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The river is the lifeline of any civilization. Fast-growing Pune exploited the rivers as a source of water, and sand and used them as drainage lines for sewage and industrial effluents for the last 60 years. Today there are beautification projects being built around the rivers and their banks, by compromising the existing ecosystem of the river. A large part of the citizen community is ignorant about these issues and thus does not care to protect the river, which is a crucial part of nature. Many civil society organisations are active in the sector of river conservation, river rejuvenation and citizen science initiatives. Various campaigns and outreach programs are also being organised to build the connection between society and rivers. The ‘River Walk’, Adopt a Stretch initiative, and Toxin Free lifestyle is some such initiatives done by the Jeevitnadi organisation in Pune, working on River Rejuvenation.

Pune River Revival is a campaign spearheaded by Jeevitnadi, and backed by many other citizens and organizations like Ecological Society, Samuchit Enviro Tech, Nisarg Sevak, National Society for Clean Cities etc. in Pune. The campaign was started to better understand the River Front project implemented by Pune Municipal Corporation and highlight the deteriorating condition of the rivers due to this project. The 'Jalbodh' project by the Centre for Internet & Society- Access to Knowledge Program (CIS-A2K) to build a water knowledge repository on Wikimedia projects is being implemented in collaboration with similar organisations active in the water sector.

All these stakeholders have organised this photography contest to document the Mula & Mutha rivers in the Pune district on Wikimedia Commons in the form of images and videos with the involvement of active citizens during the time period of 15 May - 31 August 2023.

Pune River Revival logo
Pune River Revival logo

Jeevitnadi Logo
Jeevitnadi Logo
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ES Final logo with white circle
How to participate
How to participate
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For images: You can directly upload the files using the Upload Wizard linked below.
Please title the images in the following format Name of the River/Water source/Topic - Specific Location - City/village (Example:Construction on Mutha river near Onkareshwar Temple, Pune.jpg)
Please write detailed description of the file in description part to let people know about the objective behind and the message conveyed by the image.

Files should have been created by you, or you own the exclusive copyright of files, and be without any signature or watermark or border.

Please read "Photographs of identifiable people" and "Exif" pages on Wikimedia Commons.

Basic Contest rules

We try to keep the topics of the contest clear and simple to participate. There are few ground rules to participate in this contest. Let's quickly go through them. Every submission should:

  • be self taken and self uploaded;
  • have good resolution, having minimum 1MB file size;
  • be uploaded from 15 May 2023 to 31 August 2023;
  • have proper title and description;
  • have your permission with a CC BY-SA license to re-use the image;

Next to that, there are a few practical rules:

  • You should have a verified e-mail address on Wikimedia Commons;
  • If the photo gets deleted for any reason, it is automatically disqualified from the competition;
  • You are responsible for following the law while taking and uploading the photographs.