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This page seems to be mostly of historic interest. Data about monuments should be added to Wikidata.

The workflow behind everything explained

The monuments database is a database serving the cultural heritage community and more specifically the Wiki Loves Monuments project. The database contains machine-readable data on different objects of cultural heritage value from countries participating in Wiki Loves Monuments. The monument database contains over 1.6 million listings in over 50 countries in over 25 different languages (statistics) It also tracks over 2.5 million images of cultural heritage objects here on Commons.

The data in the database is reused in several tools and is freely accessible using an api or by directly accessing the Sql.

This page is intended as an introduction to the concept behind the database, its API and internal structure; it also provides information about the monuments data that is harvested into the database, the harvesting process itself, and the various tools that could be built around the database. Each section below contains a summary of information available at an appropriate sub-page; for details, please refer to the sub-pages.

Structured lists[edit]

Structured lists are the source of data that is gathered in the monuments database. They are kept on various Wikipedias, and provide information about cultural heritage monuments from specified countries in a clear, good-looking and consistent way.

Improving lists[edit]

Once you've set up the initial lists you can start improving them.


All the data in the structured lists need to be harvested so it becomes part of the database.

Database structure[edit]

The database contains a table for every source and an aggregated table with all data combined.


These statistics give an overview of the content of the database and link to more detailed statistics.


The monuments database can be accessed using an api.

Indexed images[edit]

All the images on Commons which are tagged with a monument tracker template are indexed by a bot and the data is included in the monuments database. It's possible to query this data using the monuments API.

Unused images[edit]

Every day galleries of unused images are produced so users can add them to the lists.


Every day, the bot will work on all images in the root categories and will try to categorize them.

Monuments database