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Simple concept: Use the principles, style, and wisdom of Chinese characters as the foundation for a new system of ideographs. The first step is basic: migrate the Chinese radical set towards a Universal radical set, representing most the common function words in a graphical way. After that, add most common concepts to the radical set.

Hanzi universalization project (普字) seeks to use as a collaborative platform for the graphical and logographic redevelopment of Chinese characters (Hanzi) —to devise glyphs which omit localizing effects and best represent an ideal of optimum universalization and usability.

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Yong strokeset, substantially amended. Modify or fork as needed. ee
This file is part of Commons:Hanzi Universalization, (COM:HU) an experimental project for the artistic creation of innovative and universal forms of ideographic characters based largely on Chinese. Using the SVG format and keeping all strokes as separate elements allows for flexiblity and creativity.

Other projects dealing with other aspects of Chinese characters include the Stroke order, Ancient scripts, and Kangxi radicals projects.