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This page contains an overview of Missing commonscat links discovered in lists of monuments. These are categories on Wikimedia Commons (commonscats) that are specific to a given monument but where there is no information about this category in the lists on Wikipedia. To help you add these the 'missing commonscat links' pages have been developed. They list potential Commons category candidates that could be added to the lists based on the use of monument templates on Wikimedia Commons. All the pages and the statistics are updated on a regular basis by a bot.

How does it work?[edit]

Every night a ErfgoedBot updates the Monuments database with all the lists we have on Wikipedia. One of the values it identifies is if there is a known Commons category for a particular Monument. After it has looked at all of the lists it examines all of the use of monument template on Wikimedia Commons. If it comes across a monument template on a Category page, and that monument does not already have a category connected to it then it makes a note of this and reports it on the missing commonscat links page.

How can you help?[edit]

Go to the missing commonscat links page (linked below). Look at the suggested categories and if appropriate add them to the lists on Wikipedia. If they are completely inappropriate then remove the monument template from the category on Commons.


country lang total page row template Commons template
at de 77 User:ErfgoedBot/Denkmal Österreich missing commons category links Denkmalliste Österreich Tabellenzeile {{Denkmalgeschütztes Objekt Österreich}}
cz cs 5 Wikipedie:WikiProjekt Wiki Loves Monuments/Missing commons category links Památky v Česku {{Cultural Heritage Czech Republic}}
gb-eng en 811 Wikipedia:WikiProject Historic sites/Missing commons category links for listed buildings in England EH listed building row {{Listed building England}}
nl nl 14 Wikipedia:Wikiproject/Erfgoed/Nederlandse Erfgoed Inventarisatie/Missende commonscat links Tabelrij rijksmonument {{Rijksmonument}}
pl pl 717 Wikiprojekt:Wiki Lubi Zabytki/Missing_commonscat_links Zabytki/wpis {{Zabytek nieruchomy}}
us en 310 Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places/Missing commons category links NRHP row {{NRHP}}
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