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Garros Galería is Mexico's first and only cat-themed art gallery/museum. It is located in Mexico City's Colonia Roma neighborhood, known for its art galleries, boutiques and specialty restaurants. While small in physical size, it has collaborations with the city's young artist scene, which includes a significant number of artists from Japan who have come to the country to develop their careers. The institution has sponsored exhibitions at the Cuauhtitlan Izcalli campus of TecMilenio University and other venues as well as its own gallery/boutique in Colonia Roma. It maintains permanent relations with a large number of artists and artisans who produced a line of cat-themed products, most of which are found no where else.

The Wikipedia article about the gallery is in English and Spanish

The Wikimedia partnership[edit]

Garros is the first art gallery in Mexico to collaborate with Wikimedia, making its first donation of 651 photgraphs from its various events and collections. It has also been instrumental in promoting coverage of Japanese artists residing in Mexico in Wikipedia, such as Fumiko Nakashima, Shino Watabe and Midori Suzuki, gathering published information about the artists and arranging for photographs for the articles. In addition, it has promoted working with Wikipedia to other art institutions including the Salon de la Plástica Mexicana.