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This is a rough brainstorming on what would be needed to create a mentoring programme on commons, like the one on de.wp:


  • we start when we have at least two mentors in each language of the following: en, es, de, fr, pl


  • /Mentors
    • people describe themselves: fields of experience, languages, favourite topics, ...
    • one page per language? all languages on one page?
    • alternative: categories put by babel-boxes
  • General page to ask newbie questions, like Commons:New user support - inserted above Commons:Help desk
    • language doesn't matter!
    • Link to IRC channel and IRC howto
  • /Mentory/Diary (for documentation)


  • I need a mentor
    • maybe with optional language
  • this user is supported by mentor ...
  • Template:Mentor


  • links from welcome template


How to support multiple languages?[edit]

What is the role of a mentor?[edit]

  • Just give them your talk page?
  • Watch their contribitions?
  • Give them alternative ways of contacting you?
  • Watching their talk pages?

What are the benefits of having a mentor?[edit]

  • More than automated bot messages
  • Someone that may have gone through the same thing
  • Someone speaking your language

Who should ask for a mentor?[edit]

  • New contributors to Commons (even if experienced on wp)
  • People that are not family with English language

What are demands for being a mentor?[edit]

  • a working knowledge of copyright
  • adminship (helpful, but not required)
  • patience
  • motivation and time to do this for some time, so mentorees (?) don't have to change their mentors

How do people find a mentor?[edit]

  • Asking them directly at /Mentors?
  • Putting a help template on their user page?

Who likes to have a mentor[edit]

  • user ....