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Tuesday 19 March 2019 22:41 UTC
Immagine del giorno
Persépolis, Irán, 2016-09-24, DD 64-68 PAN.jpg
Veduta panoramica di Persepoli, situata circa 60 km a nordest della attuale città di Shiraz, nella Provincia di Fars dell'Iran. Sito Patrimonio dell'umanità dell'UNESCO dal 1979.

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Cambia immagine
English : Arcades at Nationalmuseet, Kopenhagen, Denmark


Cambia immagine
English : The High Court of Australia, in Canberra, ACT, is an unusual and distinctive structure, built in the brutalist style, and features a public atrium with a 24-metre-high roof. The building was completed in 1980. The High Court was added to the Australian National Heritage List in November 2007.


Cambia immagine
English : The Loves of Paris and Helen is a 1788 painting by Jacques-Louis David, showing Helen of Troy and Paris from Homer's Iliad. It is now in the Louvre Museum in Paris.


Cambia immagine
English : Diagram of the geological process of subduction.


Cambia immagine
English : Jo Wilson, a forward, during warm-ups before the London Bees vs. Millwall Lionesses match on 15 April 2017.


Cambia immagine
English : Night view of the front of the German Chancellery building (in German Bundeskanzleramt), located in the heart of Berlin, Germany. The building, of postmodern style with elements of modernist style was opened in 2001 and was designed by Charlotte Frank and Axel Schultes. The iron sculpture called "Berlin" is work of Eduardo Chillida. The building hosts the agency serving the executive office of the Chancellor of Germany, the head of the federal government, currently Angela Merkel.


Cambia immagine
English : Magpie moth (Abraxas grossulariata), a moth of the family Geometridae, in Oxfordshire


Inferriata con fiori a Santorini in Grecia

Cambia immagine
Italiano : Inferriata con fiori a Santorini in Grecia


Cambia immagine
English : West facade of the Paul-Löbe-Haus in Berlin-Mitte during the blue hour. The building was designed by architect Stephan Braunfels and built between 1997 and 2002. It's one of the buildings of the German parliament.


Cambia immagine
English : Camel caravan transporting salt from the salt works at Lake Karum, Afar Region, Ethiopia


Cambia immagine
English : The Frauenkirche is a church in the Bavarian city of Munich that serves as the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It is a landmark and a symbol of the Bavarian capital.


Cambia immagine
English : Submerged church of St. Nicholas, Mavrovo Lake, Republic of Macedonia. The church was built in 1850 and submerged in the local lake in 1953, but due to droughts in the 21st century it has largely appeared out of the lake.


Cambia immagine
English : St. Trudpert's Abbey


Cambia immagine
English : The head of an adult Striated Heron (Butorides striata javanica).


Cambia immagine
English : The main office complex of the ADAC (General German Automobile Club) in Munich was designed by Sauerbruch Hutton and opened in 2012.


Cambia immagine
English : Ugandan kobs (Kobus kob thomasi) female and calf, Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda


Cambia immagine
English : "Airborne" by Christopher Klein, an art installation representing a gas molecule. Built in 2008 for The Linde Group's headquarters, the Angerhof, in Munich.


Cambia immagine


Veduta panoramica di Persepoli, situata circa 60 km a nordest della attuale città di Shiraz, nella Provincia di Fars dell'Iran. Sito Patrimonio dell'umanità dell'UNESCO dal 1979.

Cambia immagine
Italiano : Veduta panoramica di Persepoli, situata circa 60 km a nordest della attuale città di Shiraz, nella Provincia di Fars dell'Iran. Sito Patrimonio dell'umanità dell'UNESCO dal 1979.


Cambia immagine


Cambia immagine
English : Silja Serenade in archipelagos of Stockholm


Cambia immagine
English : Sunset panorama of the Toronto skyline as seen from the Toronto Islands.


Cambia immagine
English : A sailboat on the body of water "Plan d'eau du Vidourle" in Le Grau-du-Roi, France.


Cambia immagine
English : High altar (Altar of the Holy Helpers) at the parish church Freistadt, Upper Austria. Anonymous master of the Danube school (Lienhard Krapfenbacher?), around 1520.


Cambia immagine
English : View of one of the six courtyards of the Abbāsi House, a large traditional historical house located in Kashan, Iran. Built during the late 18th century, it is said to have been the property of a famous cleric.


Cambia immagine
English : On the left the Reichstag building. On the right next to it the east side of the Paul-Löbe-Haus in Berlin-Mitte, facing the river Spree, during the blue hour.


Cambia immagine
English : A captive Red kite (Milvus milvus) in the Adlerwarte Obernberg am Inn falconry. Obernberg am Inn, Austria.


Cambia immagine
English : The nebula N159 in the Large Magellanic Cloud


Cambia immagine
English : Ida Husted Harper, was an American author, journalist, columnist, and suffragist, as well as the chosen biographer of Susan B. Anthony, whom she also worked with on the six-volume History of Woman Suffrage. Harper also served as secretary of the Indiana chapter of the National Woman Suffrage Association, became a prominent figure in the women's suffrage movement in the U.S., and wrote columns on women's issues for numerous newspapers across the United States, amongst other things.


Cambia immagine


Cambia immagine
English : Interior of the Serbian Orthodox Nova Gračanica church, built in 2000 and located on the Crkvina Hill overlooking the town of Trebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The temple is an exact copy of the Gračanica monastery in Kosovo (built in 1321).

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