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Generally, any LGBT friendly organization, company, school, or other type of entity interested in contributing to the LGBT Free Media Collective is welcome to join.

While there is no formal structure which overseas membership, the projects organizing the Collective may remove any partners which abuse either Wikimedia Commons or the spirit of the LGBT Free Media Collective.


Again, while there is no formal structure for membership, these items serve as general requirements expected of LGBT Free Media Collective content partners:

  • Content partner must NOT be engaged in any efforts which may cause harm to lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals
  • Commitment to contribute at least 100 photos to the LGBT Free Media Collective by making them available on Wikimedia Commons
  • Media used must be attributed as appropriate according to the license
    • Wikimedians are available to help with this - and there are guides listed on the resources page
  • Compliance with existing Wikimedia Common policies
  • There are NO obligations or requirements to commit financial or human resources


  • Ideally adopting a copyleft license policy for future media created by the content partner and, if possible, existing media as well
  • Permission to use the content partner's name and logo on the LGBT Free Media Collective participant page and templates crediting their work
  • Promote or acknowledge the LGBT Free Media Collective