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Check out the illustration to get an idea what you can do …

So you created structured lists, but you might have been a bit in a rush to get them done in time. This is a guide to improving lists used as a source in the monuments database.


Add an intro to every list. The intro should explain what the list is about, link to your article explaining the monument system and link to the location article. Most Wikipedia's don't accept articles without an intro.

Split up[edit]

The list itself might be rather large. The list size should be somewhere between 20 and 150 items. If it's larger it's very hard to edit (very slow) and you should split out some parts. Splitting can be difficult. You should probably want to split up by location. In a city with lots of monuments this might mean you end up with lists by neighborhood or even by street.

Improve list items[edit]

In the list itself you should add wikilinks where relevant, for example to the article of some monument. You should add unused images to the list or replace existing images with better ones. You should add missing information like coordinates.

Move namespace[edit]

Some lists were created in Wikipedia: or Wikiproject namespace. If possible the lists should be moved to the mainspace to really become part of the encyclopedia.


The lists should be interconnected. You probably have several layers:

  • A list for the whole country just linking to other lists
  • Lists per province just linking to the municipalities lists
  • Lists per municipality with the actual items
  • Lists for parts of municipalities if the municipality list is too large

If you see this list structure as a tree, all lists should be interconnected vertically (for example province and municipality should link to eachother) and horizontally (municipalities in the same province should probably all be in the same navigation template) This way it's easier for the reader to browse through all the monument lists. You should also add incoming links to the list articles. You probably want to add a link in the see also section of the municipality article. Each lists should also be properly categorized by location.

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