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Flowchart for following IAR

If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining Commons, ignore it.

What IAR is not[modifica]

  • IAR is not sufficient justification in and of itself. Ignoring a particular rule must be justified by an application of common sense and/or broader principles of our policies and guidelines.
  • IAR does not give you free reign to ignore all rules, all the time. If you disagree with the spirit of a rule, propose to have it removed or refined instead of unilaterally invoking IAR.
  • IAR does not allow us to ignore copyright laws or any other external constraints placed on the project. If there is significant doubt that a file is freely licensed, it must be deleted.
  • Commons is not Wikipedia. While most of the rules on Wikipedia are internal in origin, designed with a better encyclopedia in mind, most of the rules on Commons are external in origin, designed to comply with the law. You will generally see IAR invoked far less often on Commons than on Wikipedia as a result.

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