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Featured pictures
2004 2005-A 2005-B 2006-A 2006-B 2007-A 2007-B
2008-A 2008-B 2009-A 2009-B 2010-A 2010-B 2011-A 2011-B
2012-A 2012-B 2013-A 2013-B 2014-A 2014-B 2015-A 2015-B
2016-A 2016-B 2017-A 2017-B 2018-A 2018-B 2019-A 2019-B
2020-A 2020-B 2021-A 2021-B 2022-A 2022-B 2023-A 2023-B
2024-A 2024-B 2025-A 2025-B 2026-A 2026-B 2027-A 2027-B
  • A : January - June (first half year)
  • B : July - December (second half year)
Note that set-nominated FPs would sometimes fail to show thumbnails - please don't remove them but choose one of the set photos (maybe the first and/or the best one) to show in the gallery here with additional description like " - a set of X files".

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