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POTY barnstar 1-2007.svg
POTY barnstar 1-2007.svg

Second concours annuel de l’image Wikimédia Commons de l’année

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POTY barnstar 1 2007.svg Commons Image de l’année 2007: Résultats

La compétition pour l’image Commons de l’année 2007 est terminée et le gagnant a été choisi. Lors du dernier round, 919 wikimédiens ont voté dont 84 pour l’image gagnante, Broadway Tower, dans les Cotswolds (Angleterre). New York City de nuit prend la seconde place avec 67 votes. La troisième place est décernée à l’image Eichhörnchen avec 66 votes.

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Broadway tower edit.jpg

Commons Picture of the Year 2007

POTY barnstar 1 2007.svg

#1 – 84 votes; La tour de Broadway à Cotswolds, en Angleterre.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Newton2.

Commentaires des votants :
  • This is the picture I would like to have taken myself.
  • Great colours and composition.
  • Best composition ever. Nice weather too.
  • really torn between this and All_Gizah_Pyramids.jpg, but since I only have one vote...
  • Perfect composition, excellent colours
  • Great! A man and a castle at the edge of the world!
  • One of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen, and a wonderful photograph. Now I want to visit!
  • Que nous sommes petits!
  • beautyfull
  • it's hard to pick a single pic...
  • Arty encyclopedic
  • Perfect composition
  • Surreal
  • I like the scale contrast
  • Could be the standard Windows Vista wallpaper ;-)
  • Tellement intriguante
  • Whoa,I like how the tower is like big, and the person is like... not
  • Le site ! Ainsi que la construction de la photo, bravo !
  • Let it say this way: contrast and deep colours, good composition, decriptive... There would be also some contras, but let it characterize like: "Le château des Pyrénées", René Magritte.
  • clearly
  • This image has most comments, so it is probably the best.
  • Magic !
  • It's Just Unreal
  • Striking composition and colors, and an all around beautiful image.
  • Beautiful composition, perfect shot.
  • that it was created specifically for Wikipedia is a plus.
  • Exquisitely composed
  • timeless
  • very amazing, fast surreal
  • splendid!
New York City at night HDR.jpg
POTY barnstar 2 2007.svg

#2 – 67 votes; New York la nuit. Image prise par imagerie à grande gamme dynamique.

Image réalisée par Paulo Barcellos Jr..

Commentaires des votants :
  • impressionante
  • Mooie belichting
  • Well... This is just so cool.
  • I love this. It's incredible!!!
  • pretty cool, a great encyklopedic image
  • Tolle Stimmung
  • Impressive, beautiful and interesting.
  • hypnotizing
  • genial
  • simply amazing
  • Reminds me of the openings shots of "Blade Runner"
  • Simply amazing! Looks like it came straight out of a dark and scary movie.
  • it's a nice horror
  • I saw this photo and — wow!
  • Reminds me Sin City film :)
  • Wow!
  • Long live HDR! (This one reminds me of Sin City)
  • love the HDR
  • Wow.
  • One of the most beautiful cityscapes I've ever seen.
  • Splendide. On pourrait croire qu'elle est tiré du film Sin City
  • Incredible Image
  • Look like 3D picture but it's real... My choice :)
  • Lovely night shot
  • Bravo!
  • All these images are amazing but this one is simply stunning!
  • Very vivid and amazing picture.
Eichhörnchen Düsseldorf Hofgarten edit.jpg
POTY barnstar 3 2007.svg

#3 – 66 votes; Écureuil dans un parc public à Dusseldorf

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Ray eye.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Must have been hard to catch it like this, thats not easy to take. Very good work!
  • Let this wonderful creature be the best! :)
  • Hugely appealing. Bonus points for retaining the EXIF data and for preferring Cc-by-sa to GFDL
  • Hilarious.
  • Caught!
  • ' \ '
  • Perfect image of an elusive subject.
  • Nice catch! It's pretty hard to have a close of a so active animal.
  • nice, catch the moment
  • Really nice picture!
  • Awesome :D
  • The cutest squirrel I've ever seen.
  • photographe patient
  •  :-)
  • Terrific!
  • simply wonderful
  • Wow!!
  • An original Wikimedian image, and wonderful this has my vote.
  • a very nice picture of a very quick animal
  • Picture reflects topic
  • Muy linda foto:)
  • et blinkskudd. Et øyeblikk.
  • großes kino
Terrace field yunnan china denoised.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#4 – 62 votes; De terrasse de riz de gisements province dedans Yunnan, Chine. Edq

Image réalisée par le wikimédien JialiangGao.

