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Generally, any LGBT friendly organization, company, school, or other type of entity interested in contributing to the LGBT Free Media Collective is welcome to join.

While there is no formal structure which overseas membership, the projects organizing the Collective may remove any partners which abuse either Wikimedia Commons or the spirit of the LGBT Free Media Collective.

Why join[edit]

  • Access to a growing collection of media files - like videos and photos - which you can freely use in your work
  • The more organizations that contribute, the larger the diversity and selection of media available
  • Media, like photos from an old event, which you may not be using, but have available, could be incredibly valuable to an organization or cause
  • There are NO obligations or requirements to commit financial or human resources
  • It fits in closely with the philosophy of preserving heritage and history
  • LGBT organizations has increasing need for quality media to use in online and offline efforts - especially as the popularity of Internet memes and visuals in websites increases - Wikimedia Commons provides an increasingly large collection of free media for you to use for these purposes
  • Wikimedians are available to help you - and there are guides listed on the resources page

What to know upfront[edit]

How to join[edit]

  1. Confirm that your organization meets the collective's requirements
  2. Review the recommended reading items
  3. Consider adopting a policy similar to this sample policy.
  4. Add your organization to the list of participants
  5. Update the templates listed on this page
    • If you are unsure how to do this - a Wikimedian will take care of this for you without any need to make a request

Recommended reading[edit]

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