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Following are the watchwords for the Cubbie bot operated by User:Tangotango. Watchwords are made in regular expressions format. Bot commands are as follows. Please note that you need to have voice on the channel in order to add or remove watchwords.

To add watchword "foo," meaning vandalism:

Cubbie watchword add foo r=Possible vandalism

To remove watchword "bar":

Cubbie watchword del bar
Watchword name Reason
[Ll]ogo Potential copyvio
px- Likely cache image upload
pikachu Likely copyvio
[Pp]ok[ee]mon Likely copyvio
album Possible copyvio
penis Possible vandalism
fuck Probable vandalism
^uploaded "\[\[.*\]\]"$ Blank comment
DSC0 Image naming
IMG0 Image naming
[Aa]nime Likely copyvio
screenshot Likely copyvio
Windows Possible copyvio
(.)\1{4,} Multiple characters/likely vandalism
[Rr]owling Possible copyvio
[Gg]oogle Likely copyvio
{{Copyrighted free use}} Possible license abuse
[Ff]air ?[Uu]se Fair use
[Uu]so ?[Jj]usto Fair use in Spanish
[Ww]in ?[Xx][Pp] Potential copyvio
non-free non-free license