Commentaires des votants :
  • That's the kind of picture we need for an encyclopaedia!
  • Uma maravilhosa mistura de natureza e ação humana.
  • extraordinary picture which in fact has more implied meaning than just that of which it is a photograph
  • I really liiks the different colors
  • Terraforming in real-life
  • Superbe, tout simplement.
  • spectacular
  • art from the sky
  • nature-culture abstraction
  • Beautiful picture of a very nice place!
  • Wins on surreality for me, quality alone is not enough
  • amazing picture
  • never seen such a picture
  • This photo made me look at the world anew
  • un monde graphique SUPERBE
  • Looks just like a painting.
  • Excellent example of image which is both extraordinarily beautiful and contains useful encyclopedic content. A standout for me in a strong field.
  • Amazing image, nice resolution
Hawaii turtle 2.JPG
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#5 – 59 votes; Tortue verte dans les eaux de l'île d'Hawaï (USA)

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Mila Zinkova.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Beautiful.
  • the Peugeot racing car is more impressive at first view, though this one is lovely as well
  • Linda imagem de um lindo momento de um lindo animal.
  • I love that image, but unfortunaly it has not such a good resolution like the others. Anyway, my vote for it
  • simply beautiful
  • Gorgeous colors. Reminds me of a certain Academy Award winning film.
  • under wather
  • beautiful
  • Das Foto geht über ein bloße Abbildung des Tieres hinaus. Es zeigt das Tier in Aktion in seiner natürlichen Umgebung und bietet so viel mehr Informationen. Außerdem hat das Foto eine hohe ästhetische Qualität,
  • Natural, eye-catching, perfect composition.
  • good
  • Amazing!
  • Fantastic!
  • Nice!
  • Fantastic quality and composition.
  • Great pic in hard-to-shoot environment
  • Good picture
  • A wounderful nature picture with dynamic and colorfullness of a gorgeous animal
  • Perhaps not as nice as others, but holds the most encyclopedic value in a really great shot
  • ihana
  • looks gr8
  • Really good, looks like it came out from an actual video in high definition TV
  • impressive
  • It's remarkable
Colosseum in Rome-April 2007-1- copie 2B.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#6 – 49 votes; Vue panoramique du Colisée au crépuscule.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Diliff.

Commentaires des votants :
  • One of the most photographed landmarks in the world. Still this image manages to amaze: that's top quality for you!
  • A beautiful shot. Sharp, nice colours, everything's perfect.
  • clear & useful for WM projects
  • Tolle technische Qualität, sehr schöne Lichtstimmung. Alles in allem perfekt.
  • impressive!
  • excpetional quality
  • good work
  • No finer way to depict something.
  • very beautiful
  • No comments
  • incredibile il contrasto fra luci e colori scuri
  • this is brilliant
  • Best quality / interest / style
  • One of the new world wonders shown in espectucalar light. Unfortunately the image shows some artifacts in the sky. But nonetheless the image is briliant! Thank you!
  • Another great picture by Diliff, still the best with hard competition
USA Antelope-Canyon.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#7 – 46 votes; L’Antelope Canyon (canyon de l’antilope), dans l’Arizona aux États-Unis.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Lucas Löffler.

