. The work is done with the ISA tool created for campaigns like this.

We would like to invite other GLAMs and communities with similar sets of images to join us here and on the ISA tool.

Link to join the depictathon on ISA :