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Yong's skeleton.svg

Commons:Kangxi radicals began as a subproject of COM:HU (See also COM:SO) for sake of representing the base 214 radicals in SVG as separated strokes rather than as a single vector. This makes them modular in a sense, and therefore more easily editable. (Source used: full listing.) See also Commons:Ancient Chinese characters:214 radicals

These should be continually improved, but in a way that is uniform and artistically faithful to the original style. Other styles may be rendered separately.

Please drop me a note if you want to help with making corrections and fixes. There is plenty of work to be done on these: The "ee" links below are for use with the external editor application, which downloads the image file and loads it in Inkscape, and allows you to save and upload the file to the Commons. The Java variant is highly recommended. Very helpful for dealing quickly with large numbers of files. I can be of help in setting the editor up for you. The up links are just for uploading files with the right filename already entered. -Magna (talk) 21:33, 9 December 2008 (UTC)

Strokeset for Hanzi characters. These are updated to give a greater selection of horizontal heng2 strokes, in a range, depending on whether the stroke appears in the top middle or bottom zones within the full character. ee



  1. In progress. A few missing characters.
  2. Some are quite nice, others are quite teh suck.
  3. stroke angle: Horizontal strokes show excess angle, which though in keeping with the style makes it problematic when near the edges or when stacking.
  4. Stroke form/character: Different lengths were made by direct selecting and then shortening, rather than scaling the full stroke. This was to prevent the scaling problem where different scale strokes look unnatural next to one another, due to the noticeable scaling. the problem with the direct selection approach is that it has a similar effect - most noticeably on the horizontal stroke in the right-side end drop form. It appears too uniform when stacked over the same stroke, and moreso due to the same size. Using a different horizontal stroke with less character should work well.



101 - 214[edit]