Commentaires des votants :
  • It´s absolutely great! Beautiful colours!
  • Hard choice but this is the most stunning of the group.
  • I love it!
  • Very difficult decision. There were a few images that I especially liked, in the end this one won because it had the most free license.
  • Impossible choice with so many great images
  • Wow soo cool :)
  • Viele sind grandios - aber das ist das Beste in Verbindung von Genialität, Schönheit und enzyklopädischer Brauchbarkeit
  • it was a very hard decision, one outstanding picture among many other great ones
  • I ove the contrast and the colors
  • it's orange
  • A stunning shot and in the PD. BTW: a single vote for 1/28 photos can not accurately determine a second place.
  • The beam of light is just wonderful...
  • Public Domain license
  • Tough choice - but I had to pick the one photograph that looks like a painting. It has some natural, yet unnatural beauty.
  • The finger of God ...
  • beautiful!!
  • Re: a drop of golden sun
  • Оригинально и красиво
  • Fantastic image!
  • very nice!
  • Quel jeu sur la lumière, quelle pureté....
Peugeot 206 WRC.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#8 – 43 votes; Le pilote finlandais Juuso Pykälistö dans sa Peugeot 206 WRC durant le Rallye de Suède 2003

Image réalisée par Christopher Batt.

Commentaires des votants :
  • nice shot
  • Either this guy was using a high speed camera or this guy got a very, very lucky shot
  • Great shot!
  • Rare event, with sharpness and bright colours. Sense of danger for the man behind the camera.
  • Great Action Shot
  • I hope the photographer was able to get out of the way!
  • awesome
  • クラッシュする寸前の貴重な瞬間、すごいです!
  • 今にも横転しそうな臨場感が素晴らしい。
  • Good image.
  • Unbelievable - the best racing photograph I've seen in a long time
  • pure action
  • Captures the location well
  • Extraordinary.
  • The frozen moment is incredible!
HerdenkingVuurgrensRotterdam1940 2007 edit1.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#9 – 41 votes; Jeu de lumière commémorant le bombardement de Rotterdam par l'Allemagne Nazie.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Y.S. Groen.

Commentaires des votants :
  • It makes you feel so little
  • The light effect is marvelous(but yet, I had a hard time voting, so many wonderful images!)!
  • very nice!
  • beautiful
  • luxurious
  • Muy linda vista. Fue muy difícil elegir una.
  • Both beautiful and important.
  • the colors, light and shines very well. for a long time I've used this as a screensaver. like a postcard:)
  • Right moment for a year and for a picture
  • Breathtaking
  • Impressive
  • That's cool!
Brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) running.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#10 – 34 votes; Ours brun (Ursus arctos arctos) au galop. Parc Skandinavisk, Danemark

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Malene Thyssen.

Commentaires des votants :
  • I don't care what Stephen Colbert says! Bears are the future! :P
  • This photo should win - mainly to annoy Stephen Colbert.
  • Viele-baeren can easyly vote for one bear!
  • Sharp in focus encyclopedia, and cute
  • Ma dove correva?
  • Like it
  • It looks alive
  • Yay! Bear!
  • Shooted in danger
  • Great image!
  • Good movement and colours. If this bear were running for an office, this photo would be his election poster #1. Minus for being from a zoo, but you cannot have everything.
  • the water droplets are amazing, well timed shot.
  • Amazing. I love how I can see the water droplets.
  • Useful for the encyclopedia, and simply a great picture.
  • Picture anyone could appreciate; not perfect, but I wouldn't want to get close enough to get it perfect!
A storm at Pors-Loubous.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#11 – 34 votes; Un jour de tempête à Pors-Loubous, petit port dans la commune de Plogoff, Bretagne, France.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Henri Camus.

Commentaires des votants :
  • great
  • great climate!
  • motion and colours are fantasic
  • a picture full of emotions.
  • powerful image - great colors
  • An extremely tough choice between maybe 6 great pictures!
  • may not be the most pretty, but this obviously took the most technical skill to take
  • It has life
  • schön
  • Nice, lots of action, high quality ...
CH cow 2.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#12 – 32 votes; Une vache

