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The LGBT Free Media Collective is a collaborative effort by LGBT organizations and Wikimedia projects to collect, archive and make available media files related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities. To date the collective has contributed 3,128 media files to Wikimedia Commons.



As the base of LGBT content across Wikimedia supported projects increases, so too does the need for media files related to the LGBT communities.

Additionally, LGBT organizations spend several thousand dollars each year on stock photography, often duplicating each other's efforts, to avoid using the same photos repeatedly. As usage of online tools and popularity of things like memes grows, again, so too does the need for free media files related to the LGBT communities.

Collectively, this means there is ample motivation for LGBT organizations around the world and for Wikimedia support projects to increase the availability of copyleft (aka free) media files related to LGBT communities.

The collective is an attempt by Wikimedians, to bring interested parties together and coordinate efforts to address the growing need for copyleft LGBT related media.

How to help?




On upload, some files are placed in Category:Files from the LGBT Free Media Collective to be categorized. You can help by replacing this temporary category with relevant real categories. You probably want to enable a tool like HotCat for quick categorization.

Recruit partner organizations


Reach out to LGBT organizations and Wikimedia projects that may be interested in participating and once they agree:

  1. Confirm that the organization meets the collective's requirements
  2. Contact the organization and invite them to join
  3. Encourage them to read
  4. Encourage them to adopt a policy similar to this sample policy.
  5. Add them to the list of participants
  6. Update the templates listed on this page

Contribute media


Consider donating media files, such as photos and videos from a local pride event, to Wikimedia Commons:

  1. Uploading it using the Upload Wizard
  2. Using the {{LGBTcollective-source|user}} template in the source and optionally the author parameters of the {{Information}} template
  3. Tagging it with the {{LGBTcollective|user}} template
  4. If you are unsure which categories to add it to, add it to Category:Files from the LGBT Free Media Collective to be categorized

Reporting errors


Report any errors that you find related to media donated through the collective.

Organization interested in joining?


Visit the Participants page for more information.

Totally lost and not sure what to do? Please contact an organizing project.


Visit the participants page for a list of current participants and potential content partners.
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