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Jury tools help to judge during competitions like Wiki Loves Monuments, Wiki Loves Earth or Wiki Loves Public Art. Several such tool have been written over the years.

Germany jury tool[edit]

Israel jury tool by Ynhockey[edit]


  • Jury interface:
  • Tile interface for viewing the images.
  • Control over image display size, although it seems the full size image is loaded, but the size image is shown in can be controlled. This can be a problem for jurors on low bandwidth connections.
  • Each juror can claim a batch and work on it.
  • Only Binary (Yes/No) voting scheme is supported.
  • Progress status is available.
  • No reporting/exporting option from the UI.
  • Admin interface
  • Account creation will have to happen in the back-end with developer support.
  • Import/export options are not available.
  • Number of jurors per batch/photo cannot be set.
  • Only Binary (Yes/No) voting scheme is supported.
  • Image list have to be provided by the admin in JSON format


Wlmpa Jurytool[edit]

  • Jury interface:
  • The admin side of the tool will allow for the creation of flexible number of rounds.
  • No randomization of the order of photos displayed are supported.
  • The photos are displayed one-by-one to the user (juror).
  • Control over image size for voting is not supported (may be too heavy for jurors on low-bandwidth connections.)
  • No progress status.
  • Exporting of the images per round is possible.
  • Admin interface
  • The admin can set the number of images per juror.
  • Binary (Yes/No) and star-based voting schemes are supported.
  • Setting up the accounts for the admin and jury is done in the back-end (needs developer support).
  • Setting up the rounds and number of juror per photo by admin is straightforward.
  • Export/import is relatively straightforward.
  • Images cannot be removed from the pool.
  • Progress status is not available.
  • Jury interface:
  • Binary (Yes/No) and star-based rating. Ranking is supported by creating a star-based round with as many star options as the number of photos that need to be ranked.
  • There are both thumbnails gallery and large image view modes. Thumbnails gallery mode can be used to quickly select/rejects lots of images.
  • No randomization of the order in which the photos are shown
  • Tool displays image resolution information (width, height and megapixels).
  • There is quite a bit of flexibility in terms of round structure (number of rounds, type of voting possible, thresholds, number of jurors per photo, etc.)
  • Reporting works well.
  • Commenting under each photo is possible
  • Admin interface
  • The first admin should be added by the developer. After that, the additional admins and jurors can be added by the admin.
  • New jurors and images can be added to an open round.
  • The admin can set the number of images per juror.
  • Binary (Yes/No) and star-based voting schemes are supported. Ranking is handled as a special case of star-based voting.
  • Photos cannot be removed except by developer support in the backend.
  • Exporting the detailed results works smoothly.


  • Brazil jury tool for WLE 2014, Catalan jury tool?