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Логотип «Echo of Moscow»
Логотип НП «Wikimedia RU»
The voice of Alexander Schirvindt, a screen and stage actor.
The voice of Valentina Matviyenko, a Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russia.
The voice of Leonid Roshal, a noted pediatrician from Moscow.
The voice of Yury Skuratov, a former Prosecutor General of Russia.
The voice of Viktor Sadovnichiy, a rector of Moscow State University.
The voice of Gennadiy Onishchenko, a former Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia.

WikiVoices is a joint project of the Echo of Moscow radio station and Wikimedia RU; the project is dedicated for creation of a public repository of celebrities; voices. The recordings are distributed under a free license. The project aims to preserve a systematic free archive of the voices. The archive is constantly being updated.


Echo of Moscow provides a collection of audio recordings of the studio's guests voices under a free license, in a free audio format. It will be both recordings created for the project and snippets from interviews from the studio's archive. Visiting correspondents also will make such a recordings when possible.

Wikimedia RU will upload the materials to the Wikimedia projects and facilitate their classification and use.

Not all the files are planned to meet the Voice intro project format. However, all of them will be useful to expand the Wikimedia Commons recordings library and replenish the Wikipedia biographical articles.

Project history[edit]

  • February 11, 2014 - an agreement on the project was reached between Wikimedia RU and Echo of Moscow Editor AA Venediktov.
  • February 21, 2014 - the project started. First recordings were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.


  • The recordings are originally published in a special section of the Echo of Moscow web site, on individual personal pages of the studio guests.
  • Such pages contain the following information: Name of the guest, position / profession, recording date, text transcript of the recording. It is possible to either listen to the recording on-line or download the entire file. Also, a free license ( CC-BY 3.0) is specifie for the respective recording.
  • Recordings are provided in a free format (.OGG).
  • An XML uploading log is generated, and then parsed by a bot, transferring the recordings to Wikimedia Commons.
  • In Wikimedia Commons, the files are collected in the Echo of Moscow voice samples category.


The scope of this cooperation also discussed providing images of those whose voices are heard on the recordings as well as pictures from the photo archives of the radio station.

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