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First day for IB students working with Wikipedia Fall 2012 semester

Instituto Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey-Campus Ciudad de México (ITESM-CCM) is a private high school and university institution located in México City. It opened in 1973 and is also called the “Chess Campus” for its chess board with life-sized figures. ITESM CCM is the second largest campus of the 31-campus ITESM system, just behind the one in Monterrey, with four classroom buildings, five office buildings, a cafeteria, a library, a student center and “Center for Business and Technological Development” (Centro de Desarrollo Empresarial y Tecnológico).

Four high school programs are offered at the campus, including International Baccelaureate. At the university level, majors include those in engeneering, medicine, business, architecture and communications. The current campus director is Dr. Ricardo Ramírez Mendoza, who has been that position since 2011. The mascot of the campus is the wild bighorn sheep (Borrego Salvaje).

The school offers a number of several extracurricular activities such as cinema appreciation, professional photography, computer programming, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, haikido, tae kwon do, hip hop, mambo, salsa, ballroom dance, among others. For sports and cultural activities there are representative teams that represent the campus in competitions and other events.


ITESM CCM began working with Wikipedia projects in the Fall semester of 2010 with its upper level English classes. Tasks assigned to students have been varied from translating good articles from one Wikipedia to another (mostly English to Spanish), and/or writing short articles in English, to adding/translating descriptions of photographs in Commons. During the Fall 2011 semester, four independent study students fulfilled their advanced English requirement by working exclusively in Wikipedia, [learning how to become members of a "foreign" community which uses English as its main lingua franca (for more inforamtion see the Wikimedia blog article here [1]).

Assignments have included writing and translating articles but also communication with outsider Wikipedians and development of a GLAM project related to the Festival Internacional Cervantino, writing e-mails to various participants in order to request images for their Wikipedia articles. They even managed to get press passes to attend the event.

ITESM-CCM students working on translating articles in colaboration with the Children's Museum

At the same time, the Wikipedia Club was established with the collaboration of independent study students on the Cervantino project and an editathon was also held in collaboration with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis (August 2011). Members of this club continue to work in outreach with various institutions such as the Garros Galería art gallery and the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. (more on Festival Cervantino project here [2])

Since then students from the international Baccalaureate Program have worked with the Wikipedia Club to fulfill their community service and creativity hours (CAS); a pilot project that allows Wikipedia to fulfill their “social service” requirement is also underway. Since 2013, students need to fulfill hours of community service (servicio social) required for graduation have the option of working on projects in Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. One innovative project from this program has been the creation and uploading of pronunciations of place names and other titles of articles/concepts related to Mexico.Category:Files_uploaded_by_Natalia0893

In the 2012 Fall semester, ITESM CCM donated 100 photographs of various events that have taken place at the campus, such as the visit from the Mexican writer José Emilio Pacheco, Culture Week with various dances like mambo, salsa and belly dance, pictures taken from the altars on the Day of the Dead (a contest sponsored by the school) and the customs for the Halloween contest. This was followed in Jan 2013 with 1700+ more Category:Images_from_ITESM-Campus_Ciudad_de_México and 27 radio broadcasts from the campus program Shot Informativo Category:Shot Informativo programs donated by Concepto Radial, Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México

In March 2015, Tec de Monterrey held its first editathon at three campuses (CCM, Santa Fe and CEM) with much of the work done in Commons, including uploading of new photos, translating and improving descriptions on existing files and the creation of summaries on the aformentioned Shot Informativo files.