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Imatge del jorn
30 setembre de 2023
Picture of Pinto beans (seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris).
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Aquestes imatges son estats seleccionats coma imatge del jorn per èsser presentats sus la pagina d’acuèlh. Los publicar sus aquesta pagina permet als contributors de los "legendar" dins la lenga que vòlon.

Dempuèi lo 1èr de julhet de 2007, los imatges del jorn son obligatòriament causits demest los imatges remirables. Los images remirables son los melhors imatges de Wikimedia Commons e son seleccionats per consensus aicí. Per las instruccions sus la procedura d'apondons d'imatge del jorn, legissètz aquò.

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English : Panoramic view (span of approx. 150°) of the city of Cusco, Peru. The city, located near the Sacred Valley of the Andes mountain range, is the capital of the Cusco Province, has a population of 428,450 inhabitants and its elevation is around 3,400 metres (11,200 ft). The site was the historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th until the 16th-century Spanish conquest and was declared in 1983 a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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English : Experiment with lens ball and light stick


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Canvia la imatge
English : A Re 4/4 II and a Re 6/6 electric locomotives haul a southbound intermodal freight train on the Gotthard line just outside Erstfeld (visible in the background), Switzerland


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English : Aerial view of a flock of sheep with a shepherd in China


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English : Clouded yellows (Colias croceus) mating in Pirin National Park, Bulgaria. Today is Bulgaria Unification Day; unification happened in 1885.


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English : 125 years ago: Menu card (front page) for the banquet in honour of the presence of German Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Auguste Viktoria on Sept. 7 1898 in Hotel Kaiserhof, Porta Westfalica


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English : Red-and-green macaw (Ara chloropterus) juvenile, near the banks of the Rio Negro in the Pantanal, Brazil


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English : A batik maker in Wukirsari Village, the center of batik tulis industry in Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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English : Tribute in Light (as seen in 2020), in remembrance of the September 11 attacks in 2001


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English : Breil-Brigels: Outflow of the Flem in Lag da Breil


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English : Southeast view of the Romanesque abbey church ruin in Paulinzella, Germany


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English : Blue-sided leaf frog (Agalychnis annae) in Heredia, Costa Rica. This frog is classified as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.


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English : Ruined Armenian church inside Lori Berd (Lori Fortress), an 11th-century fortress located in the Lori Province, Armenia. The fortress was built by David Anhoghin to become the capital of Kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget in 1065.


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English : Trees and ditch at sunrise in Börnste hamlet, Kirchspiel, Dülmen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


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English : Waldhaus Flims, upper Rhineschlucht. View of the Rheinschlucht natural monument from viewing platform “Il spir”.


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English : Façade of the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris (France), showing the Portal of the Virgin, the Portal of the Last Judgment and the Portal of Saint Anne. The row above shows the statues of 28 biblical kings.


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English : Viperine snake (Natrix maura) swimming in Extremadura, Spain


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English : Issued 100 years ago: 100 Million Mark "Notgeld" banknote (21 September 1923), Trier, Germany, design: Fritz Quant, RV: Roman Bridge in Trier.


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Canvia la imatge
English : Interior view of Pauluskirche (St. Paul's Church) in Lucerne, Switzerland


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English : Central dome of Salzburg Cathedral, Austria. The cathedral was founded in 774 and rebuilt in 1181 after a fire but it got its present Baroque style appearance under Prince-Bishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau in the 17th century.


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English : 'Golden Delicious' apples


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English : Amrum windmill near Nebel, historic building and landmark of the North Frisian Island of Amrum


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English : Aerial view of Mount Rainier, Washington, USA, taken from the west. At 14,417 ft (4,394 m), this active volcano is the highest mountain in Washington State and is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States. It is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It is popular among mountaineers.


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English : Mount Everest's north face as seen from the path to the base camp. Tibet, China.


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English : This ceiling fresco in Michaelskapelle, a historic church in Bruchsal, Baden-Württemberg, depicts Michael the Archangel's victory over Satan and fallen angels. Today is Michaelmas.


Canvia la imatge
English : Picture of Pinto beans (seeds of Phaseolus vulgaris).

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