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Icon body

It is quite easy to generate a new file for Icons of politicians.

How to create new Icons of politicians[edit]

For the grey body of the icon, download the file ? politic personality icon.svg.

For the colored sash, add just some paths between the </g> and the </svg> statements at the end of the coding.

Please note that, if an outside color is white, you may draw a border line by adding stroke="#DDD" to the path element.

For three stripes, you may use

  • upper: <path fill="upper_color" d="M33,110c33,53 78,93 137.6,118.3l-6.6,5.7c-50-11-112-60-136-119z"/>
  • midst: <path fill="middle_color" d="M28,115c28,58 69,99 136,119l-7.4,6.7c-67-21-112-55-135.6-118.7z"/>
  • lower: <path fill="lower_color" d="M21,122c32,79 79,99 135.6,118.7l-7.6,6.6c-62-11-111-51-134-119.3z"/>

When the upper and the lower color are the same, you first draw the outline of the complete sash

  • outer: <path fill="outer_color" d="M33,110

c33.2,53 77.8,92 137.6,118.3l-21.6,19c-62-11-111-51-134-119.3z"/>

and then insert the middle stripe as shown in the example above.

To draw one color into the upper and middle stripe,

  • upper two: <path fill="upper_color" d="M33,110c33.2,53 77.8,92 137.6,118.3l-14,12.4c-67-21-112-55-135.6-118.7z"/>
and for one color into the middle and lower stripe,
  • lower two: <path fill="lower_color" d="M28,115c28,58 69,99 136,119l-15,13.4c-62-11-111-51-134-119.3z"/>

For two stripes (of same width), you may use

  • upper half: <path fill="upper_color" d="M33,110c33,58 78,99 137.6,118.3l-10.8,9.5c-67-21-112-55-135.6-118.7z"/>
  • lower half: <path fill="lower_color" d="M24.3,118.8c32,79 79,99 135.6,118.7l-10.8,9.5c-62-11-111-51-134-119.3z"/>