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For information on how to add location data, see Commons:Geocoding.

GeoCommons is a project to show geocoded images from Wikimedia Commons in Google Earth.

The images are plotted as icons so as not to obscure the ground view, and open up on a mouse click. If the heading parameter is provided in the tag, the icon points to the direction of the camera's viewpoint.



Load GeoCommons.kml in Google Earth and start browsing! The file is only a pointer to the database, so it doesn't have to be reloaded for new data.

If you don't have the Google Earth program yet, a free download is available here. (Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X, Linux)

Alternatively, you can browse them on Google Maps, but the thumbnails are smaller and placemarks less accurate.



When the GeoCommons layer is active, the program sends its viewpoint coordinates to GeoCommons on the toolserver whenever the user moves around in Google Earth. GeoCommons finds the images in that view from a spatial R-tree database and returns a compressed response to the Google Earth program. The response currently contains at most 100 points, making sure the "best of Commons" is included. The criteria for choosing the images is currently their featured, quality image and picture of the day status. The database updates follow the toolserver replication lag.

How can I help?

  • Upload your photos to Commons
  • Geocode existing photos (see category gallery)
  • Refine geocoding of inaccurately placed images (see list)
  • Watch recent geocoding changes to monitor the quality

Similar projects

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For more information about geocoding in Wikimedia Projects, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Geographical coordinates and Commons:Geocoding.



Note! This project is in no way affiliated with GEOCOMMONS from FortiusOne.