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You're now part of our incredible community of artists and archivists.

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Discover Wikimedia Commons

Keep in touch[edit]

Make sure you don't miss a potential conversation or connection on Wikimedia Commons. Let's update and verify your email address so you'll be notified when someone leaves you a message:

 Update your email address

Here are some other (optional) ways to get updates about Wikimedia Commons: Follow us on Twitter

Navigating the project[edit]

Commons is a big place, with 45,686,045 files and 62,011,518 total pages. Here are the important project pages to remember:

  • The Main Page is a preview of the entire project, highlighting some of our best content and current events.
  • Think of the community portal as your home base, with links to all the different parts of the project.
  • If you ever need help, start with the help portal, home to information about the site and our community help desk.
  • Our village pump is the central discussion space of the project, housing ideas, issues, and much more.

All of these pages are linked near the top in the left sidebar of every page.

Your space[edit]

People on Wikimedia Commons communicate out in the open through a set of public talk pages for every person. If someone wants to contact you about an edit you made or anything else, they will post on your talk page.

Each time this happens, you'll get an email and a notification on top right of the Wikimedia Commons site. It will look like this:

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