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These free software products have been labeled by the Wikigraphists of the Graphic Lab the "five stars" of editing and creation of images, illustrations, maps, photograph and animations:

Name Features Operating System Download Example
Inkscape Logo.svg Inkscape Creator of SVG vector images. It can also be used to export PNG. Linux; Windows; Mac OS X
Housefly anatomy-key.svg
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Wilber-huge-alpha.png GIMP Similar to Photoshop, suite for image manipulation and creation of raster graphics, PNG, JPG, GIF, XCF). Can also be used to create animations when the GIMP Animation Package (GAP) is installed. Linux; BSD; Solaris; Windows; Mac OS X Hogna radiata (AF)-top 01.png
Canon Digital Ixus 50 front.png
Hugin logo small.png hugin Stitch panorama images and correct perspective Windows; Linux; BSD; Mac OS X; Other Unix Systems NYC Top of the Rock Pano.jpg
Logo Blender.svg Blender Creation and editing of 3D images. Windows; Linux x86/PPC; Solaris; Irix ; BSD; Mac OS X Engine movingparts.jpg