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Feel free to use some of the below sample text for any invitations to potential partner organizations. Generally, any LGBT friendly organization, company, school, or other type of entity interested in contributing to the LGBT Free Media Collective is welcome to join.

Visit the Participants page for more information on joining - including benefits and expectations.


I would like to invite your organization to join a project on Wikimedia Commons - sister project of Wikipedia - which is expanding the collection of free LGBT photographs and videos available online. Many organizations are saving money by utilizing Wikimedia Commons' collection of 20 million free media files instead of purchasing stock photography. The more organizations that participate in this project, the more free media that will be available for use, and the more diverse your organization's selection of free media will be.

In the spirit of Wikipedia, this project, known as the LGBT Free Media Collective, is free and volunteer run. We are not asking for money or staff resources, rather a commitment to make a portion - or better yet all - of the photos, audio, and videos your organization are already taking available via Wikimedia Commons.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I can help your organization get started. You can also join or find more information on the project's webpage:

Thank you,