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Aktive partoprenantaj landoj

Countries listed here hold a local science photo competitions in 2015 in addition to the general competition.

Lando Commons landing page Landing page in wiki Upload campaign Alŝutoj
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonio Teadusfoto 2015 espc-ee 205 files
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukrainio Європейський конкурс наукових фотографій 2015 espc-ua 1 220 files
Flag of Russia.svg Rusio Европейский конкурс научных фотографий 2015 espc-ru 3 072 files
Flag of North Macedonia.svg Nord-Makedonio Европски натпревар за научна фотографија 2015 espc-mk 494 files
Flag of Greece.svg Grekio Ευρωπαϊκός διαγωνισμός επιστημονικής φωτογραφίας 2015 espc-gr 725 files
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungario Tudomány képekben európai pályázata espc-hu 290 files
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbio ... espc-rs 187 files
Flag of Kazakhstan.svg Kazaĥio Еуропалық ғылыми фотосуреттер сайысы 2015 espc-kz 514 files

Passively participating countries

This list includes countries in which local competitions were not held. It still remained possible to participate in the all-European final.

Lando Commons landing page Upload campaign Alŝutoj
Flag of Albania.svg Albanio espc-al 9
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenio espc-am 3
Flag of Austria.svg Aŭstrio espc-at 315
Flag of Belarus.svg Belorusio espc-by 7
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgio espc-be 44
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Bosnio-Hercegovino espc-ba 7
Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgario espc-bg 65
Flag of Croatia.svg Kroatio espc-hr 119
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Ĉeĥio espc-cz 52
Flag of Cyprus.svg Kipro espc-cy 1
Flag of Denmark.svg Danio espc-dk 43
Flag of Finland.svg Finnlando espc-fi 48
Flag of France.svg Francio espc-fr 110
Flag of Georgia.svg Kartvelio espc-ge 2
Flag of Germany.svg Germanio espc-de 376
Flag of Ireland.svg Irlando espc-ie 23
Flag of Italy.svg Italio espc-it 474
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvio espc-lv 8
Flag of Lithuania.svg Litovio espc-lt 61
Flag of Moldova.svg Moldavio espc-md 38
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Nederlando espc-nl 7
Flag of Norway.svg Norvegio espc-no 16
Flag of Poland.svg Pollando espc-pl 62
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugalio espc-pt 48
Flag of Romania.svg Rumanio espc-ro 134
Flag of Slovakia.svg Slovakio espc-sk 56
Flag of Slovenia.svg Slovenio espc-si 8
Flag of Spain.svg Hispanio espc-es 223
Flag of Sweden.svg Svedio espc-se 59
Flag of Switzerland.svg Svislando espc-ch 69
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkio espc-tr 127
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Britio espc-uk 286