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• Saturday 21 April 2018 •

If you want to write a new article or an important discussion create a new subpage, then link it to The Commons Journal.

Cancer2.jpg Month of July[edit]

Nuvola apps ksirc.png New guideline for naming categories[edit]

2/07/07: A new guideline Commons:Naming categories is in preparation. Discussions take place in Commons talk:Naming categories.


Gemini2.jpg Month of June[edit]

Nuvola apps kuser.svg New file format allowed: DjVu[edit]

24/06/06: DjVU file format is now enabled. This is useful mainly for Wikisource:. It handles scanned documents better than PDF and like PDF produces no thumbnail image. (-->read announcement)

Nuvola apps kcmpartitions.png Journal on sidebar[edit]

24/06/06 Do you want to add a link to the Commons Journal in the sidebar? (--> discuss & vote)

Nuvola apps ksirc.png New guideline for derivative works[edit]

22/06/06 On Commons:Derivative works, certain heated discussions on Pokemon toys (see below), Star Wars action figures and the Simpsons dolls have been pulled together into a basic FAQ on derivative works. Discussions are welcome, legal experts may want to have a look at it.

Nuvola apps ksirc.png Heated deletion debate on image of Pokemon toy[edit]

20/06/06: This blurry looking fellow is the subject of a protracted debate about whether or not images of copyrighted character toys are derivative works and should be deleted. In the past such debates have usually resulted in deletion, although there are still quite a few such images on the Commons as this is not something most people are aware of. (--> read more...)

Crystal package system.png Bot to 'rename' categories and welcome users[edit]

20/06/06: Orgullobot is a very useful bot that runs several tasks. One is renaming categories. If there is a large category that you want to rename (e.g. Chinese history to History of China), you can ask Orgullobot to do it for you at User:Orgullobot/commands. Also, the bot automatically welcomes all new users with at least one edit or one upload. You can help the Commons administrators by helping check their contributions at User:Orgullobot/Welcome log, correcting their mistakes, and then removing their name from the list. This is a very useful task to catch and correct newbie mistakes right at the start, so please join in, even one every day will help!

Nuvola apps kuser.svg Wikimedian wallpapers[edit]

20/06/06: Pfctdayelise is collecting images created by Wikimedians that are suitable to use as computer wallpapers. She needs suggestions as well as volunteers to "test" the images and report on how nice they are as a wallpaper, for different sized computer screens. (--> read more...)

Icon tools.svg Image undeletion[edit]

16/06/06: Brion VIBBER has made it possible for admins to undelete images, as of this day. (--> Read announcement or more on bugs)

Nuvola apps ksirc.png Deletion backlog[edit]

09/06/06: There is some discussion on the commons-l mailing list about ways to help solve the very large number of files waiting for "speedy" deletion. Some new tools are created to help admins and some people commit to deleting more files. (--> read more...)

Kgpg new.svg Admins[edit]

  • 24/06/06: Orgullomoore has become administrator! Compliments!!
  • 23/06/06: Grön has become administrator! Compliments!!
  • 22/06/06: Samulili has become administrator! Compliments!!
  • 17/06/06: BounceY2K has become administrator! Compliments!!
  • 17/06/06: Jon Harald Søby has candidated himself for adminship.
  • 15/06/06: Orgullomoore has candidated himself for adminship.
  • 14/06/06: Lennert B and NielsF have become administrators! Compliments!!
  • 14/06/06: Helix84 has withdrawn his bid for adminship.

Nuvola apps ksirc.png Discussions[edit]

  • 12/06/06: What about adding a link to The Commons Journal in the navigation box? (--> read more...)
  • 11/06/06: The Commons Journal has just come to life and we immediately discuss the possibility of a multi-language project. What about only one journal? What about a central project? What about many journals? (--> read more...)

Nuvola apps kuser.svg Community events[edit]

11/06/06: The Commons Journal has opened!! After a first and a second discussion it's a big pleasure for me to introduce you The Commons Journal, a place that contains the main news from every commons' bar. --ßøuñçêY2K 17:45, 11 June 2006 (UTC) (--> discuss here...)

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