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This page discusses the project organisation and history of the GLAMwiki Toolset.
For the main page, visit Commons:GLAMwiki Toolset.

The GLAMwiki Toolset project was a collaboration between Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia France, Wikimedia CH (Switzerland) and Europeana. The goal of the project was to provide a set of tools to make batch uploads of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) content in Wikimedia Commons as easy as possible. The additional tools have to make sure that reuse can easily be tracked; and that Commons materials can easily be integrated back into the collection of the original GLAM or even of other GLAMs.

Project setup and members[edit]

Europeana created a team of developers and metadata experts to work on it. The project was run using a scrum setup with sprints of three weeks. They used an Assembla space to manage it.

Below is a list of project members who are also active on Wikimedia projects.


The GLAMWiki Toolset project has 2 main goals:

  1. Creating a GLAM upload system to Wikimedia Commons
  2. Report on requirements for usage and reusage statistics for GLAM content

Goals are detailed below:

Goal 1: GLAM upload system[edit]

This goal seems to be shared by mw:Multimedia/2013-14 Goals.

Content uploading from GLAMs (pics, videos, audios...) to Wikimedia Commons is currently a manual, tedious and difficult process. To assist and encourage GLAMs to share content with Commons an upload system is being developed; this will:

  • Support the major metadata standards and their mappings to Commons templates
  • Allow user friendly creation of mappings between GLAM metadata templates to Commons templates
  • Allow user friendly creation of partnership templates for proper attribution
  • Allow GLAMs uploading content to Commons to preview them prior to final upload and publication
  • Allow Europeana data providers to cross-publish their (open) content to both Europeana and Commons
  • Have a plug-in architecture allowing third-party developers to create provider API and format-specific plug-ins or plug-ins for specific processes e.g. public domain checking or file transformation
  • Allow for batch export and download of specific GLAM-collections from Commons with metadata output in standard GLAM metadata formats
  • Monitor updates and changes in the uploaded content and metadata and download the changes for reintegration at source
  • Have the necessary hooks to communicate with the MediaWiki backend for usage statistics/data analytics
  • The system web pages will contain clear attribution to Europeana
  • The project aims to conform to the best practices and standards for development of MediaWiki as defined by the Wikimedia community

Goal 2: Report on requirements for usage and reusage statistics for GLAM content[edit]

Report on Requirements for Usage and reuse Statistics for GLAM Content

Existing tools for GLAM metrics and statistics don’t fulfil all the needs for metrics from GLAMs. As part of this project, a full report has been written on GLAM needs of usage statistics and the desired tool support for those needs.

The research for this report includes:

  • Interviews Curators and collection managers to form the basis of business requirements
  • Interviews Wikipedians who have liaised with GLAMs to form the basis of business requirements
  • Interviews the Wikimedia Foundation Data Analytics team to get a technical understanding of the affordances offered by the statistics back-end
  • Evaluates existing tools for statistics.[1]
  • Developing a mock-up prototype of a GLAM usage statistics dashboard

Project sprints[edit]

A sprint is the basic unit of development in Scrum. Sprints last between one week and one month, and are a "timeboxed" (i.e. restricted to a specific duration) effort of a constant length. In this project we choose for a duration of three weeks.


If you would like to use the toolset, you will need to be a registered user at one of the following websites and ask the site admin to add you to the ‘gwtoolset’ permission group.



Code repositories[edit]



Check the GLAMwiki Toolset outreach calendar page to be updated on past and future events and outreach activities related to this project.



Please contact us if you have any remarks or questions. There are several ways to contact the team.

  1. Via the discussion page: GLAM Wiki Toolset discussion page
  2. Join the mailingslist about this project


  1. See also this initiative

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