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Daniel Schwen.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Definitely the finest image here on Commons. The depth of field is amazing, the colours too. Excellent, truly impressive sharpness and great composition. The exif data also confirms my suspicions. This image could not be better technically or compositiona
  • Hard choice, but this was the one! 2nd was Flughahn.jpg, 3rd was All_Gizah_Pyramids.jpg and 4th was Hawaii_turtle_2.JPG and 5th was Egeskov_Slot_spejling_Edit_2.jpg
  • Mooh !
  • I simply love the comp and the cow =)
  • zencow is zen
  • It's just too good to not vote for - very nice composition
  • nice colors and disposition of elements
  • Ja, es ist eine einfache Kuh, aber wenn alle Kühe so friedvoll aussehen würden, wären all diese Urlaube auf dem Bauernhof früher viel leichter zu ertragen gewesen; andererseits, wer weiß schon, was die überlegt; hat der Fotograf noch alle Körperteile?
  • Fantastiskt kofoto.
  • It was a difficult choice, but this is the one I prefer
Egeskov Slot spejling Edit 2.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#13 – 28 votes; Château d'Egeskov. Danemark.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Malene Thyssen.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Beautiful captured
  • Just the kind of image I wish I'd taken. Beautiful, informative, and CC-by-sa!
  • Good position of the scene - nice is the silent water, and the colors are excellent
Old book bindings.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#14 – 28 votes; Vieux livres sur une étagère de la bibliothèque de Merton College, Université d'Oxford, Royaume-Uni.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Tom Murphy VII.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Basically represents our projects
  • What's in the books?!
  • Yeees, nice one!
  • difficult choice. The sujet of this picture is so much me that I voted for "Old bookbindings". Firefighting exercise, breaking wave, Peugeot, Broadway Tower, Brown Bear, Antelope Canyon were also close to being my favorite.
  • couldn't be done better,
  • 知識を象徴する。
  • La antikva Vikio!
  • There are a lot of extremely great pictures in the running for Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2007. As a Wikipedian this picture of old books grabs my attention, my imagination and that part of me the fuels my continued contributions to Wikipedia;
  • I like books so much, as the represent information, just like Wikimedia
  • Inspires the ideas of knowledge and hidden treasures in an excellent way.
Foucault pendulum animated.gif
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#15 – 28 votes; Pendule de Foucault, montrant le sens de rotation dans l'hémisphère sud.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien DemonDeLuxe.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Its this kind of media that makes Wikipedia special. Keep up the great work
  • not only a good picture, but good exposition of the subject
  • Compleja para ser un gif
  • As before the candidates are all visually impressive. I think this image effectively illustrates a difficult to explain conc
  • Fine art. I wish the best to those who knew the artist
  • Ein Bild, das aus dem Rahmen fällt
  • Наиболее энциклопедичная картинка)
  • Great physics made alive
  • прикольна річ :)
  • Every deatil is taken care of, from the reflection on the picture and the shadw, to the fading ink.
Piles of Salt Salar de Uyuni Bolivia Luca Galuzzi 2006 a.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#16 – 27 votes; Récolte du sel dans le Salar de Uyuni, en Bolivie.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Luca Galuzzi.

Commentaires des votants :
  •  !
  • fotografisch natürlich bestens, enzyklopädisch relevant, informativ, herausragende Bildbeschreibung
  • very interesting
  • Unusual subject and very convincing composition
  • amazing!
  • Educational value is rarer than beauty, and this has it
Glarus Kloentalersee.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#17 – 26 votes; Klöntalersee, canton de Glarus (Suisse). Le niveau de ce lac glaciaire a été rehaussé par la construction d'un barrage hydroélectrique.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Ikiwaner.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Extremly beautiful
  • serenity
  • Stunning view.
  • schönes Naturbild
  • great :)
Culex sp larvae.png
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#18 – 22 votes; Larves de moustiques du genre Culex. Comme le montre la photo, les larves forment des groupes compacts dans les eaux stagnantes. Un changement dans le comportement nutritionnel de ces moustiques permet d'expliquer l'augmentation de la prévalence du West Nile virus en Amérique du nord.

Image réalisée par James Gathany.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Technisch super, für Wikipedia hoch relevant
  • very explaning
  • arty as well as enzyclopedic
  • nice macro
  • makes u wonder...
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#19 – 20 votes; Un dactytoptère (Dactylopterus volitans), poisson à larges nageoires rayonnées (Actinopterygii) de l’ordre des Scorpaeniformes, nageant près du fond sablonneux de la mer Méditerranée à l’Est de la Crète (Grèce).

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Beckmannjan.

Commentaires des votants :
  • It was really hard to choose. All images are great. I've chosen this one because it is amazing image taken underwater and in the wild!
  • Flying gurnard
  • simply superbly stunning
  • This is a spectacular image that seems hard to come by. The color and clarity are magnificent.
Fulmer Falls Closeup 3000px.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#20 – 19 votes; Les chutes Fulmer, une chute d’eau dans le Parc récréatif Georges W. Childs des monts Pocono, en Pennsylvanie (États-Unis).

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Derek Ramsey.

Commentaires des votants :
  • It was hard to choose...
  • Fantastic!
All Gizah Pyramids.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#21 – 17 votes; Les pyramides de la nécropole de Gizeh, près du Caire, les plus célèbres, les plus hautes et les plus richement ornées des grandes pyramides de l’Égypte antique.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Ricardo Liberato.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Outstanding
  • Seven wonder rules
  • colours, its beautiful composition... it is just irresistible
  • The most interesting picture of all.
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#22 – 16 votes; The nest and chicks of an Australasian Pipit (Anthus novaeseelandiae)

Image réalisée par le wikimédien benjamint444.

Commentaires des votants :
  • an amazingly raw and yet somehow tender view of nature
  • it is what Wikis are like; always hungry for more info
  • Es standen auch andere Top Bilder zur Wahl. Mir gefiel dieses Bild mit den Küken.
  • Completely unique
Colouring pencils.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#23 – 14 votes; Crayons de couleur

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Michael Maggs.

Commentaires des votants :
  • nice idea
  • Very well done, I love colours
  • Amazing photograph
  • A very simple image that nicely illustrates opposites and has good contrast between the black background, the bright colour of the pencils and the light 'circle' created by the shaved wood. Very cool!! Gets my vote.
  • mooie graduele kleurenovergang in een cirkeltje
Palace of Westminster, London - Feb 2007.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#24 – 14 votes; Le Palais de Westminster de nuit, vu de la rive sud de la Tamise.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Diliff .

Commentaires des votants :
  • I liked his Toledo Skyline photo better, but this is equally excellent
  • Clear crisp photo, accurately portrays the subject.. and looks pretty cool too.
Firefighting exercise.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#25 – 14 votes; Pompiers du groupe de protection feu du 20ème escadron du Génie Civil de l'US Air Force attaquant un feu réel pendant un exercice sur le terrain.

Image réalisée par Kathrine McDowell.

Commentaires des votants :
  • socialact and color top
  • Only allowed one vote? No fair!
  • The fire can be beautiful (only during an exercise!)
  • subtile bichromie de gris et cuivre
  • Nice and surreal.
Male whale shark at Georgia Aquarium.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#26 – 13 votes; L'un des deux requins baleine mâles résidant à l'Aquarium de Géorgie.

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Zac Wolf.

Commentaires des votants :
  • intense moment. ;)
  • It is similar to WP: an event and reporters, writers, readers.
  • Nice perspective
  • 観客と展示物の取り合わせが絶妙。Great!
Equisetum pratense Luc Viatour.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#27 – 11 votes; 'Equisetum pratense en Belgique au jardin botanique de Meise

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Luc Viatour.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Photogenic, encyclopedic / educational, clearly the object was photo with a good light and still it could have been noticed by most of us, not only for someone who can afford a long travel. Quite examplarish as a collection of our project.
  • Amazing
Dew on a Equisetum fluviatile Luc Viatour.jpg
POTY ribbon 2007.svg

#28 – 5 votes; Rosée matinale sur une Equisetum fluviatile en Belgique dans la réserve naturelle "Marie Mouchon"

Image réalisée par le wikimédien Luc Viatour.

Commentaires des votants :
  • Perfect technical quality + encyclopedic value = great image
  • Very interesting, shows what it looks like close up in great detail.